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  • Meanwhile the rest of classes on pvp have to stack: power, arp, recovery, deflect tell me why TRs just need power and recovery? tell me where is the balance? you can play Tank build with any class with 0 damage on offensive (if you know how to build a tank class) and tell me more, can any other class make a dps build with…
  • piercing damage is useless on pve, it's there just to break pvp,... but devs will never remove it, cos one class (guess which) always has to be overpowerd no matter what. I thought on mod15 finally they made some balances and it comes out TRs are even more overpowerd and broken than before... what a joke lol
  • Then they should add piercing dmg to every classes... why TR always has to be special? it should be for everyone or for no one. If we have to say more TR is a class that shouldn't have piercing being they spam HAMSTER out of stun/daze etc.. HR's piercing compared to TR's it's a joke. And if we want to be politically…
  • here's the dmg bug on safe zone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RpekZncUOQ Btw from combat log i can see it respects tenacity
  • I've tested it by myself (GF) and I have to say with my reflect build this artifact is too OP, btw I saw it also on CW and the dmg was still high... If I have a chance today I will do some tests and post the combat log
  • Some ppl just wait for the broken stuff to abuse them... and now 2GF against you it's like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=dyeB3Ie2GP4#t=9s 9sec CD on GW what a joke...
  • This is so HAMSTER stupid over 220 pinats and still no sash, I really feel pissed off
  • 3. Rework on cc stacks Some class can control you for more than 10 seconds in a row with 5-6 control powers and yet make you gain only 2 or 3 cc stacks. This applies especially to trapper. Trapper can keep controlling you till death if you are a CW or SW. One way to fix is to count cc stack as the number of control power…
  • And the funny thing is dev keep giving them items that make them even more OP, for example the cowl of death [Equip: When you use a Daily power, you knockback all enemies within 20 feet away from you, stunning undead enemies for 3 seconds. (30 second cooldown)] BB is already boken used with Invisible Infiltrator (multi…
  • Honestly I think codg is one of the best Trail ever made by Cryptic, ppl just used to play standing on one spot and cast powers without thinking about any mechanism, just want to smash buttons.. And finally codg is something where you have to use timing and your skills. It's true many ppl complain about scrolls, honestly…
  • "Disable private queue" is something that will never happen, if they do at least 80% people will complain about the changes. I've unlocked T9G with my TR, and i was spamming like hell to find a group with no success and i had to unlock it with my DC to run that dungeon. A better solution that devs should think about is,…
  • This is really insane i can understand the key changes on dungeon chest, but what's the point the same changes on SVA chest? how many time should i run to get the legendary marks that i need for upgrade? just today i wasted like 2k zen for legendary keys and got 0 legendary mark. I already use zen every month to buy stuff…
  • I don't get it, why devs or whoever don't understand that piercing just break the class balance. Is that so complex to understand? and why only on few classes and not on ALL?
  • It's funny devs were talking about "Class Balance" and when they add more piercing dmg to certain classes. Why not give that chance to any other class? HRs on combat, TRs with Shocking Execution. Alright let's make PVP just for those classes with piercing dmg. Yeah more HRs amd TRs for everyone (going to respec my HR for…
  • do you know if they are going to fix this companion? or someone already reported this bug?
  • Exactly this is crazy, when I used to play elemental campaign there were no boons, quests were useful just for EXP and i lvl 'ed up killing giants and now i have to do the HAMSTER quests that i skipped to get those boons. if you have introduced those boons before i would have done them when i was lvling... this is…
  • The most annoying thing is when it happens on demogorgon, you can't use that char cos it crash on loading screen . Only when it's over you can use that char (the map will change to the enclave)