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  • I can survive ok, but I just cannot get damage. Playing Oathkeeper. Admittedly, before the change the stats were just numbers to me, but I could see quite clearly what changed if I swap things out, and could guesstimate what was appropriate stats for my level. Now, it's "huh?"...Stats are roughly under or over 50%, I…
  • Just very curious what you like and don't like about the new mechanics. Why it is working for you and not me. Have been stuck at Level 61 with a Paladin since the change.
  • Agree totally. Speaking purely as a new player, I just do not have the knowledge to give quantitative feedback, only the quality of the experience. As a levelling character, you should'nt have to worry about stats, companions and a stable full of god knows what from the get-go. The game should be slowly teaching and…
  • I hear you there. I am levelling a level 61 Paladin, and even before the patch, I knew this mission was always a challenge, gets better as you level (or did). At the moment I'm just not playing, just don't want to keep going through this cycle of failing. I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do. I just know I…
  • Was going to try your suggestion, but what with the latest patch, it's all about damge rather than surviving. These mobs are like sponges, too long, they stand there drinking a healing potion, fully healed, seriously? If it was'nt for the kindness of passing strangers, I'd still be there bashing away. Fatigue to boredom,…
  • Was about to try your suggestion, but what with the recent patch, surviveability is not an issue for me. It's now just about damage, these mobs are now huge sponges, too long and many just stand there drinking a healing potion, fully healed, seriously? If it was'nt for the kindness of passing strangers, I'd still be there…
  • Spread the word far and wide... Seriously though, I have just got to check it out at least once. I'll just get in and say "Hi Guys, do'nt mind me I am just here out of curiosity. As you can see I am wearing next to nothing gear wise...."
  • I'm not ashamed to admit it, I am older people (and not going to say how old). I like it fun and simple, had a hard enough life as it is.
  • Using Burning Light, Banishment and Smite on my Pally. Works well. Although I feel like I'm now playing The Secret World (not the reboot, the old game), Each encounter is dangerous, stun, dodge, strike, stun, get distance, strike. This is not D&D as I know it and is causing fatigue very quickly :anguished:
  • Thank you for that advice, heard this was a thing but was'nt sure what it really meant. To be honest, after the patch I was doing the same thing for quite a bit. Drop bane on a mob, if that did'nt kill them, by the time they run at you, fully charged Burning Light, any one standing gets Smite, rinse and repeat. Also I have…
  • I've always enjoyed playing Paladins, and not just in Neverwinter. Yes they have been a bit overpowered, especially Bane which can one-shot mobs. Now, well used it a few times, just annoys them, it's like "oh c##p, run away"....
  • Smite seems to work as intended, but it's not like you can spam it, only comes into it's own (or did) at higher levels with the divinity reduction cost. Bane is next to useless. I've adopted the "Run away" technique, which is not the look I want, as I'm a heavily armored paladin. Edit - Went back to my level 61, the new…
  • I had a level 61 Paladin Oathkeeper and just got stuck. Went back and created a new character, bacause honestly I thought my old character was bugged or broken. I understand the stats a bit better, although there are alot of question marks. Now I've hit a wall in Blacklake District. Trouble is this wall is not an original…
  • So we're effectively playing Star Trek Online, all about dps....Cryptic!?
  • Hi Devs. I am one of your casual players, I like to play solo, I don't like to be rushed and I take my time. I'm the guy who explores every inch of your beautiful maps, I find and read all your lore, I seek out all those scrying orbs, I find hidden places that someone has taken the trouble to create. Today I stopped…
  • Casual player, level 61 and started in Rothe Valley yesterday. Today, I have no idea how I can continue playing. Is there no such thing as level appropriate gear anymore? PVE is meant to be about the story and fun, this is not fun.