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Official M16: Wizard

Feedback: Wizard

Greetings adventurers. This thread is for providing bug reports and feedback on the upcoming changes to Wizard in Module 16. If you haven't already please take a moment to read M16: Overview thread.

The most important takeaway in terms of class feedback is: we are still making changes to class powers, both functional and numerical. We wanted to get your hands on the changes sooner than usual. However, as a result, we ask that you realize what you see on preview will change, sometimes dramatically before launch. If you find your perfect build on preview, it may not be the perfect build on live. Powers you feel are very strong, may not stay as strong. We ask for your patience with these changes.

Finally, there are some known issues going into the initial preview build. Particularly in feats, a number of feats may reference powers that are not available when the feat is unlocked, or in some rare cases, reference powers which no longer exist. We have made a number of changes coming out of closed beta, and it is our short term goal to have these feats updated in the near future.

As always, thank you for taking the time to come check things out on preview, we look forward to your feedback!

Formatting Your Feedback and Bugs

For posting feedback and bugs, please follow the following format to ensure your feedback and bugs are seen clearly and processed in a timely manner, thank you!

Type: Bug/Feedback (Please only choose one)
If you are listing a bug please have this text in RED, if you are posting an opinion or feedback please use CYAN. If you are replying to another user's post, asking a question, or just engaging in general discussion, please do not color your posts, general discussion is welcome and we will read all of it, regardless of color! You can use BBCode to color your text:

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  • martelis1981martelis1981 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 121 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    Really? Mixed MoF and SS?,
  • kiraskytowerkiraskytower Member Posts: 455 Arc User

    The at-will power Scorching Burst could not be slotted in either of my at-will slots.
    Winter Lily (CW) / Winter Rose (DC) / Winter Ivy (HR)
    Pandora's Misfits Guild Leader
  • kalina311kalina311 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,082 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    18-19k cw here
    control is much more effective now so are stuns and prones notably shard on tab
    also it back to wheel of elements for heals for me and possibly drowned weapons
    if not one slot will be wasted for shield on tab just to survive

    i had few problems in well of dragons how ever i have all of the boons maxed out and all that give hitpoints
    and a fair set of companion bonuses

    it is really strange not to be able to slot conduit of ice and disintegrate together

    and cw cant be dps / aoe specialist at the same time

    i like to pick single target and aoe spells and not have them be governed by paragon
    cause then you cannot switch on the fly certain powers in combat unless there is a shrine/ campfire

    soloing is going to be hard to impossible for low to average item level/ anti social or guildless players
    and people that cant get 5 types x 5 (25) bis companions to get all the synergy bonuses of every modifier type

    i dont get it the devs aimed for a more simplified boon system and player feat system

    yet introduced a huge complicated companion system requiring dozens of them that is to form new base for power

    so powers were simplified and the complication transferred into companions the new ad zen bis sink
  • codetellercodeteller Member Posts: 65 Arc User
    I copied my wizard over and rebuilt him as close to live as I could.
    I do a lot of dread ring with him atm, and so I went back there because I'm familiar with how I perform there.

    on preview, performance is bad
    Previous posters mention increased cooldown, and I concur. The encounters as is just don't have the damage output they used to and you can't do them as ofter and it makes for a worse experience.
  • vorphiedvorphied Member Posts: 1,870 Arc User

    I copied my wizard over and rebuilt him as close to live as I could.
    I do a lot of dread ring with him atm, and so I went back there because I'm familiar with how I perform there.

    on preview, performance is bad
    Previous posters mention increased cooldown, and I concur. The encounters as is just don't have the damage output they used to and you can't do them as ofter and it makes for a worse experience.

    Dread Ring appears to be one of the areas suffering from bad scaling right now. The mobs take longer to kill than those in the new Catacomb area, so I wouldn't use it as a testing ground until they fix it.
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    Contagion - Cleric
    Testament - Wizard
    Pestilence - Ranger
    Dominion - Paladin


  • rysiek86rysiek86 Member Posts: 145 Arc User
    edited March 2019

    I would strongly recommand to swap Arcanist Tier 2 (top) Feat - Icy Veins with Taumaturge Tier 2 (top) - Snap Freeze. The reason is obvious. Thaumaturge hardly relys on chillstacks, smoulder and rimfire mixup, so having additional source of chill would be a bless. From the other hand plaing Arcanist that doesnt need chill at all because focusing on arcane mastery is much much more important, the obvious choise is to ignore Icy Veins. In my opinion having Icy Veins on Thaumaturge is crutial, in addition it would be a very nice decision dilemma on having Icy Veins or Glowing Flames.
  • arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,093 Arc User
    edited March 2019


    i think all around power are messed and have weird synergy as for a dps class here are change i would love to once see on th wizard

