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  • Could we please get some communication here that these bugs are being heard and acted upon? I don't just want a passing comment about escalation and then nothing more for weeks. The flagship trial for the game is in an unplayable state at the moment.
  • We failed a training run at 2.3% tonight because a support spawned in the tree on one of the floating island. It has been 2 and a half weeks since these floating supports have been introduced to trial of keldegon and it is unacceptable that such a trial breaking bug is not getting fixed ASAP. It literally hardlocks the…
  • Posting here to mention that this is happening dungeons throughout the game and also in quests that spawn a circle to enter an instance when in party. This has been an ongoing issue for over half a year now, and is extremely frustrating, especially in endgame trial content like tomm, zcm and Cok, where people often leave…
  • Yeah, these weapons are a big disappointment, I cannot really see myself using them, maybe on my hunter but even there I would not get the fully stacked buff until after I finish the encounter section of my rotation (which is the hardest hitting portion) so it seems a bit useless. Please try to find something more…
  • Thanks Aster for posting about these, they need to be fixed ASAP.
  • Just wanted to follow up here. I just ran CR earlier today and the same bugs are still present with no fixes. Please get around to fixing it. Its been like this for well over half a year.
  • This is normal actually.during the fight single players get individual red circles. Sometimes the timing works so that the single person red circle comes directly before or after the group red circles. You need to watch who has red circles and when and be careful not to stack with the person who had a red circle before the…
  • This bug is still around! Please fix it. It is infuriating to apply my companions to all loudouts again and again, especially on my paladin where I have 4 different companion arrangements for each loadout.
  • Yeah, I've been having this problem. Not just vos, but any interactable object in a dungeon is hard to use because you are stuck in combat when tabbed. It is just most noticible in the maze in vos because there are some many things to interact with and speed is vital. Please fix this, it is really anoying.
  • Can confirm that this is still an issue. My paladin is stuck in it's pve loadout, so I can neither tank properly or heal with it. Please fix this. Switching loadouts has been an issue since Mod 21 launched. It's ridiculous that this issue has been like this for a month now. It renders some of our characters simply…
  • The Vallenhas instances don't have a player cap for some reason since Mod 21 launched. Can easily have 50+ players in the first instance, leading to awefull performance and crashes.
  • I tried TIC today after the adjustments, and now the tank check does almost no damage. The damage was around 10-15k per tick. While it was way too much before, this adjustment has gone a bit too far the other way. Perhaps a balance between the two might be good.
  • In castle never, those moving green death spheres that you have to avoid to reach the final boss do way too much damage. I got instantly killed when the sphere touched me. This seems especially problematic for classes that cannot avoid taking damage by dodging past the spheres, like Paladins. Also, to repeat what has…