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The Thieves' Den Guides (TR Guides Index)

zebularzebular Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 15,270 Community Moderator
edited July 2017 in The Thieves' Den
Well met and welcome to the Trickster Rogue Guides Index. This thread is here to provide a list of known, up-to-date, and popular Class Guides for the Trickster Rogue. This thread in particular will list TR Class Guides. It will not list individual General Gameplay Guides. Each Class Forum will have its own Class Guide Index for their respective Class and the General Guides Forum will have its own General Guide Index as well.

Thread Index Frequently Asked Questions:
How to get your Guide Listed?
  • Class (non-general) Guides:
    • To get your Class Guide listed in the appropriate Class Index Sticky, please head to the appropriate Class Forum, post your guide there in a thread, and then reply to that Class' Guide Index with a link and short description of your Class Guide.
  • General (non-class) Guides:
    • To get your General Game Guide listed, all you need to do is post your guide in a thread on our Guides Forum and then reply to the General Guides Index sticky with a link and short description of your General Guide.
What are the Rules, Stipulations, or Expectations for Guides?
  • In order to maintain accuracy, relevance, originality, security, forum Rules & Policies and Guidelines appropriateness, and up-to-date listings, we will not allow the submission of other people's Guides or Guides that are not posted on our forum (no external site guides exept for Googledocs and Wordpress). We may however provide links to other sites that meet our Terms of Service in the "Other Links" section, but we will not link directly to off-site guides themselves in the Guides Indexes.
  • Also, in order to keep your Guide Listed here, we will require each guide to be regularly updated. Generally one update every couple months will suffice, as well as updates following the release of new Modules or other Major and Relevant Gameplay Changes. Guides that are deemed out-of-date will be removed from their respective Guide Index(es) but won't be removed from the forum itself.
  • If your guide gets removed from a Thread Index for being outdated, in order to get it added back, please update your Guide Thread accordingly and then post again to the appropriate Thread Index as stated above in the "How to get your Guide Listed" FAQ listing.
Update on External Links: Posting links to Guides and Builds on Googledocs and Wordpress is fine, but only these two sites at this time are approved. All such posted material will be reviewed before added to the Guide Threads, must not contain links or advertisements to anything that violates our Terms of Service or Rules & Policies and Guidelines or in-game viewable EULA, and will be routinely checked for continued compliance. We won't be issuing warnings over such infractions for first offenses (probably not at all unless its clear the user intentionally will not cooperate), we'll just simply notify the offender that changes need to be made else the guide and links to it on the forums will be taken down from our forum.

Please know that I look through and update each Guide Sticky on a weekly basis. Usually on my first day off for my work week. My work week consists not of Sunday through Saturday, instead it consists of Thursday through Wednesday and my working days can sometimes vary work week to work week.
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