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Immolation spirits - server leak in Dread Ring

nathanjmnathanjm Member Posts: 103 Arc User
I think I saw this during mod15, but I've been seeing it more in mod16. Basically, on logging into *some* Dread Ring instances, there are multiple immolation spirits just hanging out at the campfire. I've seen some in undermountain as well, but don't have screenshots I strongly suspect that this leak of entities is adding to the server load and could increase latency for folks. This afternoon (~1PM Central, Sun May 5th), I counted 6 unassociated Immolation Spirits in Dread Ring #1:

I tried to get a good screenshot here, showing that there were no other players around to 'own' those, etc.

Dread ring instance #2 was clear of such spirits. Didn't cycle to more instance(s) to check them.


  • tribbulatertribbulater Member Posts: 183 Arc User
    I was running Neverdeath today for a dragon, a few immo. spirits but basically abandoned pets and summons all over the place. Some of them have been standing there for days. Two of them were my own pets (at least, a pet I've run through Neverwinter, with the exact same unusual 'given name' as my own pets). I did crash once in Neverdeath a couple days ago, not sure if that is what is leaving them behind or something else.

    Also, in I think it was Icewind Pass, ran through and there were like 12 Immo. spirits and a couple pets left stacked up at the gate, nobody around.
  • strixblitz64#0785 strixblitz64 Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    blacklake also has stray pets standing around.

  • nathanjmnathanjm Member Posts: 103 Arc User
    Another set of screenshots, from Wyllowood #4, approx 2:30PM Central Sunday May 5th:

    Near 380, 6898 on the map:

    Near 819, 6124 on the map:

    Near 937, 6334 on the map:
  • defygravity#9947 defygravity Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    I wish I saw only that few, but alas that is not so. I've never had this many though. Add in all the zombies and skeletons... This is not showing the ones behind me after the screenshot.

  • robertthebardrobertthebard Member Posts: 543 Arc User
    jonkoca said:

    This week's been classic horror movie stuff.

    At first there were only a few.

    They lurked around doorways and thresholds.

    Shadows, around the fire... just didn't look right.

    BUT THEN !!!!!

    (add screechy music of choice).

    I'm thinking Tubular Bells from the Exorcist...

    I've seen them scattered all over the place.
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  • dread4moordread4moor Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,154 Arc User
    The ghosts of disgruntled uninstall players maybe?
    I am Took.
    "Full plate and packing steel" in NW since 2013.
  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    The warlocks have taken over the world of neverwinter.
    This is a rather annoying and weird bug and it should be fixed or rather should have been fixed before release.
    If you see them that means a warlock took over lmao.
  • picar66picar66 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 118 Arc User
    the last time this Problem arises, there was a cleanup Job in place to eliminate those ghosts.
    seems like they have cleared this codepart with no other solution in place.
    if someone travel/log out then ALL of his companions, spirits, puppets or any other sort of visual companion should be cleared in that instance.
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