    1. the first 2 at-will for both path magic missile and ray of frost

    2. the first 2 encounters for both path conduite of ice and icy terrain

    3. the first 2 daily powers for both path singularity and ice knife

    4. the first 2 class features for both path orb of implosion and chilling presence

    5. Thaum(elementalist/) : at-wills: storm pillar, scorch and chilling cloud, encounter powers: fanning the flame, sudden storm, icy rays, shard of avalanche, chil strike, class features: Evocation(with arcane presence effect), critical conflagration, storm spell, frost wave.

    6. The arcanist could have been synergized with 5e school of divination +scholl of enchantment having self arcane damage boost, accuracy boosts, enemy accuracy debuffs, like, steal time, imprisonment, ray of enfeeblement, repel entagle force, arcane power field when activating a daily power you gain +100% recharge speed +max arcane stacks, making daily power "arcane empowerment" - encounter powers deal 10% more damage and 2xthe effect of arcane mastery stack(this is a good synergy to use on a boss fight).

    7. It would have liked to call elementalist( instead of thaum, and have all 3 elements on one path and add lightning charges on cw(when casting lightning powers) and on max stacks, next lightning damage power would consume all stacks and deal + x% damage based on number of charges, the last add a daily power called chaos magic strike where when is casting the cw get max charge stacks, enemies in the area get max chill stacks and smolder, while the power itself strikes the area with lightning storm, meteors, and blizzard.

    in general first impression so far all powers dont make good synergy.
    Post edited by arcanjo86 on
  • thefabricantthefabricant Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 5,248 Arc User
    ghoulz66 said:

    CW feels horrible and isn't fun anymore. Whoever thought it was a good idea to yank out powers and give it to only one paragon has fallen off the deep end.

    There is no build diversity or choice anymore. No IT and steal time. Giving us only one AoE option. How is any of this fun to play? I'm not even touching my CW anymore if these horrible changes go live. Even the base game without any modules had more depth than this. This garbage is worthy of being a mobile game.

    CW works well actually and is 1 of the classes in a better position. Wait until level 80 to judge it, the final feats as well as Arcane Empowerment play a massive role in the new CW. (The new daily gives 400% recharge speed).
  • lukejones77lukejones77 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 282 Arc User
    edited March 2019


    Int has a Magical Damage Boost of +0. I'm more inclined to play a CW with Dex than with Int.
    This can't be what was intended.


    Class DPS is worse than pet DPS and so much worse than artifact damage, that you may as well just run around not bothering to attack while waiting for your artifact cooldown to finish.

    Soloing (WoD & DR) doesn't seem to be as problematic as I expected, without lifesteal.
    It's slow enough that control and avoiding red means something - which is great :)

    I don't get why the cast time of Steal Time is so slow, given the new play style.
    Still feels like more of my time gets stolen than theirs ;)

    CN was a fiasco. Tank and DPS together could barely aggro a zombie enough to stop it walking into the death sphere. That took forever, with lots of sphere detonations.
    When we used mythic artifacts we blow away mobs and bosses in seconds, and when we don't, it was like swimming in quicksand.

    Post edited by lukejones77 on
  • eregerogeregerog Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 47 Arc User
    In this post I will give my first impressions on the changes made to the control wizard. It will probably be a lot, so if you want the tl:dr, just read the cyan-colored text.

    Preface: On live I play a CW with 14k IL, which includes Level 20 Stronghold Boons. I'm no expert at the class but I've enjoyed the build versatility, especially that I can be a MoF Rene Support or SSM DPS with one class.

    Overall Feel: While I can't say too much about which abilities feel better worse yet, I agree with the previous comments that the encounter powers have too long of a cooldown. This is partially because I sometimes have to wait for my cooldowns before engaging the next group of enemies. This could be solved by increasing recharge speed out of combat or by increasing recharge speed on some abilities while reducing their power. Additionally, Daily Powers can be quite strong - too strong in fact (Furious Immolation when it crits) - and I would trade some reduced damage for faster Action Point gain.

