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  • yes the old legacy video card code / modeling requirements must go just like they cut out legacy areas they no longer want to support "improve game performance" more frames per second more effects more polygons per area / map / larger maps etc more characters/ companions drawn smoothly on the screen at once . etc.…
  • people that don't care to upgrade their video card to a bear minimum used bottom of the line one to meet the new direct 11/12 requirements are not typically the people giving the company money/ zen either ..therefore not a demographic the company cares if they "offend" nor wants to pour its limited developer/ tester…
  • by the time cryptic comes out with the monk we will already be on D&D 6th edition.....
  • @vaultingfrog#2497 so that is one vote from someone on Pc that does not use macros on his bard....now you cant say it is everyone anymore :D ..
  • lol so all players on pc that play a bard use macros then ? if you dumb down inputs on console you should dumb them down on pc too i mean fair is fair right .. why punish' all the people that are not/might be using macros for the sake of "fairness" .. you said "Just saying, since you said you haven't heard or seen a pc…
  • pc players have had / use macros for plenty of stuff for plenty of classes for years unless they plan to introduce cross plat form pvp pve (which they are not) i dont see what the big deal is if they adjust to make it easier for console to play songs they would have to do so on pc and change the interface too The average…
  • lol my point is the bard rapier looks even smaller and finer and even thinner and less visas able at 4k so an even smaller sharper version then yours and i have no problem with it console is running at lower blurrier res there fore the rapier should actually be thicker and more visible comparatively never the less your…
  • a "chunkier rapier" lol wouldn't that just be a long sword with a fancy handle / hilt ? ....just saying ...*shrugs* also the screen resolution is being limited on the consoles compared to pc so display reproduction choices have to be made the rapier looks fine to me in 4K resolution LOL
  • Have you tried Alt + F4 ?
    in Mouse Comment by kalina311 September 2
  • dont feed the troll : D
    in Mouse Comment by kalina311 September 2
  • After you do all the excellent suggestions mentioned in the thread then Cryptic / Neverwinter wants your priority to be Zen : D or saving your wallet /soul becomes the priority in the time you will have to spend grinding to "get there"
  • I suggest also you read/ go over what all the key bindings/ buttons do under the menu settings to avoid the next set of eureka moment questions and buttons/ game settings that are not covered in the tutorial ..
    in Mouse Comment by kalina311 September 2
  • oh and video proof or it did not happen ... bonus points: ...got me thinking ..unless the HR it an old account that was not forced a respect and is using the old boon % table which has been reported in the forums as a bug/ exploits .. so there is a small chance in all fairness this guy is not wrong but this bug ap gain…
  • self moderated .... all aboard the LOL train . maybe you would have better luck or a sympathetic audience : D if these "insights" of yours were posted in the Hr class forums .. or perhaps even message a dev directly for an even faster response ... I heard they were going to nerf the music box artifact instead of the Hr…
  • no budget to work on new animations on all powers .. that would improve such casting times..(according to the dev) they may be working on fixing the casting animations on steal time tho \ "Shorten casting time or animation on a power - this ends up taking a bit longer as it now requires a system designer and an animator to…
  • umm it depends on the food i still use movement food buff that offer a 5% bonus...so not nerfed and investment not wasted ..It was the biggest bang for your buck before the nerf and is still the biggest bang for buck after the nerf ..
  • the food is level 20 and what level are you ? max character level which is ?....wait for it level 20 ...
  • running the game in full screen mode vs full screen windowed bordered mode may help /may be the issue alt + enter may toggle a program between full screen and windows or check game setting to see what it currently set to and try the opposite setting... it would also be interesting to note if the game never fails to launch…
  • .5% also the percentage of people that actually seem know what the odds are :D .5% is also the percentage of people that actually read the forums :D
  • first off the key pack should have been 5000 zen minus a 20% off the store coupon from invoking from one of your alts NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THE ZEN MARKET WITHOUT AT LEAST 20% OFF COUPON that you get for free from invoking bags saved up second of all each pack came with a coal ward right ? that you could have…
  • Happy birthday from Cryptic lol LOL
  • @malakut#1916 @noworries the DEV said .. +1 to this "Only your first post will be counted and if multiple powers are listed, only the first one in the list will be counted. Some posts may end up getting deleted to keep the thread clean and on track."