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  • It would appear that the OP was making a "funny" Why so serious?
  • I also assume you clicked the money amount that took you to the correct page to purchase the package? https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11477793-zen-bundles%21
  • Description and Goal:In the seven suns market there is a Bounty Vendor and you literally click one option look at the armor and you can't just click back you have to click done. There are 14 areas with in it so if i have bounty from every area I am going to get frustrated very quickly with it. There are many vendors like…
  • @thefabricant For crying out loud your quick! I took that down after like 1 min and re-worded it to the above.
  • @thefabricant I appreciate the time and details you put into your posts, I know there are many times I wish I had the time to read it all and many more times I could not follow because, well, "squirrel" So with that being said, a summary either in beginning or end of writings to assist many in similar situations. Perhaps…
  • I do agree with this because I try to read the CDPs and find it very overwhelming at times, to look and see pages and pages of so many quotes and arguments over nothing. I don't have any desire to shift through all this, to find the actual posts concerning the current CDP. I understand alot of people have alot to say but…
  • @fabricante @viraaal and whoever else, not going to quote anymore.* My point to all this is I rather thought it was a good idea. * I stated I was unsure how this ,mentor system, would or could be implemented. * I couldn't understand why you felt people would feel forced to do it.Your point has been made. * My takeaway from…
  • I understand your frustration but you forget the part where I suggested that they have the option in beginning to opt out of taking the mentor. Side note: I have raised many children, not that I need to explain myself, so I do know what it is like to deal with teaching ones who do not want to be taught, only I didn't have…
  • I think this is one of the best ideas I have seen!! Many are trying to help new players as they meet them, and a few guilds out there invite new players in so they can help guide them and make sure they find their way through all the different avenues in the game. @haden42ee To have a reward system in place would, I hope,…
  • Not just me has happened to a few people today already. We only had it happen the one time after that no more fails
  • Reward quality and time spent to obtain Feedback Overview* BTA/BTC: Nothing should be BTC in mho, it should all be BTA * Collections have no meaning currently * Give 3 load-outs * No more bait and switch * Make RP account-wide * Balancing of keys for Reward Chests Feedback Functionality* If you do not want things to flood…
  • I would definitely be interested in participating in this, think its a good way to bring us together and bring in more that have been curious about it. This way they don't have to worry about any toxicity like in the regular Qs :)
  • I like the first one from Willow Now I am not sure if this would be considered a #2 and 3 or 1-3 but I still like the 3 Ranks of VIP Side note:I have been speaking with RobbPVP and a great idea came up that I think would be nice, add Companion "skins/transmutes" similar to what we have for mounts.
  • @thefabricant I was trying to find a middle ground tbh. It is going to be impossible to make everyone happy wouldn't you agree?
  • Updated Thoughts I was originally thinking” Hey I paid hard earned money to get my Ranks for VIP”, but after talking to others reading others thoughts and thinking ,”How many times do we end up giving people that don’t have the basic VIP things IE sign post, banks, mail post, injury kits to help them out?” So why not let…
  • Zone 37 down to 10 of 12 and it stalls party of 2
  • • Feedback Overview: Yes VIP should be updated but not at the cost of losing what current VIP members have paid for over the years and earned IE: Rank 12s • Feedback Goal: Prevent losing players from changing to much or making changes in the wrong directs for VIP rewards • Feedback Functionality: I am hoping that the…
  • Ok I see most just automatically scroll to the end and put in their comments. YES they were aware of what happened on preview YES they did try to make it REPEAT so they COULD TRY TO FIX but they COULDN'T GET IT TO REPEAT. It is hard to fix something that they cant not reproduce!! This is not just easy as 123 you know.…
  • If someone uses multiple keys and won multiple leg packs then yes they most def should have some sort of either give away or take back for those. But for those that used their ONE key and got a leg and yes I am one of them that is different. But, once I saw the increase I immediately reported it and was told they were on…
  • Glad that this is being looked at, for me personally I am on my Warlock and it happens in various areas. Last night I was streaming and it happened while I was doing Stardock Quests,(over and over), anytime I shadow slipped it happened. For the riding around on mount, then suddenly I am fighting something, again happens…
  • I personally have Win 10 64 bit with GeForece GTX 10060 3 GB, a basic mouse, which i have cleaned kept clean and fresh batteries. My graphics recently updated and still does this. For me this is something fairly new.
  • Thank goodness I am not the only one. Yes, I have turned off my shake in the options yet when i run Warlock the whole screen does that and it is annoying!!
  • Done every single one x5 no titles for any of them period.