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  • Agreed for the most part... I think hybrid classes are just inherently more difficult to design. With a pure class, CW, TR, HR... they really only have one function, blow **** up. How they do this, of course, is where the fine tuning will happen, but if something goes wrong with one of these classes (ie. over/under…
  • Yeah it has nothing to do with the upcoming class its just a standard coming soon symbol
  • I doubt that man, there's already 2 fighter classes in the game... I think they'd be disappointing a substantial number of people if they were to make a 3rd without first having some other varieties available
  • I think Druid would also be really cool, I hope if they choose to do that, they differentiate it from WoW druids in some meaningful way... although the same could certainly be said for Paladin. Bard is kinda blah, for me personally...Every game I've ever played that featured a Bard always pigeon-holed them into a pure…
  • Oh wow you have an awesome mount collection, you must spend all your AD and Zen for them eh? I think your idea is very fair, I personally have both the Guardian and Hero packs, and wouldn't mind at all if they were available to other players for zen... The packs to me were more about supporting the game, and getting some…
  • Just curious if anyone's heard any scuttlebutt about what the new class being released in Mod 5 is going to be? Or if you haven't heard what the class will be, what class/class mechanic would you LIKE to see? For myself, I've been dying for a paladin class since day one... I think the devs have done a pretty awesome job in…
  • Sorry I can afford to buy a founders pack and you can't? Lol in any case, I'm not saying I want it to be overpowering, just not completely and totally 100% useless. Yea faerie fire is ok, I wouldn't say its anything amazing or special though