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  • Umm, are you talking about yourself? If you don't like the game, leave. You don't have to say anything. YOU are the one making a big deal about leaving. Announcing it. Your 29th post in 7 years. As for me, I've been playing the game for a few years now. I just don't post in forums. Or even care, usually. I just decided…
  • And my counterpoint to that was that this was even worse pre Mod 16. For example. There was only one pet. The Chultan Tiger. One of the most common sights seen was 10 people in a raid and more than half of them with the exact same Tiger. We DO have more choices in Mod 16. But because gamers are gamers, we will always…
  • Huh? whats that got do do with what you were talking about before? Did I miss something?
  • I know everybody plays differently. I can understand that. But all these "individuals" have to understand that the old OP was just too good. It was never going to last - NOR SHOULD IT. As has been pointed out by a few people, the Paladin is playable. It's not "ruined". Its just not as good. I think its as good as any other…
    in Paladin Comment by havlocke April 2019
  • Good gawds, Cryptic would wet themselves if they thought they'd be like Microsoft. You know, one of the most successful business companies in history? Making its founder the world's first Trillionaire. That Microsoft? Btw, you think the Devs from Apple are any better? They got a much better PR department for sure.
  • I don't get this. Why do people feel the need to say this? If I didn't like this game, I'd just be gone.
  • Gimme a break. These are just suggestions. And does not include the other 16 companions you can get on your companion roster for a start. And if you look at the 2nd post somebody else is already using a variant. Just like I will. This was a simple, HELPFUL post. Not the 10 commandments cut in stone. And as the…
  • With the Armour, is Barkshield not good anymore? I'd have thought with the emphasis on upping your HP, a barkshield armor enchant would be perfect.
  • Hmm, does anybody know how long that exchange dealer is going to stay for? Going away without (gaming) internet access shortly and won't be able to do anything for about a week. Gonna take me longer than 24 hours too ... Also dooomed :)
  • I'm working a 6 day roster atm so I'm not playing as heavily as I could so I haven't had much chance to do much other than just rebuild my 2 favourite toons. Still, I'm enjoying my Rogue a lot more than I did previously. And I've found absolutely nothing wrong with my Pally. Doesn't burn things to the ground like my…
  • As was stated many times, its not like the Devs had a choice. People keep going on about how they've done this and that, but seriously, do you really think they'd have done something like this if they could avoid it? Everybody could see what a train wreck it was going to be - and that was even if by some miracle they…
  • Yep, "Balance" is always a pipe dream in a creature like an MMO, but at least there should be some effort to make it look like you are trying :) As to your first point, I've realised you are dead right. That is probably some (not all, but some) of the reason for all this grumbling. A lot of people are just used to the…
  • That's good to know. Its still early days so I haven't gone to too many of my old haunts. I guess I must have just picked the wrong ones at the time. Good to know you can still do some stuff at least.
    in Paladin Comment by havlocke April 2019
  • Neverwinter's "Strong Point" was that it played like a Diablo clone. At least that's what the OP and a majority of ppl on these forums are saying. It was fast. Things died really fast. You could solo a dungeon really fast. Etc, etc. They aren't wrong. That sort of action is very attractive. And obviously a lot of people…
  • Yeah, got a friend who mains a GF who completely agrees with you. He loves the fact that he actually has to PLAY his toon rather than just go thru a rotation like a robot. While it seems solo'ing is certainly taking a hit, grouping is actually a LOT more fun now for us. That Grey Wolf Den story you gave is a perfect…
  • I have no problems with the top end enchants giving less value. This is how it should always have been. Rather than ballooning out. Diminishing returns is how it works in STO, hasn't stopped me (or anybody else) from upgrading stuff. Crazy OCD people will always upgrade stuff. But at least this means the majority f2p…
  • Completely agree. I went nuts with the Strongholds in SWTOR and would do the same here. LOL and I suspect you may be right on the costs too.
  • Also, what money grab are you talking about? It looks like the same ones that have been in the game since inception. In terms of pure crass commercialism, this game was already near the top. And has been for years. Though, there are more than a few games that surpass it.
    in Paladin Comment by havlocke April 2019
  • I main a Paladin as well. A Burnadin to be exact. Loved her. Best toon I ever played in any MMO in decades. And she's completely dead. Moving on. You need to start from scratch. Stop comparing it to how it used to play. Because, to be completely honest, it was as OP as hell. Most people here would tell stories of how their…
    in Paladin Comment by havlocke April 2019
  • The new undermountain gear was better than the old vistani gear I thought. Some of them I used to replace the primals I started with. I replaced ALL my vistani gear with those said primals ages ago.
    in Gear Comment by havlocke April 2019
  • Are we talking purple or orange coloured mounts? I though the purple ones were already account unlocks. The zen ones are at least.
  • I'm having fun. But lets not kid ourselves. Scaling is broken as all hell atm. And NOT working as intended. Where their scaling is working is ok, a bit harder but ok. I didn't have any problems in Dread Ring and Sharandar with a (previously) geared 70. But Blacklake was ridiculously harder. Scaling isn't new, and is used…
  • Been playing my Pally in heal spec with my group and its working fine. Did a couple of PUGs and aside from a nDemo run disaster, was mostly fine. Couple of things 1) Teamwork pays. All three of the trinary are important. 2) Just cuz you can spam heals that have zero cooldown does not mean you should. I've run out of…
  • Yeah, thats true, because the top end rewards of the P'boxes are ships. Which are completely different from Mounts in this game. Still, a funky mount or companion might still be something to aspire to. And even if people realise the odds of getting it are slim, they will still spend the money. That's how Lotto works after…
  • I was going to dismiss this idea until I only just realised that STO does have a "AD sink". It's the Phoenix Boxes. Each box does not cost much so you can buy a LOT of them. And while the odds of getting an Epic reward is low, even the lowest reward is still useful. And as you are blowing bucketloads into the RNG machine,…