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Message from the Mimic King

mimicking#6533 mimicking Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 83 Cryptic Developer
edited May 2019 in News & Announcements
Greetings Adventurers,
Thomas Foss, aka the Mimic King, here to talk with you about Neverwinter’s latest launch, Undermountain. With Undermountain, our core goals were to raise the level cap, provide exciting new adventures, and cleanup some longstanding class balance issues. At the same time, we hoped our improvements would pave the way for creating new classes and content in the future. We also wanted a way for players to progress faster through existing campaigns, while also giving us new ways to provide campaign rewards.
With so many impactful changes being made, we felt it was important to invite players to participate in a closed beta test and then in the open beta/preview. You came in like gangbusters and gave us fantastic feedback. Whether it was on the forums, or on Reddit, the team here really appreciated the dialogue. I would like to give a shout out to Rainer whose spreadsheet was a great resource and window into the player’s perspective. Because of the feedback we received directly from our community, we were able to address hundreds of bugs and assorted feedback. Thank you!

But, we’re disappointed that we didn’t get to all the reported issues. We received great feedback from players like krsbaws, who told us back in March that Tomb of the Nine Gods was broken, but we did not fully address it. For that, we are sorry, and the Neverwinter team is working hard to review all the issues.
We’re even more disappointed in our response to you since launch. It’s pretty clear we could have done a much better job of really listening. There was a lot of excitement at Cryptic about the new content and updates we had made, and we were quite hopeful you too would enjoy them. We fully understand now that some pretty critical bugs made it impossible for you to do just that. It was never our intention to make our most invested and important players feel alienated, but that’s just what we did.

Neverwinter is as dear to my heart as it is to yours, and I don’t like having a broken game, or even the perception of a broken game. We clearly missed some broken critters and levelling. We have been working to fix these as well as levelling and combat balance. Over the last week, the team has been triaging the issues being reported, fixing as many of them as we can, and discussing ways to better incorporate your feedback to make the game more enjoyable. Examples of steps we have already taken are:

• A reduction in specific dungeon difficulties (Demogorgon)
• A decrease in damage dealt from some problematic monsters (Malabog’s Castle Redcaps, Tiamat’s Devils)
• Fixing core class bugs (Paladin’s Base Dexterity Score)
• Fixed scaling issues with Encounters in certain zones and instances
• And many more! Check out the patch notes from our last few patches for more details!

We’re not done, and we’re still listening. We are working on additional updates and will roll those out as quickly as possible, and are communicating out the changes as we do.

As we get ready for our console release of Undermountain, we are striving to make sure the concerns of our players have been addressed in all versions of the game. For us, this is an ongoing conversation, where we all work towards making Neverwinter the best game possible. To that effect, I will be holding a Q&A during the May 7 Community Livestream at 11am PT to further discuss the state of Neverwinter and player concerns.

We don’t think we’ll make everything all right by just fixing the known issues, so we’re going to go the extra mile for everything you’ve done for us. Tune in on the stream on Tuesday and I’ll tell you all about it.
Thank you!
Thomas “Mimic King” Foss

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  • kinamara#3934 kinamara Member Posts: 108 Arc User
    Well nice to see some admittance of a mistake being made... but you have so much stuff in the new mod that collections say its from here but its not stuff missing from mountain seal trader stuff missing from trade bar store.....
  • midnightitamidnightita Member Posts: 227 Arc User
    Thank you for the update, we truly appreciate.

    Hope the neverwinter team can fix what needs to be fixed in the next patches. Looking forward to next updates (and new classes :) )
  • rickcase276rickcase276 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,404 Arc User
    For me much of Mod16 is not that bad. Yes the scaling severely needs to be addressed, or just gotten rid of until it can be implemented correctly. And the solo play for some classes/paragons needs to be tweaked, not everyone who plays the game likes to or can run dungeons. And I do feel that any class/paragon path should be able to run any content that is available in the game, not all with the same difficulty, but still doable. Right now I am not totally certain that is totally possible.
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