    Paragon Paths: I like the idea of making paragon paths more important a lot and believe you have found a good baseline for the wizard: Thaumaturge is the cold/fire based choice and Arcanist focuses on lightning/arcane. However, some skills don't make much sense, like Thaumaturge's Repel (since it is Arcane based) or the Icy Veins/Frigid Winds feats of the Arcanist. I would rather see Arcane/Lightning-based feats for the arcanist and Repel could be changed to deal cold damage, add chill and perhaps leave behind a frozen trail (if it complies with d&d lore)

    Spell Mastery: One of the most disappointing changes is the partial removal of Spell Mastery Effects. These effects were part of what made the class interesting for me, and I'd gladly give up the 10% damage bonus on spell mastery to have them back. These effects added more interesting choices to character building and an interesting twist to an otherwise underused ability. Should the Spell Mastery effects be exactly like they were before? No! I'd rather have abilities that are both balanced and viable as a normal encounter and in the spell mastery slot. But I don't want that difference to be a 10% damage increase in most cases (Entangling Force pulling nearby enemies - I miss you)

    Feats: When I initially read the changes to feats it sounded like the following: Less choices, but more impactful ones. And that sounded great!. With the Wizard I partially got that: I like Feats such as "Directed Flames", "Glowing Flames" and "A Step Above Mastery": They change how a core mechanic, used by many skills behaves. And I encourage you: More of that! I will not go into more detail about individual feats, but generally if you can take some of the boring feats (this applies to all classes) and add some nuance to it - that'd be great. In my opinion, the feats don't have to be perfectly balanced, they also have to be interesting and synergistic, so the player is excited to unlock these or to theory-craft what they can do with a specific feat.

    Roles - First Impressions: As I initially stated, I liked how a CW can be a support or DPS in one class, depending on the build. Due to the changes to Roles I fear that I might just think of the CW as "another ranged DPS class". I know that you want to move away from party buffs/debuffs due to the issues it caused in the past, but for the future (Mod 17+) I want to propose some changes to make classes and paragons more unique and to satisfy those who want to support: Add a fourth role: The support! Any 5 man team would consists of 1 Tank, Healer, Support and 2 DPS. The support would deal less damage than a DPS, but provide the party with damage/defense buffs while debuffing the enemy. Same buffs/debuffs should not stack, and therefore parties would always want to run with exactly one Support. The Wizard's Arcanist, Cleric's Arbiter and perhaps the DPS paragon of the Fighter could be re-worked into fitting that role. At least something along those lines, which somewhat brings back buffing/debuffing (not as extreme as before) would be great.

    Misc: Lastly, one small request: Since many of these other classes are getting unique UI for blocking/Scales of Judgement perhaps you could find the time to make such a UI for the Wizard's Arcane Mastery stacks as well.
  • rysiek86rysiek86 Member Posts: 145 Arc User
    edited March 2019


    With all my regards to whole team who worked on new Wizard :) New Encounter (Cataclysm) is a cataclysm itself... it is the worst skill i ever seen... range 35' ?? in cone ?? in cilinder ?? what radious ?? it mostly hits one or 2 targets :D Are you serious about this design and animation ?? couldnt it be a Skillshot aimed on ground circle with radious 35' ?? like old Endless Shard on spell mastery, and some neet meteor fallin of the sky or hellish flames spreading on the ground that with icy terrain look like the FrostFire ground which goes well with rimfire theme ????????????
    No, instead we get a lazy flame breath that aim mechanic gives alot to discuss... at least make it a cone that player can hit more than 2 targets a once with this Area of Effect Encounter unlocked at 74 lvl :(
  • ralf1835ralf1835 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 18 Arc User

    I waited impatiently for the module, but what I saw pushes me away, you ask yourself why?
    I will tell you why.
    1. Spell Mastery it's a joke 10% dmg more to use it, why you removed all Spell Mastery Effects.
    2. When you are already removing the effects, do something with encounters for example
    Conduit of Ice only main opponent has stack chilll but this is aoe sill where are the stack on the other opponents?
    Entangling Force pulling nearby enemies where it is?
    Chill Strike where is aoe dmg ?
    Cataclysm sorry it's a joke ? rysiek86 has a good idea to change it
    Rapel this is arcane encounter what he does on Thaumaturge ?
    Shard of the Endless where is the control of this ?
    Sudden Storm where is the extra lighting attack ?
    3. Cooldown can you lower it a little?
    Ice Terrain, Fanning The Flame, Ice Rays, Steal Time, Shard of the Endless, Cataclysm dawn to 14 sec cooldawn, if you do not change cooldawns then change the damage for at will.
    4. Class Feature Swath of Destruction and Combustive Action OMG it is useless in comparison with Arcanist class feature.
  • ghoulz66ghoulz66 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,748 Arc User
    Played MoF since mod 2. Guess I'm recoloring my char blue and swapping to the lightning path now.

