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  • Combat will feel slow and sluggish vs a few years ago. :angry:
  • I posted a lengthy post asking for a reduction of the 'friction' after MOD16 dropped. I wish I could say that anything's happened. :/
  • There's only one item on the game calendar past mid November.
  • Two important questions: First: your budget? Second: does your computer have any 6/8 pin PCIe power connectors available? Most GT730s I see online are powered purely by the PCI slot. Most video cards require 6, 8 (or multiple of those) pin PCIe power connectors, but not all. If you don't have PCIe power connectors, I'd…
  • I strongly suspect they had a date and general plans for mod17 penciled in -- before mod16 released. Given that Mod16 required a number of extra fixes, post-release, things had to fall out of the mod17 deliverables. In other words, blame mod16 for biting off more than it could chew.
  • If I recall correctly, the account server went down (slightly) before last week's maintenance, and then contributed to an extra-long patch downtime. Sigh.
  • Looks like the account server went down 15 minutes ahead of schedule. That was a bit excessive -- normally it's 5ish minutes. (EDIT: Was down from about T-15 to T-10, then back up)
  • I think you'll need to reload any/all keybindings. I had "++interact" on the g key in mod 4-15. Mod16 broke that -- hardcrash -- and redid the 'g' key binding in mod16. Now, the 'g' key gives that message but 'f' works.
  • If you've got the space, and are playing, 100% SSD. Every time. Makes things so much faster. If you installed NW (or any other game) via Steam, I like http://www.traynier.com/software/steammover to (transparently) move things between the SSD and HD. Less-played stuff gets relegated to the HD, no reinstall needed.
  • Apparently there was another stream yesterday. Any summaries available? My work hours overlap with Cryptic's.
  • Two notes on converting AD to Zen:* You must list your AD->Zen at the highest rate, currently 750 AD : 1 Zen. Reason being, the system will satisfy *everyone* at the highest rate before doing a lower rate -- all at 750:1, then all at 749:1, all at 748:1, etc. * You must be prepared to wait. The exchange is a queue -- first…
  • Apparently there was another stream yesterday. Any summaries available? It's not angry customers that are the most scary. It's the apathy that should be taken very seriously.
  • I think that Harrison Bergeron is a better model for the model for the scaling.
  • Already posted my feedback about the high "friction" of starting mod16 in another thread here.
  • You're correct that the customer may not know how to best fix something. But, the customer is absolutely correct about one thing: whether something is fun or not.
  • Another set of screenshots, from Wyllowood #4, approx 2:30PM Central Sunday May 5th: Near 380, 6898 on the map: Near 819, 6124 on the map: Near 937, 6334 on the map:
  • Why is it a good idea to grind boons before mod16 hits? Answer: last time there was a level cap increase, some boon areas jumped in enemy level. In mod5, Sharandar, Dreadring, IWD were all level 60 (by enemy level) zones. If you could make progress during mod5, great. Day 1 of mod6, Sharandar was level 64-68, DR/IWD was…
  • As a _Control_ Wizard, I did what I thought was a quick-and-close enough redo of boons, feats, etc. Zombie mod at the camp entrance in Dread Ring ripped through me in 3 seconds. Repeatedly. With a Lillend (healing) companion up, 1xR14 bonding, 2xR14 bonding. Conduit of Ice on Tab + Icy Terrain on Q. That combo used to be…
  • Buying out a campaign sends a monetary message -- which speaks far louder than forum posts -- that players are rewarding the developer for making it that a lousy campaign. I don't want them to think that every few modules they can release one so bad that people will be paying for it for years.
  • It might be easier to code this like the Icewind/Chult sub-maps off the main overworld map. Clicking on PE would open a sub-map with a few entrances like Workshop, Knox/Boward, AI/AH, Moonstone Mask, etc. Players are already used to sub-maps.
  • There is definitely room for improvement here. @Cryptic - the new forge interact should count as quest step completion, ideally the old interaction spot would be removed once the new interact works.
  • Quest objectives that are 'loot' (e.g. Necromantic wards in DR spawned by killing Red Wizards) fall on the ground, but are not automatically picked up. You have to look and hit F to collect. Basically, anything using the "generic quest objective" 3D model that's approximately a pair of cones.
  • Back in the day, I drew out maps of computer RPGs I played on graph paper. I now appreciate that 98% of games (looking at you Etrian Odyssey) now have an auto-map. I don't want to have a spreadsheet up on a second monitor to play NW -- for lists of professions, or even comparing profession applicant(s) against each other…
  • The companions just want in on the gravy (gold) train...
  • Agreed: new applicants need a comparison view against any other applicant and/or existing artisan. Any equipment (e.g. ring) has a comparison view against what you already have. Applicants don't, unless you have an offline spreadsheet. Here's my $0.02 on how to make this UI usable: think of it like sorting your hand of…
  • Other feedback: the UI needs search, EVERYWHERE. Yes, the ordering board & table have search, thank you. However, the materials merchant and the item exchange dialogs have a huge and somewhat randomly ordered UI. There is way too much scrolling to find things, and the lack of ordering is a pain. Those two dialogs need a…
  • Still no prepatch here, ~12 hours to Nov 6th in Pacific timezone. Either they're cutting it very close, or there's a schedule slip that hasn't been communicated yet. I can't recall a NW mod that didn't have a prepatch, but I've not been here since beta.
  • Bro, do you even Stronghold? As part of something other than a WhaleGuild(tm) with everything unlocked? I've spent more time in older areas more since SH than it took to get those boons. The mimic is what first pushes to older areas, then the Explorer charts add more older areas to be in. I'd be happy if the SH sent us…