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  • @hastati96 Take it like a man! Frohe Weihnachten, Nero. Dir und all deinen Lieben =) Spidey The GWF who defeated the top CW in DPS ( only once, but he did!)
  • No. Its just the easiest tool to "balance" a game for the dev. There are a lot games outta there with scaling ( for example: GW2) and they can handle this very well. In neverwinter no dev was able to fix the broken powersharing and no one was really working on the balancing. So what do you do if you have bad devs and not…
  • Who did it? When? You know excactly when this happens: All the great streamers like unforgiven, rainer, mia, kaligold etc. didnt start bashing from the beginning! The getting more and more upset, AFTER they told the devs all the bugs and the big issues with scaling. Not once, 100 times! And after no response at all, they…
  • Mhhh...after all the responses BEFORE mod 16 was launched from every streamer/tester/contentmaker/regular player on the ptr and after you own statement NOW you want our help? So the community was all the time right and the devs nerver listened bc "it is in an overall pretty good place"? Ur joking.
  • I asked for close. Your answer gives a good idea how the devs and the mods are communicate with the community. So plz close this thread. I realized its senseless.
  • Dear Julia, i feel so sad, that you have to write this blatent lie. No ( NO!!!!) testplayer on PTR will say the same. So i guess some of your suit guys told you, you have to write this...versy sad. and @"noworries#8859" We are not dummies. Keep your "explanations". You are writing a wot without any clue how bad scaling is…
  • Last stream and last patch showed how much devs listen. @any mod: Plz close this thred. Its so senseless....its obvious you try to kill the game and you give a ... about the players. Cya and all of you good luck.
  • So its just made up that they didnt say anything about the missing enchant vendor after the last patch? Sure...its all made up and they never lacked about giving us informations....ur right. Im sry.
  • Who said "everything"? And "made up"??? nc... You, my friend, are allways try to provoke. I allready know that. No need for you to try it over and over again. Cya
  • I have to admit: You are a real funny person. Despite all the facts you are still defending "your" people. You wont see the issues...not at all.
  • No translation in any language btw. If you are not an english native speaker its hard to test. So a lot non native english speaker didnt test the mod 16.
  • Ofc they are. Never said otherwise. But i disagree that casuals spend the most money in NW. There are some nice studies outta there. A casual will get to the point where he thinks about to spend money ( fancy stuff mostly). But a casual will never spend 15k or 20k for a package. NW is not Fortnite. I believe we still have…
  • So this ia all about beginners guides, am i right? Spidey
  • For leveling enchants you dont need any change ingame mechanics.....but you need wards....so i dont see any reason why the prices still the same at wards ( for example...) in ZEN shop. Even if we are getting level 15 enchants.
  • Mod 16 was made for casual, bc they bring the most money ( refering to Kreatyve). I disagree with that, but....if this was the intention to make mod 16 with all theese changes, why no overhaul for ZEN Shop? ZEN shop brings money. So if a modul is made for new players and casuals, bc they bring the money, why does ZEN shop…
  • So let me ask you, if its all for the majority: Why no overhaul at the ZEN Shop? Why do we have still so many overpriced useless items in ZEN Shop? Do you think the last "great offered package" for 15K was made for the majority? Really? Spidey
  • @greywynd If you cant duscuss without any derailing or insulting, take your own advice : "if you dont like it, just leave" Thx
  • Well...its only one dev who is kind a listening. About the feedback: When did anyone or anywhere say "Plz. Make a change vendor and after i changed my enchants make them BtA plz in Mod 16!"? And @"noworries#8859" took the feedbacks ( and they where all appropriate btw) and answered "Take it. There is no discussion about…
  • Nop. They dont spend more money, there are just much more casuals than endgameplayers. But big money allways comes from whales ( or do your really think that the new "great" package for 15k ZEN is somethig a casual will buy?) . And whales are almost everytime BIS. Whales are wealthy enough to buy a lot stuff for a lot of…
  • I dont think it was a summary of positive points. Maybe its positiv for you. But i think what the devs are missing: A fresh player ( casual) dont spend money in the game. He will, when he decides to play more highend. If the game stays that boring as @adinosii stated? Just think for your self. Is this game worth to get…
  • Just : "If you dont like it, leave!"? Thats the answer? I said i dont wanna insult anyone. I was curious, bc you can see that theese ppl ( like you, a beta tester) leaving NW if mod 16 goes live like it is now. And like i mentioned: Everyone of them is saying bc devs dont listen anymore. I talk about contentmaker, big…
  • So you think this game will become more "casual" friendly? Did you check it? Did you compare your toon on PTR with the toon on live server?
  • I truly belief no on from the dev team plays a dungoen like tong or cradle or even eLoL on the PTR. And i truly believe the devs give a hamster about how the com struggles in the dungeons.
  • Potential major!!!! exploitability.....why is it allways to "protect" the players when Cryp makes such bad decissions? And why can no one tell how you can exploit (major!!) in a new system? Afraid about a new hunting gate? So be honest: Its not for the safety for the players. Its for the safety of Cryp and to make money.…
  • You never tried a dungeon like Tong on PTR in the last days, did you? Do it. Trie to kill the adds when you fight against Ras Ni and state your post again :-) Spidey
  • Explain whats so bad about it plz. How many unbound enchants do we have and how many bound atm? Sry? This change bc about the abuses? And you can name only one? You can only name one minor abuse? And the solution for that minor "abuse" is this enchant change hammer? For all players who spent lot of money/rp points/grinds??…
  • Nice try. Like julia did when she said "90% of the players are happy with mod 16". But if you dig a bit at YT/twitch etc. you will find some polls from active players on live AND on ptr. I dont know where julia got this number, but you dont find any number like this in any poll. I hope mod 16 will be released at the end of…
  • Your fault. Espacially as a Barbar ( we arent GWFs anymore) eSOT is a walk in the park. Maybe you should try to avoid red circles next time? Spidey
  • Whats so good about it if you cant hold any aggro?