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  • Thinking about the Band of Air I realized the system also has great potential to prolong content. I currently have no desire to play HC VOS because I own my set and additionally have tons of 1500 gear for alts. But the ability to unbind certain stuff would make me do HC VOS nonstop in case I have the ZEN. Good times.
  • I still have a split loot sheet from CN somewhere inside Google Drive, lol! Anyway, that's what I meant saying history shows that most concerns raised here are not legitimate. I get that the @mushellka s of the world feel their own status threatened by wallet warriors and I actually share some of the criticism. But overall…
  • @nitocris83 any chance this will be included in the build for next week so we'll be able to farm the mats on Wed and Thu? It's fixed on preview so there might be a chance.
  • Again, you want a better group composition or queue system that let's you filter out certain players you don't want to play with. Your "bigger picture" is just an excuse for your elitist attitude. If you think legendary rings are an achievement you shouldn't be able to buy, be proud that you did it without AD instead. If…
  • I think we have to agree to disagree because you keep bringing up points that do not pertain to Unbind Tokens. I don't even disagree with some stuff you say, but these are not issues Unbind Tokens should handle or prevent you from. It's a purely economic system that facilitates the diversity of playstyles.
  • That's kinda what I was saying. Your issue is one of group composition or queue system, not unbind tokens. It would be very unfortunate if people really object the unbind system just because they rely on gear to judge player skill. It's two different things that shouldn't conflict with each other. I btw. think you're…
  • This is not an argument that works against the unbind tokens. You can buy T2/T3 gear and move VoS rings around because they're BtA. There are no guarantees to get a quality party based on gear alone. Imho the best way is to build a reliable friends list over time. If you want experience players only then a system like…
  • No. Unbind Tokens are great because they offer different avenues to rewards in a game that does an absolute terrible job at giving players choices. Every grind is tied to very specific repetitive activities that you have to do for weeks and months to get anywhere. Having the option to skip content and still get rewards…
  • I don't think that's a valid concern. I always find myself in that situation every day and often choose the hard way because it feels more rewarding having worked for something. I also manually did the Echoes campaign although spending 1k ZEN is really a cheap way to bypass it. But then what are you going to do for a month…
  • I think it's always hard to balance these systems for all different types of players. I agree the Reaper's Challenge is a great complementary tool, but there's also a world in which new players look at Mounts, Companion, Gear, and whatnot and feel that the amount of days they have to spend doing the Reaper's Challenge to…
  • Nice. Hope it's the Greater Shards though. The normal ones are not an issue.
  • Yeah lol no kidding the big MW accounts could not care less. It's the lower tier of players that get hit with the Explorer Chart changes the most. They opened a door but burned down the house in the process. That's not called progress. Again: I support the changes as well, but you gotta think there would have been a much…
  • Phew, there's certainly a lot to unpack here. Not sure what is it with this game, but it too often feels like the devs pick out the 3rd or 4th best option probably simply because it's faster or more convenient to implement. Same for the devaluation of Masterworks and attached resources. You can't tell me there wouldn't…
  • I generally welcome the idea and the attached rewards. Would like to see it expanded a little bit as others noted, (Collars, Insignia Powder). I additionally first was very pleased to see Wards included, because the current state of the ZAX breaks the f2p model of the game and Preservation Wards are one reason why. But tbh…
  • Minor correction: I think ingame shows me CET. So the correct posting time is probably around 7-9 AM Pacific. I figured because it makes no sense that plastic's completed after mine given the times.
  • 10k ZEN from 02/18/2021 3-5PM completed half an hour ago.
  • You get credit for "minor" HEs on IWD though. The HE "type" bug affects the Legacy Campaign quests as well. It's super hard to get that one completed for Icewind Dale. I think only Remorhaz reliably completes it in Icewind Pass.
  • I figured it out. You have to open all boxes ONCE. Then they appear for other characters at the RCA.
  • I just realized the blog post mentioned the weekly legacy quests. I think it would be nice to change the event description ingame as well. I also did notice that the blog post said all rewards are account unlocks. But you can only reclaim both emotes and the hawk on all your characters.
  • Not sure these are bugs, but imho it's not very clear how to get campaign currency from non-EoP quests. The event lists quests with the legacy marker and random queues, but none of them show the currency or the purple boxes of EoP quests in their rewards. Even worse, the quests with the legacy marker do not generate any…
  • Removed because items appearing in both the Bazaar and ZEN market was "unintentional". But might be time to agree to disagree anyway.
  • I'm a little irritated about the true purpose of random queues as well. I know it originally got introduced to give players a better solo q experience, but I think it had as much to do with not letting legacy content turn into dead pixels. Which is why Demogorgon doesn't really fit the random queue system. It currently…
  • Are you suggesting that those complaining because they can't get into Demo should do Demo before complaining? That's certainly a take.
  • This is indeed an issue of the RTQ. You can however swap tanks immediately after you own stacks fall off. It's usually when the other tank is starting to get theirs.
  • I think we're mixing too much experience of seasoned players and how they experience the game into the discussion. I personally have no issues with Wards as well because I always have a buttload of Trade Bars to spend whenever I need Enchantments. I can't remember when I had to manually upgrade something using PWards…
  • It really depends on whether or not you're in a level 20 guild. Those 3k from boons really can be the difference maker because you would otherwise have to make up a lot of ground somewhere else which can be quite expensive. I think if you have all current account unlocks you can instantly bring a toon in the 32k - 35k…
  • I think this is my biggest takeaway as well. It's funny as heck that @nitocris83 apparently spend *hours* to update the original news post only to still miss one of the biggest and most important aspects of the new Demogorgon.
  • Can't you put the *old* Demo in the RTQ (without the new rewards ofc) and have the new one as single queue for the time being? I think those that want to run the new Demo don't use the RTQ anyway.
  • By the way: There always has been this issue with Preservation Wards. There is still no reliable free-2-play method to obtain enough Wards to upgrade your stuff in any reasonable amount of time. That's why they sell for twice as much as their actual ZEN value on the Auction House.
  • This is the most common definition of F2P, but not the one I use. For me true F2P means being able to obtain any existing item without spending a single dollar. And since there are time-limited ZEN exclusives (EOP Battle Pass being the next prominent example) that you most likely can't get with the current exchange times,…