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  • Your art is beautiful! I'm especially fond of your vibrant color choices :) If you've ever thought about a redbubble or the like, that watercolor deer would make a wonderful t-shirt.
    in Stuff Comment by metonymy April 2015
  • (Image) (Adopting a one-page-per-post scheme if that's ok, mods, just to make it more obvious when I've updated.)
  • Sadly, I'm still getting 'Map Transfer Failed' on most foundry quests I try. Doesn't look like it's fixed yet. :(
  • I've had luck with two featured quests - Visitors from the Underdark is I believe the first one, Whispers from the Void is the second. Both are relatively old so I would say look for older quests (where they may be confined to only one map - I am no…
  • Thank you both for your kind words! Right now it has its own tumblr at capricornstarcomic.tumblr.com but I'm waiting on putting it on my dA until I'm a little farther along. (I may end up making a seperate dA account just for it, who knows.) Thank y…
  • As this exclusive MSpaint picture shows, you are indeed correct. She's on vaycay. (Image) Only interrupt her if you like pina coladas, walks in the rain, and necromancy.
  • (Quote) I thought I was pretty clear, but oh well. I'll chalk it up to the meds I take and their pound of proverbial flesh when it comes to communicating effectively. Is this really business as usual? That's mighty depressing. The Foundry - and al…
  • Yeah, I'm not exactly about to turn blue over here... It's just so disappointing to me that the most unique aspect of this game, full of rich storytelling and really well put together quests, is also the most neglected. You'd think a game accidental…
  • As far as I can tell everyone's having the same map transfer problem. Cryptic apparently knows about the Foundry being down after the patch, but the problem is the Foundry is up and broken. If it were down entirely it'd be less frustrating!! Until …
  • (Quote) Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you're okay with it. I dropped Neverwinter for awhile but now am back and actually doing the comic. It may take awhile to get to your stuff, but I'm looking forward to drawing Nashira's reactions. (It actua…
  • I'd be interested to know if anyone has any single-map foundry quests available too. This is really disheartening. At least the mods know it's a known issue and are presumably working on it, but I came back specifically to replay several Foundry que…
  • Wow, these are really nice! I'm really fond of the last one because of the colors you were able to give it. Maybe try painting nebulae or other such colorful space objects - it could come out really awesome! :>
  • Ok, bust out the scented candles and therapeutic oils and ready your ego for one heck of a massage: These quests are the first time, in playing Neverwinter (and the past couple of games I've played, really), that I've forgotten I was playing a game…