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  • I am still unable to claim my weekly mount tokens for this week after the patch even though I have noot claimed any..... nice job on that patch lol
  • Sorry but how is this working as intended when I have never had this problem in all the years I have been playing until like two patches ago. I am joining a premade party & still the bonus AD for heal/tank keeps switching. I never just join a random que so yes there is a problem.
  • OK seriously--the drop rate of this Battle Worn Metal Rod is less that a chance to get a legendary mount from a lockbox. I have passed 120 insurgencies & still nothing......FIX THE DROP RATE......Such a waste of time running 8 times a day for nothing. This game is going downhill very fast with no way back up--so many bugs…
  • Yeah I agree this is totally insane. It was bad enough when you destroyed buffing DC--now you have to go & screw up the healing side? really--I have put so much time, effort & AD into my cleric twice now only to get screwed again...wow -- this next MOD is going to be a disaster if you don't put clerics back the way they…
  • PLEASE FIX Insurgencies--This is insane --- we only get 3-5 min to make 20% -get real--who tests this anyway???? this is the worst release yet- I have spent 6 hours trying to get 20% & I still have 1 % to go you need to give people more time to get the daily % - For real does anyone ever test anything before it is…
  • Why does Cryptic keep nerfing wizards??????????????????????????????-- STOP I have put so much time & effort in this class & every time I get it somewhere good they screw us & now we are one of the weakest classes again. If you want to push players away from this game by all means continue down this path you are going.
    in Wizards Comment by mindfruit80 May 2020
  • It must have started when the new MOD came out, thats when things started to go bad