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Well WTF thanks for the complete screw job for healers

kranky#1106 kranky Member Posts: 42 Arc User
so i guess cryptic has decided they want ppl to stop playing or atleast to make this game so complicated and harsh they can focus elsewhere.
first OMFG why the hell you take a role that is vital to game mechanics (and which is so hard to get ppl to play) and completely kick them in the nuts (making sure more ppl will stop playing this role and probably the game).

so healers are now the targets of massive nerfs from companions to powers to the ability to pray and regen divinity..... really? you make it much MUCH harder to effectively heal by reducing both incoming and outgoing healing boons by half. then reduce all outgoing healing comps from 10% to only 3% boost. and reduce tactical enchants from 6% to only 2% incoming healing (i am guessing incoming healing comps also reduced to 3%).

then you completely remove the ability for healers to actually pray to restore divinity during combat and add some abilities that where not needed (ones that actually help you lose your divinity faster).

so effectively you gave out huge magnitudes but now cannot power heal (like on worm boss in LOMM) so if you burn up divinity on round 1 your party going to die on round 2 because healer is out of divinity and cannot get it back especially during combat. so an 8 sec barrage there will use most of your divinity and you will be lucky to get 60-70% back by next round and if its longer ppl are dying and since we have no outgoing healing enchantments or divinity regen reinforcements you literally cut healers off at the knees. my DC has 160k power 220k crit 61.5% outgoing healing (30 wis / 5x outgoing healing comps / rank 4 outgoing healing boon) now i have 24.5% outgoing effectively reducing my heals by 70% almost.

and the increase in magnitude doesn't cover that. yes it gives about the same size heals maybe more in numbers... but cannot cast nearly as often meaning now if have a weaker player they just have to die because i cannot waist the divinity to save one person at the risk of rest of the group.

this means even more ppl being left out as now healers will be very very picky as to who they will run with it the group isnt top notch as a healer i wont bother wasting my time. i play for fun and healing now will be more an aggravation the fun.

also i am pretty sure less ppl will be going healer in Mod 19 then there are now ( and it is already a nightmare getting healers and tanks as 90% of players are dps) so now there will be even less healers effectively increasing que wait times/ successful dungeon runs ect.

these of course are just my opinions but im pretty sure many ppl will stop healing i for one will not be playing my maxed out healer in mod 19 and i know atleast a dozen others who are already moving what they can off the healers to dps or tanks.

really happy cryptic once again was able to break and hurt this game even more then it already was i have tried over the last 18 months to constantly support the team. even after i wasted months and millions of ad and 1000's of zen building a toon i loved to play to have it completely destroyed and ruined. i was still trying to see the bigger picture but now....... nope i can no longer see or want to see it this is a completely ridiculous and unnecessary change that has 0 positive effect on the game.

as a suggestion. Maybe instead of trying to find ways to to make your players want to rage quit or completely unbalance the game roles (you forced us to do the trinity and now are pretty much crushing one of the roles) you could maybe focus on important things.

Like maybe some decent content? or some content thats actually playable on release instead of having to wait several patches to actually do it? or how about fixing the massive amount of bugs and broken things in the game? or how about some upgrades or new useful items that actually are helpful and useful to players? (like stronger reinforcements/class specific reinforcements and enchants/ reinforcements for shirts and pants ect ect.. instead of stupid things like fashion and vanity pets or new gear thats weaker then current gear (right now max 1250 most of the new stuff in M19 1230/1240/1250) so no boost to overall stats yet you raise caps another 5000 (so 90k for most / 100k crit avoid / 140k CA) most players except top 1% cannot even get current caps. so how about content focused on the majority of players something fun and relaxing and enjoyable NOT tedious and stressful?

because hmmmmm after all it is a game that most play to relax. but it is becoming clear cryptic is only concerned with making new content regardless of quality so they can push more stuff in zen store to make more money.... why else would a company release a product that is very very subpar if not to try to continue to increase profits regardless of the consumers well being or satisfaction.

well i have had my rant ty for reading im off to strip my DC maybe someday she will be useful again until then ill play my dps until cryptic wrecks that too.


