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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YaCc6DQK-w&t=28s
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YaCc6DQK-w&t=28s
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YaCc6DQK-w&t=28s
  • Hi Guys, Few days later, im check what's change in the game. Seems when i left, when 16 mods ends, in my opinion about PvP, nothing change. Again most ppl play "solo domination" u stay and w8 for queue. So i decides to not coming back. Like u Brollax, when i fight with anyone, if i want to do any dmg, i must waiting to…
  • ofcourse have a chance. but on top lvl i mean pvpers, almost no one can kill eachother becouse that ppl know how to made own char. and if want to clear someone u must use team work as a clear, that mean in the same time using daily against one target, and full rotation, than u can kill anyone. Its hard ofcourse, but u can…
  • yeah. all of u about complaining, insulting, lamenting, have right. I agree with that, older pvpers shoudnt complain about someone new who decide come to try pvp. this is normal that player doesnt know what he/she exacly should to do in match. but... that player should watch what happent arround, that player, if want to…
  • Is mutch more balanced than last 15 mod. So pls guys. Even in Mode 15 Op with good team and perfect timing can kill orcus in one phase. So What are u try to prove right now?
  • They should made something like league or something, ppl who are in top 3 after 3 month get some very good rewards:) that will be something new and fresh:) i mean something really good:) for example enchant r15 , legendary mounth, maybe even Vip for 3 month, something like that:) that will something really cool. I think…
  • Finelly normal answer not just like " ure stupid , or Op is to OP " Like u said, if two good pvpers meet eachother they can fight all day, and no one die. So this shows, the classes are quite balanced. Believe me or not, im not deal such of big dmg as u think i do against reallly good pvp players. Banishment have only…
  • Right now if u see good pvp player, that pkayer can do alot with his own class no matter, its op, gf, cw, sw, hr, tr, gwf. No matter. Every class with unique and good build can tank and kill everyone. Ofcourse dps class deal mutch more dmg than tanks. Now every class have chance to kil every class. but, right now, if u see…
  • ok ok. is so broken. i think they should bring back tr with 100% deflect piercing dmg than will be ok:) and daily with 3 sek:) than was ok that was fair. Now Op have finelly one skill to hit, and everyone cry. CC, ofcourse no matter when i use burning light always CC? rally? bro first u should test it, than u can say…
  • Guys u cry so loud about Op. Op stunn 3 sek: If they remove our stun or if they short it to 1,5 sek believe non op do any dmg, couse our skill are so slow, our animation is really long. Smite 900 magnitude: If they nerf this to the 600, then non op do even schratch u with 3 sek stunn couse our dmg is not so big like GF's…
  • 1. tr is always stealth, 2. tr pushing one button and no matter where ure, he is on ur beck. 3. 1hit? no bro he have 5 sec piercing dmg from everything, thats why try hit badly from knifes - at will - 40-80k per hit. Godfinder made a tr 11k gs. he told me " man i dont know what im doing ( weach mean he push skill randomly)…
  • i just hope devs figure out something like real balance. when, every class will have chance to kill another class than for me will be ok. if my Op will be just a tank buffer, its ok, but in my opinion is really hard to made pure aligned class. They should made something like... when DC or op Heal is on one side, that team…
  • For now it is just 10% of weapon dmg. We will see how it will be work:) Perhaps as always will be bugged, but, in this case everyone who want to use those set, will get piercing dmg. this is kind of balance:) we will see how it will be work:)
  • in this video i have dread. No matter what enchant u have in weapon.
  • WDJ Good Screen. I dont have problem with piercing dmg. I have problem with statistics and piercing dmg. Couse If Tr should choose between be a more tanky or more dps than will be mutch balanced. Now Tr like u show everyone, can kill everyone withouth even one dead. So Tell Me Eliasar, wher is Balance here? HR Archer hit…
  • Yeah i tjink, trs need buff:) im pretty sure devs will be doing something like that. becouse as everyone knows, in every mod tr is really op class. In my opnion even if they remove piercing dmg, they made alot of dmg frome something else for tr, so no matter what we need Devs made tr killing monster anyway:) Dont worry…
  • i don have it. im new:/
  • I said this many times. I have no problem with that some ppl ( classes ) made a tank's, and thay are very hard to kill. THis is ok. Ofcourse if that classes are just a tanks. Not a tank, dps, buffer, controller and more in same time. For now Tr Class give u that possibility, couse u can tank 5 ppl on node if u are good tr…
  • Marry Christmas Jon, u put me on ignore mate. Anyway Marry christmas:)
  • why i shoudnt?
  • https://zapodaj.net/debf6689dffaa.jpg.html - tr deflect chance and severity https://zapodaj.net/ca0faa9ea2bf6.jpg.html - tr deflect rate https://zapodaj.net/ba085047fe8ab.jpg.html - op deflect chance and severity https://zapodaj.net/53649ab3cdc34.jpg.html - op deflect rate Any difference? who is more tanky?
  • Eh another crying tr. In my opinion Trs need buuffs they should kill everyone arround to one shot , there will be fine right? We talking about statistics here. Bro tell me why mostly good tanky tra have score in match, equal match, 30- 0 or 1 dead? tell me ? They are not tanky? bro if i fight against tr mostly ime what i…
  • U have completely right. Boons and things who give u CC resist not work. I try t. elven too, not work as well u want, couse ure too squeshy:P thats why the best enchant on the armor in pvp is shadowclad, couse stealth give u alot of survavibility. To Devs. please rework boons for CC resist, or remove all boons, gear's what…
  • Infernal Spheres too. U righ.
  • i said no?:P rly?:) i thouth i said , "u can" nvm:P
  • Brollax if u record our equal matches after that video what i put on YT, u can Upload to YT too:) When was draw score:) Couse those matches what u put on, are before nerf TR on preview, when u hit like 170k per hit from GC becouse of BB give more dmg:) Anyway nice videos:)