    Overall the CW has been butchered and all the joy of playing it has been stolen. Gave up damage to slow frost enchantment to support the party, now completely useless. Now I'm just straight up dps with no heart or soul? Wth is the point of any class now if they're all do the same typical thing?
  • baronstragenbaronstragen Member Posts: 197 Arc User
    The problem with these exceptionally long cooldowns is that you go from mob to mob and the cooldowns still haven't reset. Suggestion: Cooldowns should automatically reset out of combat. Also, because we have such long cooldowns, we are forced to use at-wills that have very low damage. I am jumping out of the way to attack mobs with my at-wills while my enounters are still cooling down, until I run out of stamina, and the enemy still isn't dead with the atwills. Then I'm dead.
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  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    I have to second all the comments along the lines of Wizard feels like it lacks direction.

    Encounter power cooldowns need to be reduced, or at the very least cooldown speed should be increased out of combat.
  • dottynessy#7710 dottynessy Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Nothing has changed about wizard, only massive nerfs, but nothing added to replace them. The paragon thematics are completely messed up as others have pointed - many spells/feats are in wrong paragons. Cooldowns are way too long as stated by others. The removal of spellmastery effects is completely backwards. Most spells worked only cuz of their spellmastery effect. The impactfullness of feats is super underwhelming.

    In short: Wizard is completely unfinished clusterfuk state, much needs to be done before you release it and not just simple numerical boosts
  • ghoulz66ghoulz66 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,748 Arc User
    How is this new system better than what we currently got? At-wills are time wasters. Dailies are mindless nukes, encounters do all your pack clear damage. No fun and synergy in-between.

  • miotest#5683 miotest Member Posts: 29 Arc User

    Totally broken ability bonuses. It shows the minimum % modifier. For example, a 4-point INT boost will affect DMG by only 1%. 90% of all abilities do not give 1% for the insertion point but only for a tiny tenth of a percent. It is not possible to set the default abilities than the preset ones.
  • c1k4ml3kc3c1k4ml3kc3 Member Posts: 1,257 Arc User
    Steal Time - Not giving Speed buff on spell mastery. How am I going to throw barbarians into chasm now?
    True Neutral
    Left the Game due to heavy Damage Control & Missing Spanish Language
  • theycallmetomutheycallmetomu Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,861 Arc User
    For all my dislike for how unfocused the class feels now, count me as someone who's actually okay with this implementation of spell mastery.

    The class feature is "You, as a wizard, have 1 more encounter power slot than other classes." That feels meaningful to me.
    It dealing extra damage is just icing. Before you had a situation where there was a best in slot for spell mastery. Making spell mastery less impactful effect wise reduces the impact of that.

    It does mean, however, that some powers (spells?) need to be redesigned to have their spell mastery effects on normal use.

    But more than that, Arcanist needs to be redesigned to be an arcane build, and Thaumaturge needs focus as well.
  • rjc9000rjc9000 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,404 Arc User

    Steal Time - Not giving Speed buff on spell mastery. How am I going to throw barbarians into chasm now?

    *implies you will actually invite barbies to teams*

    And the answer is simple: tactically apply Repel when Rogues are in the middle of duelist's flurry...

  • noworries#8859 noworries Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 651 Cryptic Developer
    Encounter usage for all classes will be slower than what it is on live for high recovery characters, this is intentional.

    While we are open to adjusting cooldowns of specific powers a little bit, we aren't planning to reduce them all down to fast casts. Also damage is directly related to the length of the cooldown, shorter the cooldown, lower the damage.

    Also all classes have had powers split between paragon paths.

    As for spell mastery, if there are specific ones people would like to see come back we can discuss that. I want to make sure people know how that would work. If Chill Strike spell mastery is that it hits multiple targets, the damage from spell mastery would be cut to 1/3rd of what it is for non-mastery single target. It wouldn't just be the same damage against multiple targets.

    I do see players in all threads testing their new class designs in different content, which is great, but it is important to separate where the content isn't balanced vs where the class isn't. Castle Never has a couple of balance issues currently, one of which is the health of the zombies that walk into the spheres. That is a dungeon balance issue. Dread Ring is also currently scaling players too much.

    The more specific the feedback we receive, the more likely we can action on it.

    Feedback that is along the lines of: "I don't like the powers split between the paragon paths" tells us you don't like it, but doesn't give specifics on which powers you'd like to see moved around.

    Where as Feedback such as: "I think this feat from Arcanist should be swapped with this feat from Thaumaturge" gives us a direct point of consideration to work with.
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