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Random queue difficulty imbalance

shadrakt2shadrakt2 Member Posts: 137 Arc User
I noticed that Merchant Prince's Folly is a lot more difficult than other skirmishes.

Same is the case with Castle Ravenloft. Parties that usually sail through even LOMM aren't able to finish CR due to the difficulty of the last boss fight. It's been removed from random queues, but it would be nice if Strahd was finally fixed and the dungeon returned to queues.

Same is true with Assault of Svardborg in trials, though not quite as disparate as the other two queues mentioned.


  • newnickunregisterednewnickunregistered Member Posts: 106 Arc User
    Castle Ravenloft is NOT on random epic dungeon queue however.
  • wisper2048wisper2048 Member Posts: 187 Arc User
    Very few PUGs could complete ToNG, they usually blaze through all bosses and fail at the last boss. Usual reason is that souls are not killed fast enough. IMHO they should be more visible and easier to kill, explaining mechanics does not help.

    There were regular problems with FBI last boss too because one need to hide behind ice, but ice is sticky if you are too close to it. It is not clear on what distance one should stay. It was much more obvious when ice was no sticky. Also sticky ice cause problems with melee characters as they cannot free others.
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