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  • So... we scream asking you to remove downscale but you still ignore us, really? Disrespect 1000%, that live stream was a massive hit on the player base, you just ignore the feedback and pretend everything is okay, your companies will get an even worse image (which is already awful), and your game will die. Remember…
  • I guess I speak for the majority of player when I say; I refuse to keep playing this game as long as scaling is around. I'll log in to get my dailies keys because I don't want to wast my money, but actually playing? No, thanks.
  • I'm already okay with mod 16 in the most part, excitement is definitely not the word I would use, I was AFRAID and my fears came true. The biggest one is scaling, There's no getting around it, a lot of dungeons are impossible and getting 100k ad per day is really hard, specially for those that can't play for a long a time,…
  • how long until downscale is removed so we can actually play the game again?
  • Or you know, they could fix their game.
  • bye bye scaling bye bye new feat system bye bye ad/zen exchange increased If they stay, its bye bye Player base.
  • Monday, 1 hour after the weekly reset and: Last week on the same time there was 4 channels and people spamming +fane +BHE, now its just nothing. If that doesn't tell you what downscale is doing, nothing will.
  • Its not a dungeon but... DR in well of dragons is not possible anymore, that is extremely depressing, Do you guys know that there is a daily on stronghold to do DR?
  • In this vid it was proven that our stats are lower than it needs to be, that includes crit chance, my build is all about crit damage, could you guys make sure we always have 50% crit chance even with downscale? Because otherwise it's just sad "/
  • -Bank heist is impossible, too many mobs from 3 lanes, mobs take ages to die now, so you cant kill them all before they attack the main "thing", which always leads to a lost. -River district small encounters (especially the cabal one) is no longer soloable, don't know if this is intended because you guys want to get rid of…
  • Your "solution" had immediate effect and everything is more expensive now, you did not help, just made it worse. :)
  • Can you please understand that this is BIG GAME BREAKING ISSUE, that it should have ALL THE PRIORITY ? Why would we waster time/money upgrading anything if is gonna be USELESS because of scaling? why would we get better gear if it will go down to a set number? THIS IS WRONG, THERE IS NO PROGRESSION, this right here will…
  • er... 95% of the scaled content is broken, like we've been reporting multiple times and you guys just said "is in a good place", here some stuff I ran into just today: -Everyone including tanks getting one shoted in Demo and E Demo. -Throne of the darwen god, hulks are no longer hitting the shield (they only damage the…
  • Hi @asterdahl , Years ago when I signed up to be a GWF, I wanted an viable dps class that could do comparable damage to other classes, Barbarian (Blade Master) is very far from it. You know how cleric and fighter have filler dps paths that are not actually dps but just something on side so this classes could do dailies,…
  • so... no big balance patch for release? well R.I.P. Maybe in mod 17 you guys should finish the changes before send it live, Class balance is a nightmare and some DPS classes will not be acceptable in group content. Good job :)
  • ^² Can I just stay lv 70 until I finish all campaigns? Because of the classes change I'm switching main and it's pretty obvious that the downscale made the game a pain for new toons.
  • there is this game (that I'm not gonna say names because I don't know if it is allowed) it had their own version of downscale called "fair fight", in 4 months, the game went from 40k players to 4k, the developers never responded to players complaining about the down scaling and when they did, they said that it was supposed…
  • Excuse-me, sir, why are runic encounter scaled? They are new end game content, yet our stats go down.
  • If the downscale is not fixed before release, this is all I can think of.
  • Hi @asterdahl , you said this on the cleric threat: "keep in mind that players can dodge out and back in without losing out on a significant amount of healing." I just wanna remind you that Blade master doesn't have Iframes on the dodge, we used to have additional hp to compensate it, but you took that away. so... Could…
  • I wouldn't exactly call getting your defense and deflection downscale to a lower value than the mob's armor penetration and accuracy a challenge, but that is just me :)
  • Downscale still broken No drops from runic encounters, which means no master expedition Only one more week to go :)
  • but you see, If go to cold run, I can solo any HE and my hp will not go lower than 90%, I tried literally every campaign and two places my HP goes away in 3 seconds, River district and Fane, the curious thing is that there is no middle point, I go from not taking damage to "you are dead".
  • Have you tried River district? As a DPS Barb I no longer can solo it, it takes ages to the Heroic Encounters and in the end I have to use potions or I'll die... I can solo those brain dead in mod 15 :'(
  • sorry guys, I didnt have time to read all posts, but did we got an answer on why on earth Justicar has divinity?
  • I guess you forgot about the scaling for the event?
  • Elemental Evil and SKT are two things that I will never understand why it was released, who thought doing drowned shore quests over and over again was a good idea? who thought Sea of moving ice was a good idea? It's not only ugly and make my head hurt but its also annoying and the campaign requirements are unrealistic. The…
  • I'v been lurking in most topics (not in topics for classes I don't play) and maybe you guys should delay M16 by 1-2 months, there is a lot of work to be done in only two week.
  • Most stuff I can solo on mod 15 I can't solo in mod 16 (or I can if I use Stone of Health), I can't tell if the problem is the gear downscale or just Barb been heavily under-powered, either way, its not fine, Trivial stuff like River district heroic events, Barovia weeklies or Chult weeklies dungeons (aka Fane) should all…