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  • I think this idea is going in a good direction. What I would suggest is that Shards come from Artifacts; instead of converting to RP they would convert to shards. Armor can already be converted to RP or Transmute, so no matter how far I go into the game I can always use any appearance I desire. I suggest that Shards be…
  • Today I realized that only 1 character gets the Daily Random Queue bonus; I think it a QoL improvement to have all characters capable of receiving this bonus. We are already locked to 100k RAD>AD every day per account, why restrict the amount of RAD I am able to get? If I were capable of making my Daily Random Queue bonus…
  • Getting into this a bit late; tons of good suggestions. I did read over @adinosii 's list and wanted to put a few suggestions here: Create "Apply all items to Loadout" option Today you have to do each item independently. The button could drop down to all loadouts, then give a confirmation "Are you sure you want to apply…
  • I am not certain, but it seems there are REDQ rotations that favor certain dungeons over others on certain days. Some days you get legacy dungeons, others you get LoMM and Ravenloft. It would be nice to have this exposed so that groups knew what to expect.
  • @blargskull As much as I'd love to put $20 into the pockets of the developers, I have found more reasonable things to spend my money on. If I would have known this were bugged and perhaps would have been offered a discount on the ticket before spending hours completing Elemental Evil there is a chance I would have done so.…
  • I used to play this game exclusively for the PvP; I absolutely love it. I am back in the game now and interested in PvP, but there is a major barrier keeping me out, and that is my gear. I have a guild this time around and want to compete in PvE content, and that takes up most of my play time. Gearing specifically for PvP,…
  • I have also come across this error. As above, I had my character before the big quest changes (I have had her since Beta). I recall completing many quests in Spinward Rise before quitting the game a while back. Now I have returned, and after a month of exchanges with Support I have concluded that this is in fact a bug! I…
  • I was so pleasantly surprised by the hospitality shown by the staff of Nick's Gith Meat Emporium. I didn't even ask what the special ingredient was; extremely delicious! I highly recommend attending a dining with friends and family, and soon! There's not better time to donate to your favorite cause than now. Proof of the…
  • Still waiting patiently for this exciting announcement! As ready as ever to participate!
  • When will we be able to check out this content on the preview server? I'm VERY excited to see what's in store for us in this new expansion!
  • Perfect Hair Forever @laserblast2
  • To be honest, I think that pers3phone has a good point. There could be a work-around for this, such as a system where a group could simply "challenge" another group to a duel. This would allow premades the capability of getting together both in PUG and Invite Only premade groups. Perhaps you could even add the option to…