Tales of the Old - Epic Dread Vault has no Power Up Items

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Ran this just now and there were no extra lives or extra time. Was able to get 3x run but only with 8mins remaining.
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  • xavior44
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    Yep everyone got screwed on frozen heart when the tales changed to Dread Vault.. Nobody got credit even people on the 5th run.. Then we go into DV to get screwed by no power-ups and got kicked 50% hp last boss on the 5th run.... Great job guys tales is ruined again
  • aganway
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    Yup, we did three runs, that was all we had time for, no extensions happened, we had 12 mins left so had to leave.
  • aganway
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    ...and I didn't get any coins for those three runs either, only trinkets.
  • commanderdata002
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    Same here.
    You can see the first powerup but then it disappears after the gate is opened.

    You can only run Tier 3 in 1 hour without the time powerup.
    Maybe Tier 4 with good party.
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  • bigman99#8273
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    Just ran a x4. No lives and only 1 time power up, during run 4, during which one other dps got disconnected( maybe for about 30 seconds) and though still in the group was thrown out to PE unable to re-enter. So, lot of stuff wrong with the Dread Vault and ToO today. Hope you are having a good weekend Cryptic b/c the guild I ran with was not laughing.
  • aganway
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    Someone told me ingame just before that after a certain amount of coins per day u don't get any more, so you can ignore what I said above about getting no coins cause I already got a bunch from the Frozen Heart earlier. The rest obviously still stands, and you can't get a title without doing 5 runs, well apparently even then you can't but we're still waiting for confirmation on that one.
  • silvertombi
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    DV for ToO is absolutely imbalanced compared to the others. Ran Idris and Icespire x5 without problems (in Icesipre on the 5th run one dps got dc'd, so we finished with 4 ppl), but this is on another level. Map is too long run-wise, way too many mobs, and they even seem to be tougher than in the other ToO dungeons. No campfires along the way, so if someone goes down, that basically seals the fate of the run, as they need to start from the beginning, which wastes a lot of time. Even with time and life bonuses, DV on x5 can only be completed by very few groups, compared to the other ToOs. Without the bonuses, x5 is practically impossible. DV was broken the first time they had it in ToO, and still they didn't put enough effort into making it playable and balanced. The only thing they changed is the significantly easier and lower number of adds at last boss.
    Maybe instead of churning out grindfest events back to back non-stop, devs should take some time to: 1, put in the time to iron out bugs (a test server would be a good idea... oh, wait..), and 2, give the players some time to do something else than events. I mean, what's the use a recruitment event, if can't even play my alts, because I need to grind for yet another broken event? I'd really like to see 2-3- week gaps between events.
    I'm already dreading what "extra challenges" we will be facing in the Hell Pit.

    Also, this was in one of the recent patch notes:
    "Tales of Old: Coins of Tales Told are now granted when the player decides to exit, rather than after leaving."
    I got my coins from Icespire by talking to Nipsy, not when I exited the map.
  • oldtimer#7525
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    Completed a x5 with a few minutes left to spare (~23k IL Party that was meant to run Frozen Heart ), difficulty scaling is much more manageable now but there was a grand total of 0 power ups in the 5 runs. We could have completed it at least 5 minutes faster but we did not go in with the intention to go for more than x4 and we were cautious in scouting the scaling and approach for the dungeon first couple runs. Still, x5 is not something that will be doable for most parties without a solid amount of strategy and / or power ups.

    As of right now if you don't know the dungeon already and you don't go in with competent players and the intention to speed run do not go for x5, maybe even x4.
  • elsunga
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    Wasn't this event promoted as all old dungeons will be available through all the event time and you will be able to choose which one to pick up? If I remember I did not see any information one dungeon at time only will be available for few days and then another...
  • silvertombi
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    It is only mentioned in the event description in-game. The dungeons change every day, and on the last 2 days all 4 will be available.
  • c1k4ml3kc3
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    I and my team managed to run x5. We didn't even rush through the first three runs. Rushed through x4 and x5.

    Only times when the timer appeared was before the entry gates, once on top of a rock formation, and another time below it. Same area at the beginning. Took both of those.
    Time wasn't added immediately, however. It only counted for the total time remaining after the gates got low.

    Throughout the run we didn't encounter a single heart (1UP, we call it Mario) nor a single hourglass (we call it Zelda).

    Also, there was no Title at all.
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  • tom#6998
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    i actually like that there are no power ups, we finished the fifth run with 3 lives and 8 minutes left on the clock. That was the first time Tales of Old was somewhat exciting and fun \o/. Maybe they should adopt this bug to the others aswell.
  • grogthemagnif
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    We had some Hearts and Hourglasses on our run, but no more than 1 per run, usually before the opening gate.
  • romans44
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    all of the above, hasnt changed a bit...
  • rey007#5400
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    Same issue on PS4. Our group had a similar challenge with our Dread Vault run and only made it to the third one. We didn't see any extra time or extra lives "power-ups/icons" throughout the dungeon. We had about twelve minutes to spare and we decided to play it safe and leave after the third run.
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