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  • You can´t trade every epic and rare xp booster. Only the ones that gives 650k and 500 k xp. As far as I can see it. When you are in the trade window go down to the currency. In this text you find this information.
  • No real update, but this thread could be interesting for you: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/comment/13189277
  • So try to raise your IL. Make Avernus, Vallenhas and Sharandar Campaign. You get better gear than you can buy from a seals vendor. Look for the right companions (there are many youtube videos out there, Aragon, Northside, Rainer, GlacticUnderwear...) And maybe, look for a guilde that helps you with those trials and…
  • As a DPS you should hit about 600k HP, especialy when you don´t know mechanics. Your offenisve stats should be near to 90% and it won´t hurt, if you have defensive stats at around 50%. At least defense and awareness. Look for a group that helps learning the mechanics. Your guilde, maybe. You can make the other campaigns…
  • Thanks for that! It´s not only the buff icon, it´s also the light effect on the enemy. Green when on L1 (Tab on PC I Think) and purple or something like that when on normal encounter slot. So at least, the visual effect is not as it is written in the tooltip.
  • Hmmm, after I delivered the requested screenshots, I got no more answer... Nothing like "OK, thanks, we will check" thats sad. :(
  • Oh, now I know, why you wanted screenshots. My fault. It´s Ray of Enfeeblement and not Ray of Frost. Sorry for that, my bad english.
  • makes sense, rogues have higher magnitudes. at least I zhink so...? don´t play a rogue
  • It´s an endgame toon with good stats, not perfect but good. I´m doing quiet frequently 60k hits. Can´t say how often. In matter of trash mobs I agree with you. It seems to be impossible to build a high number of stacks. In long Boss fights (ToMM) it should work but nowhere near 100% uptime, I think. The problem is to check…
  • Tested it on my cw, it works, but shows no buff icon. The problem is to hit ten times for 10% of your max HP. I have about 600k. During use of my daily i usually get it to 4-5 Stacks.
  • Here we go, hope google drive links are ok for you. P.S. I like your comment from an other threat with the "power of greyskull". But I´m quite sure, that a lot of people here have no idea what you were talking about :) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ef_6TqI0Ber6OSFbtz-7DCtR1fTv0hTT/view?usp=sharing…
  • It doesn´t matter what the new class will be or if there will be a new class. We have thousands of failures at all existing classes. I play a Wizard as my main, do I have to say more?. The good question is: When will this be fixed and when will they really be balanced?
  • Yes, and annihilation from Halaster. Next to 1mil HP, 90% defence, next to 70% awareness, 60% Crit avoidance, about 50% on the deflection stats. Astral shield from a cleric and the encounter power that reduces the damage (don´t know the english name) leads to one hit dead. Not very tanky. Not Always, it seems to be…
  • I wouldnt be surprised, if it would take the difference between you and the enemy... I know they write"target" but its NW.
  • Formula is: ABS((TargentsCurrentHP%)-(OwnCurrentHP%)) /10 =additional Damage% I have this information from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCr8lEa61jk
  • Yes, but only for one deflected hit an then it has 30 sec cooldown. Pretty useless.
  • You are right. It´s even worse, when you are an introverted person and play for yourself most of the time. With a group, you can easily farm these chains, but not on your own. It´s the same problem with T3 and even T2 hunts. I mentioned in another post, there is no chance for introverted to get the hunt gear (rib cage as a…
  • Works in germany too. Some members of my guilde are playing
  • Wht about my daily VIP Key and reroll token? I have to work from 8am till 5pm. (CET) Before I finished work yesterday, I couldn´t log in to collect my VIP stuff on 8 Chars. After I finished work, well, everyone knows what happened then... Reset for daily stuff is at 11am (CET) so i lost one Key and 8 times reroll tokens…
  • The scoreboard also told that a dps had healed a lot more than a good healer, only because the dps run with xuna or chicken. So give a f**** about the scoreboard
  • Me too, but the statement was, that there is no item in game that gives you high defl sev. And that isn´t true. I have used it for a few runs and don´t think that it is very usefull. But that wasn´t the question.
  • 100% uptime for defl Sev. 30 Seconds cooldown for the attack. Before combat changes you survived the switch in the waiting room of ToMM with this companion equipped when deflect triggered. Now you can´t, but it gives still 90% defl sev, straight. All the time. Even when comp is green. Now that beeing said, I´m sure it will…
  • Shadow Deamon Companion = Defl Sev 90%
  • Thank you all for your thoughts. The devils bone ripcage is that piece of gear I want to complete my build. No other gear gives 25% divided by two stats.
  • same problem here. Lost a lot of keys.
  • I´m sure there is something I just don´t know, but... How did you get that much reroll token? With the 3/Day it would took you about 130 years to get them... What was the source of that huge amount? Edit: Oh, my fault. You have nearly 200k on all toons together. That makes more sense. :)