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  • Please do not increase difficulty. wilbur626, take off few pieces of gear if it is too easy for you.
  • When doing quests in party, sometimes only one party member gets epic HE in IWD. I noticed on remoraz and prospectors.
  • I stuck with quest "Order the Rift Wardens: Under-Marshal". There was a step "Attune to The Dard Glyphworks". There was a white point cloud of it. I clicked on it. Journal entry appeared, and white point cloud vanished. Navigator still points to that location, but there is no portal that could be entered. I initially…
  • Actually she does join as a selectable profession artisan if you really complete questline. Not very good, but passable if you need purple for that profession. The quest starter is well hidden near bank: female halfling with blank rectangle over head (without "!" inside rectangle).
  • My biggest concern now with the current stat progression is that is messed up in older scaled content with respect to stats. It is very hard to balance stats because current system reduce stats from different items in different degree. So balanced stats suddenly became unbalanced. I practically gave up on balancing stats…
  • Please check https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter#/discussion/1251472/challenge-of-the-legacy-campaign-bug-list for list of issues related to legacy campaign quests. =
  • Random Trial Queue does not give seals of the fallen on first run (it gives seals of the deep when I got into demo), but Random Epic Dungeon Queue gives seals of the fallen of the first run. I also have problem with AI patronage token that does not reduce cost of tasks on alts.
  • I do not know about others, since I've not seen them, but "cocoon phase" is "avoidable" one-shot mechanics. Heal "just" need to fully heal cocoon-ed player. Pallies have more problems on that phase than clerics imho. ToNG souls also is avoidable one-shot mechanics, but few pugs are able to handle it. From what I've heard,…
  • I do not play newer content (lomm/tomm) because my chars are not ready for it. For lv70 dungeons and trials healing word is very good. It allows to keep party alive while doing other things like restoring divinity. If it is always on, I just need to heal sudden drops in health on selected characters. I would like magnitude…
  • * I suggest to eliminate seal of the crown and replace it with seal of the deep everywhere and just to make it convertible to seal of the deep. Just make simple 3 level structure: - Leveling - seals of adventurer - Epic dungeons and end game farm up to Undermountain – seals of the deep or better seals of fallen - New…
  • I would like to see quick location list on the left or right as icons with text for 12 or so favorite locations (make mark as favorite popup on non-onetime destination). My current list would include: * PE * Workshop * Stronghold * Stardock * YP * Winter Festival * Sharandar * Dread Ring * IWP * Caer-Konig * Mantol-Derith…
  • And what is exact meaning of dots above health bar on the mobs?
  • moved to appropriate thread
  • Just to refresh original argument, I just want repel not to be hardest hitting ST or AoE power. If you want to repel for utility reason, do it at dps drop cost and with curses of party members. If you want to dps, slot somethig dpsy at cost of personal utility. And soloing questing zones around as CW, I did not need repel…
  • Corrupted Bears - it did not count when I tried it few weeks ago. Black Ice Prospectors - counted on the same place.
  • Only Remorhaz and Black Ice Beholder count as epic despite other HEs being shown as 10+ Defend/free prospectors HE (I do not remember exact name) in IWP (when located between entry and BT) are counted as BHE now. Bears HE in the same place is not counted. The same encounters are not counted in DV.
  • possibly, i'm using it wrong, but white attack kills half of dpses on pug runs, so logical is to apply it before breath like for green one. But if mechanincs is as specified, this is not possible.
  • Very few PUGs could complete ToNG, they usually blaze through all bosses and fail at the last boss. Usual reason is that souls are not killed fast enough. IMHO they should be more visible and easier to kill, explaining mechanics does not help. There were regular problems with FBI last boss too because one need to hide…
  • As it was discussed on preview forums, this is an overall nerf of DPS warlock and small buff for heal.
  • The current queue system was not in a bad shape before removal of free roles from skimishes. - The queue poped fast for DPSs and support classes - It was tiered by complexity, I would not just pick RAQ for the badly developed alt. I would have preferred more tiers, but that situation was ok. There were only few problems: -…
  • RNG in the game is broken for very long time, possibly from the start. I have two versions: they cache the RNG result for some time or they use bad non-global RNG with algorithm like LCG that tend to be streaky for some parameters. Basically, if you have crit, you have higher chances for crit for some time. So if proc off…
  • Do I understand it correctly that warlocks are still unable to heal when there is nothing to damage nearby and they still cannot clean debuffs from themselves? These two issues are show stoppers for heal warlocks in mechanics-heavy dungeons and debuffs make warlock-heal life difficult in ME.
  • There are bosses that are immune to control immunity (Baphomet, I'm looking at you), so there could be some traps are immune to immunity to injures according to the same logic.
  • Could it be related to scaling? In mod15 many boons did not work on levels before 70 (for example, burnadin builds did not work in Malabog's Castle).
  • They possibly have fixed it. I tried to enter LoMM after friday's patch and I still do not get essences on 3 characters that have done it. So it is possibly completion now.
  • Done that on 3 characters. No essence drops on 15 MEs in 1-rune runs. Does it require 3 runes?
  • I've noticed that at least 3 out 5 times depleted artifact dropped when my attack killed the mob in runic HE. For other two times I'm not sure. So I would suggest farming it on unpopulated instances for it.
  • A bit of sarcasm was lost I guess. However, notethat when someone say that heist is completely unplayable, developer's will check statistics and they will see that some groups complete it (like ours). So they will say it is WAI or "learn to play", and they will close the issue.
  • Not completely true. We managed to complete it when we got it on RIQ yesterday: 2 heals (DC and SW(me)), 1 tank, and 2 dps. I guess this is meta for heist. We have barely made bronze on second attempt, first attempt failed because tank did not understand ball mechanics.
  • Just to check, what is crit resist on your heal targets? And could not be low chances of heal explained by crit resist?