  • b4t1b4tb4t1b4t Member Posts: 275 Arc User
    All I can say is if a player enjoys the class and spec they play then they will decide to play that spec and class. It is only when a player finds it not worth playing and no run that they will either play another class or spec or move on.
    It just so happens not many enjoy how the dev team decided to do healers in this game.
    I can not say that is the issue of the team or company.
    let us be honest real fast. This game is their game and the items we have are just loaned out to us because the reality is they own what we have.
    If they decide to change or even remove something we have even if we bought it well that is their right to do so.
    At the end of the day it comes down to the player.
    Players just do not enjoy or like the changes to the healer.
  • mindfruit80mindfruit80 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 18 Arc User
    Yeah I agree this is totally insane. It was bad enough when you destroyed buffing DC--now you have to go & screw up the healing side? really--I have put so much time, effort & AD into my cleric twice now only to get screwed again...wow -- this next MOD is going to be a disaster if you don't put clerics back the way they were. My companions also nerfed after spending many millions of AD??? What is going on.. Its like going to a car dealer & buying a V-8 sports car then getting it recalled only to get back a 4 cylinder piece of junk. You cant destroy things we have already worked so hard to get--what is wrong with you people. If your intent is to push people far away from this game then great job, you are heading down the correct path. I strongly suggest rethinking what you are about to do to this game or you will lose many players.
  • smexyguy1#5311 smexyguy1 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    I just played my lock in the new healer system ... you have lost a healer, I wont even waste my time when it goes live . Guess you intend on not having debuffs on people ? If you do no one will want a lock no debuff . Omg the spark that you have to command to do stuff what really dumb person came up with that idea ? The soulweave sucks period . I will no longer heal, good job destroying the hardest to play heal class . My money can be saved from now on was fun guess this is their way of getting people to quit playing :( .
  • vastano#2343 vastano Member Posts: 169 Arc User
    unfortunatly self healing in this game is just not viable
    maybe if they lost the cooldown on heal pots then it might make the healers job easier and enjoyable even with the changes
    but i agree as it stands from what i have seen on preview healers are going to be very very selective over what parties they will heal
    Its already hard enough to run harder dungeons (run lomm twice Tomm never TIC never) if these changes go ahead those type of dungeons will never be run because heals will just refuse to waste their time
  • finmakinfinmakin Member Posts: 444 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    So, I guess that these things will be adressed / adjusted before mod19 is factual on life server..
    Since this isn't on life its nothing more than a storm in a glass of water from ECL community.. (ECL stands for Everlasting Complain Legion)

    This topic should be posted in the proper section, where it belongs,

    Ogguk The Beholder… Justicar Paladin Tank/ Healer
  • kharkov58kharkov58 Member Posts: 668 Arc User
    While I agree that the post should have been on Preview, I am also not encouraged by Cryptic's record of changing things for the better when it goes live.
  • regpeiregpei Member Posts: 86 Arc User
    edited June 2020
    Worm phase hypo is random on the first strike, rest hit the tank. I normally DPS however when I do tank we stack up for the first hypo, then I take it away from the rest of the group. Then there is only 1 person to heal who should have a decent HP pool to take a few hits before a heal is needed! On the second round, the process is the same. Stack for the first, try to grab aggro from the metal dudes, pull the hypo and adds to a corner, adds push you against a wall, hypo hits you, healer heals you, DPS dodges red circles.

    Many need to slow down, play with the mechanics a little and find/make strategies! Problem is finding a group to do this with. EVERYONE wants to rush and try brute force over working the mechanics in game. I use to be one of them.

    And I'm not saying I don't understand being upset at the changes. DC was my main in mod 15. When mod 16 hit preview I was pissed enough to leave the game for a mod and a half. I came back after Stardock(M17) was live for a few months. That said, DC was no longer my main. He got kicked to the curb.
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