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  • The story telling in this new mod is atrociously bad or even non existing... I can understand you don§t have enough developers to make bigger and more original playfield, better design or more funny quests. But at least there could be some interesting story. I am sorry for what did you offer me in this mod is laughably…
  • No you dont need that ### scrolls. You need to know what to do (and have a proper gear).
  • Tried to play with people outside my social bubble and just experienced 25+ healer who was unable to heal 2/3 LoMM...
  • I agree this is MEH mod. Small, reskinned and boring map. If this would be an entry Avernus map (and we would get one of two more bigger maps) it would be ok. But the current state is a joke. The story is boring. The design contradicts the whole ADD universe. Do devs actually know there is something called The Blood War?…
  • Really fed up with all that APE++ grind. What a useless mod...
  • The nerf of orcus set is imho a good thing. However... when I first read about it, it gave me hopes you will finally put some order into gear set design/bonuses. To make more of them useful/interesting, to give us more choices which one use for certain fights, because there would be a design, which will benefit some sets…
  • FInally had some time to play preview, so my overall feedback. The whole impression from the new area is sadly totally underwhelming. The combination of reskinned well-known and already used map with overall yellow-brown color tone took any enjoynment of exploration. There is no surprise factor. It looks really cheap and…
  • Well, it would be really nice if the game would be finally designed by someone who actually plays it.
  • Day 21 pros - boss everybody have been waiting for since the first day of the event - one little funny twist cons - everything else. The fight was incredibly boring, tedious and simple.
  • Today it was trivial. Even didn't use any power up.
  • This 3rd week seems easier than second one. Anyway thankfully it's 2 rounds only and not that 5 rounds rng nonsense.
  • Well... at least it was 2 rounds only... and finally a little bit better rewards.
  • imho most of us who are still in the game have never used revive scroll or stones. Personally I will never buy this stuff as I consider them as something what screw the whole game. Anyway... I strongly disagree with someone above me who explained his opinion this would help to teach new players how to play more challenging…
  • imho it is a perfect example of design by moving sliders without actual testing how things go as difficulty rises. I am 23wizard and I have been able to do all 5 rounds every day, but I have real doubts most of players with 18lvl or 20lvl are able to finish 14 days. Today I was smashed around 1:30 in bonus round while I…
  • It would be nice if this thread would be read by any of devs.
  • What sucks is inability to repeat bonus round if you fail. One longer lag and your are out...
  • Today I made all 5 rounds and for the first time I finished even the bonus one (even with poor power up). I am not sure about the whole design. I made no changes in my built nor gear or tactics. It looks like whole thing is heavily rng based what combination of mobs you get (and what power up). The most difficult was the…
  • Finished 5 rounds, dead in last seconds of bonus round. There is huge jump in difficulty today in last 2 rounds. It looks like someone designed this event moving sliders without testing.
  • I agree 5 events for that mount is slightly over the top.
  • 23Wizard did all 5 rounds for first try, no special built, it was all about dodging and few heal potions. However instance with all that aoe fire rain and more enemies became far more laggy than in previous days. And it was fatal for me in bonus round. At the end of bonus round while I was clearing remaining enemies the…
  • missing power ups in Dread Vault missing titles for all x5 runs not fixing problem when player is disconnected and then is unable to return to dungeon
  • Wasn't this event promoted as all old dungeons will be available through all the event time and you will be able to choose which one to pick up? If I remember I did not see any information one dungeon at time only will be available for few days and then another...
  • They will not ban anyone who did this imho.
  • One more reinstall - this time I picked up Steam option and not Arc one - and it solved problem (even before the last patch.
  • Stop doing dungeons/skirmishes for hardcore endgamers only and always make two versions. One hc endgame and one for more casual players. The currrent trend is utterly stupid.
  • I have same problem. After the patch I was unable to start client, so I uninstalled the game and Arc, made new clean nstall, this time I got into game, but when I logout and later tried to play the game again, the problem has been back and I am unable to start the client. Unable to start game client: Windows error code 2…
  • I cannot launch the client after the patch. Unable to start game client: Windows error code 2 (While attempting to format, received error code 1813. Win10 x64 1809 Update: Complete reinstall solved problem. Update 2: It's back. :-( Unable to start game client: Windows error code 2 (While attempting to format, received…
  • I really don't understand why there cannot be two versions of last dungeons. One challengable, with a really good loot and for end-gamers and second for pug players, who are willing to learn some basic mechanics of new dungeon. This "easier" dungeon should not be too easy to get automatic success for free, players should…
  • Nostura stag bug in her demiplane still not fixed
  • Fixed and all the loot is claimable.