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Day of the Dungeon Master Feedback

nitocris83nitocris83 Member, Cryptic Developer, Administrator Posts: 4,495 Cryptic Developer
Greetings Adventurers!

We want to know your thoughts on the updated version of Day of the Dungeon Master! This can include the conversion to an Appointment Event, the rewards, the mechanics, etc. Please use this thread only for constructive and topical feedback - unrelated comments will be removed - and remember to remain civil.

Examples of feedback include incentives to run the content and frequency, the use of scrying stones to view outside the board, reward drops vs. store rewards, etc.

If you missed today's DotDM stream with Content Designer Ryan Zash, you can check it out here.



  • polysatyr81polysatyr81 Member Posts: 154 Arc User
    How does one collect the Portobello fashion set currently?
  • yopukoyopuko Member Posts: 78 Arc User

    How does one collect the Portobello fashion set currently?

    Wondrous Bazaar, if you look through the tabs in the shop, the fashion set is there for AD!

    - Enyo
    Discord - Enyolius | IGN - Enyo @ Yopuko (NWPC)
  • mentinmindmakermentinmindmaker Member Posts: 1,484 Arc User

    So, the thing about appointment events is that they started over 2 years ago and we have gotten 1 premium reward to show for it. Granted we have a current event and an upcoming event for a grand total of 2 rewards. Thats a combined 2 ok rewards for steadfastly doing every event for nearly 3 years.

    Do not forget the rewards from Challenge and Participation tokens too. Challenge tokens give you one of the best if not THE best overload in game.

    All over I think the Appointment rewards are OK.

    This event is missing some repeatability though. So much nice content and no reason to play it.
  • grrowler#0622 grrowler Member Posts: 183 Arc User
    I do like that they added the beholder tank as an appointment reward. I was always so frustrated running the artificer workshop for that very very small chance in getting it to drop, now I feel like I can work towards it, even though it will take me a few years to get.

    I am hoping that they possibly left the beholder tank though as a rare drop in the artificer workshop.

    other than that, I sort of agree with others the conversion into an appointment event seems to have relegated the other challenges (aside from the daily dungeon) to not worthwhile to run.
  • obsiddiaobsiddia Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,025 Arc User
    edited April 2022
    I forgot!

    You accidentally removed the funniest part in the game by removing the princess and her treasure chest.

    (Won’t spoil it in case it’s ever returned. Please save the audio files)
    Did you really think anyone could steal the power of the god of thieves?
  • fritz#8093 fritz Member Posts: 441 Arc User
    First of all good the event is back. It's an original and dates back to 2014? The maps and feel is unique and it simply should be in the game to not waste the assets. I think I'm less bullish on the current setup as others as long as the appointment event store is kept up-to-date, but obviously doing another boring grind in a game full of boring activities isn't ideal.

    My opinion is that the game should rethink the general purpose of events. They've become fairly meaningless because they offer boring grind for outdated rewards. Ideally events should only appear every six months or so in the calendar (which means you'll need a ton to cycle through) and offer specific unique rewards you can grind for. The most obvious example is event food, but there could be others (back in the day certain enchantment types only dropped from certain events etc.). Then there should be a seasonal reward that is only active for one year and is then replaced with something else. Could be a Transmute, Fashion, Dyes, or a Mount skin. Last but not least, let's do a bit more variety than just "kill monsters / do basic instance for loot crate or daily progress tokens".

    This would add more significance to events and if you miss out, you might have to wait a couple months or a full year to get specific items. Or even buy them on the Auction House should they already have been replaced. I know this works because this is why the first installments of most events have been a blast. First Summer Festival, Winter Festival etc. Great rewards, always a nice change of scenery, and had stuff you could farm for (food, items to resell).
  • polysatyr81polysatyr81 Member Posts: 154 Arc User
    Okay someone understood what I meant. Yes I meant the Portobello Mitre, Kilt and Robe. The intern stuff is in the AD store but have already earned those. Just need the robe to complete the Collection. And agree with all the above comments. I used to love this event but it becomes so boring as an Appointment Event. Siege of Neverwinter at least made some sense because it's the same tasks of defeating two Heroics and we still got Vouchers to drop which is the main reason anyone in a Guild kept playing the event. Also it's really annoying that I have to leave the Burrowdawn Inn map to interact with Portobello to get the daily quest. Would love to just leave my character in there and talk to Flabbergast every day.
  • inugurlinugurl Member Posts: 71 Arc User
    Is anyone else having issues getting multiple characters to the burrow down inn? Only 1 of my toons is able to access the inn.
  • forumaccount#7167 forumaccount Member Posts: 177 Arc User
    I agree with what most other people here wrote. With the change to a (dis-)appointment event there is no reason to invest more time into the event than running 1 daily dungeon.

    Sure if you need AD or refinement points you can do the other parts of the event but the lack of unique rewards is really disappointing.

    I think it's fine that old rewards are available for AD but the prices are pretty expensive for vanity stuff that you could previously farm for free.
  • avadariusavadarius Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    inugurl said:

    Is anyone else having issues getting multiple characters to the burrow down inn? Only 1 of my toons is able to access the inn.

    Having a similar issue that my new toons cannot enter burrow. Characters that have been in the event before can enter. New Characters are barred from the Burrow. I think,you need the initial quest from Portobello to enter and he only offers it once a day. At reset I will see I can accept his quest enter the burrow abandon quest and pick up again on the next toon. I am not sure if this will work or loose my daily quest but will see if it allows newer alts to enter burrow.
  • stryker80#0653 stryker80 Member Posts: 127 Arc User
    I do like that I can now get "Appointment event" currency from running a daily in Day of the Dungeon Master. I also appreciate that a couple of the event-specific rewards have been added to the Appointment vendor.

    That said, I do not understand why other aspects of this event needed to be removed. I see no reason whatsoever to participate beyond running the daily 14 times to earn a "free" coal mote once I get that one token.

    A couple of thoughts on rewards:
    - Perhaps the "carnival games" could reward some other currency which could be traded for consumables or fashion items.
    - Perhaps the queues could each have, at least, a "Skirmish" quality end chest to help incentivize replayability.
  • anjicat#4942 anjicat Member Posts: 54 Arc User
    I think many opportunities were missed with this rework. I only did the old Portobello's once before it retired and was looking forward to seeing what I had missed from Respens.

    I thought making the instances more like skirmishes in not needing the T-H-Dpsx3 composition was a good idea. Even though they are short not having any chest at all does make them feel like a chore. A rare insignia and perhaps some event food would have ticked a lot boxes for players here.

    The mini games are still fun but as others have said, beyond once per day to get the kobold caches there is nothing to motivate repeat participation. As these are slanted to be role specific these could have been a wonderful way to earn role specific buff foods, which would have the added benefit of offering an activity that helps players new to their role their practice vital skills in a fun way.

    No need to repeat anything here about the Watler changes except I think it's fantastic that the dismay of the players was heard and responded to so quickly.

    The entry by alts bug is disappointing as it seems very similar to something that happened at the last summer festival but I am also glad that is getting fixed. I hope that merits a hot fix rather than having to wait until the next maintenance.
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