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  • Tying the promissory note to it was quite possibly just a handy way to get rid of it - I'd guess that the Knox Box was on it's way regardless. I'd have been happy with an AD reward for the note and them bring out the box as it is and not linked at all to the note. Still, I don't see it as a big deal.
  • Yep it's always been true that if you access dungeons or trials where the majority of the group were at the minimum entry IL you were probably going to have a failed run - I suppose that's the price of having such a wide band and it's probably what they were aiming at addressing when they introduced the IL upper cap;…
  • They absolutely do need to put out a fix for this problem but we've not heard anything from them about one yet.
    in Loadouts Comment by armadeonx December 2
  • Have you been selling the fish to the vendor? If not, that may resolve it - he's at the top of the small rise to the side of the main quest givers.
  • See the News section on the forum for more info
    in knox box Comment by armadeonx December 2
  • Ignoring all the things that went wrong with the rollout, I think it's pretty decent. You get a :+1: from me.
  • For a clearer understanding of the difference you really need more information on the damage that different companions can do so I've included a link to a comparison done by @"aragon#8379" companion single target comparison It doesn't appear to have the hawk you mentioned but you'll note the Hunting Hawk is ranked at 95th…
  • At the very least they need to remove the upper TIL cap. It's absolutely silly having an upper cap in advanced content! Players are already capped at 90% on all stats so capping their base damage and HP in LOMM, IC or Demo is just an insult - especially when they still want players to chase improving their IL.
  • If 1% Power = 1% damage then 6x600 means a personal damage increase of 3.6% with 6x rank 15 Empowered runestones. Having 6x rank 15 Indomitables at +20% damage each means a total companion damage increase of 120%. So you're comparing an extra 3.6% damage from yourself against your companion doing and extra 120%. Assuming…
  • When they stay silent it means the following: 1. They have no idea what's causing it 2. They are not likely to put the effort into fixing it any time soon 3. They hope people will eventually just shut up about it (we won't)
  • I've not seen this yet.
  • I agree - the first two phases are definitely puggable but that 3rd phase is just ridiculous due to the difficulty in closing the portals. A reduction in their HP could maintain the mechanics whilst making it doable. They should certainly have enough data by now to show the need for it.
  • You just do it to companions, mounts and (if necc) gear on your toon. It won't affect boons or powers, so whilst it can be a pain to re-slot your companions and mounts it's not the same as copying & pasting an entire build. Someone has recently suggested having a blank loadout that you can use as a middle step. As it'd…
  • They know about the bug - it's when any same companion is slotted but in a different order to the other loadout. It also happens with mounts and some gear. It's been reported a lot recently but they've not told us anything about a fix yet.
  • I had this the last time I ran it.
  • They've already suspended them from the claims agent and are in the process of reviewing the logs. We'll find out what action they will take when they announce it. the announcement main discussion
  • They posted about it. It's because Microsoft has a black Friday sale and they don't want to double up the offers (I expect MS 'informed' vendors to not have an additional sale) hence we got it early.
  • Yeah I think that rolling back accounts (and) any sales of these items is sufficient action to address this issue that was essentially created by Cryptic's refusal to properly TEST their updates. They really don't have the player population to be able to afford kicking out dozens/hundreds of players every time Cryptic…
  • You should post this in 'bug reports'. Perhaps @nitocris83 or @kreatyve can move it?
  • The "easy" dungeons used to be just that for higher level players - they were fast & simple to solo. That is until about the beginning of this year when some bright spark decided to introduce scaling that caps your TIL at whatever they decide it should be for that dungeon. Now, a low level ToS takes as long as a high level…
  • I don't think it updates the powers specified strength on the screen but it has been tested recently and shown to work - there was a conversation on the forums recently about it. Fyi, testing on the Stronghold dummies gives an incorrect reading, you're better off using the ones in the Dread Ring or Chult.
  • The conversation text that he posted was from his log so unless he's going out of his way to falsify it I see no reason to not take it at face value. Also, he wasn't 'naming & shaming', he was pointing out how the system itself can be abused. Abusing the temp ban function has a long history, as those of us that have been…
  • Rules, like laws, are supposed to be judged objectively not subjectively. Reporting someone when they haven't committed an objective offence is similar to someone who goes into a store and buys an item for $10 then decides it's only worth $5 and calls the police to report being robbed. They may FEEL robbed (subjective) but…