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  • Sooo, I've seen it in a bunch of other patch notes since release of STK, what are they referring to when they say "Red Ice" in the statement about character behavior being improved for the final cut scene of red ice?
  • I love how some ppl are complaining about how their children are going to ruin their game time. Thats hilarious.
  • It's been hinted at that the skill nodes will have the enchants and rp returned to them at some point, when they get around to programming in the mini game from STO to prevent bots from exploiting them. Ofc it took them two years to give us back just one of the end game dungeons (epic spell plague tomorrow with mod 11…
  • There is so much stuff they need to do for this game to be fun again. The over homogenizing of gear and removal of all those dungeons at mod 6 is still something I find unbelievable, don't understand, and the game is still recovering from. And the abominable state of pvp is such a turn off. We need more to do at end game,…
  • No offense mate, but all the people that grinded the hell out of SVA for the relic weapons was basically like telling the devs they can get away with giving us that trash. To be honest I wanted to slap everyone I saw running around with legendary relic weapons and full sets of armor from FBI, because their buying in to…
  • Again, I think it is a fundamental lack of experience with how changes have effected the game and players over the past almost 4 years now that players who only started to play on PS4 are unaware of, that is the problem. Of course no one has to opt into money grabs and bad calls. No one has to grind content they don't…
  • I think really what the problem here is that trinity is a PS4 player. And as such hasn't been around long enough to see and experience first hand as many blunders, terrible business decisions, and blatant money grabs as PC has seen, and to a lesser extent XBox. It's easy to be optimistic about and have faith in something…
  • Hmm, this is something of a quandry. On the one hand, the amount of grind for the relic weapons should never ever again be repeated, not even close, bury it in an unmarked grave typa style. On the other, it is a total burn to all of the people who put in all that effort. Even with the ability to peek at chests, it still…
  • I could probably go on and on at length about things and my suggestions relative to keys and drops, but I will try to be concise. Let me first explain before I seemingly go off on a tangent this all relates to the bound/unbound loot question. I enjoyed exploring the new zones, facing new enemies, and experiencing a new…
  • Not sure if it was mentioned in this thread along the way or in a different one, but didn't mimicking say something about being able to view the new stuff they added in the collections page? Unless I am doing something wrong I am not seeing any of the new gear.