Neverwinter Xbox One Closed Beta Feb 5th - Feb 8th



  • attorn97
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    I don't miss it at all really. I may be biased though, since I started MMOs on Everquest. No quest help or trackers at all.
  • eleb123
    eleb123 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
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    will there be another beta ?? or when will the full game release cuz i loved it had no buggs at all,
    and will you be able to transport your charachters into the full game ??
  • invsragequit
    invsragequit Member Posts: 13 Arc User
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    Where's the bloody play button, it's still grey
  • iakhu
    iakhu Member Posts: 11 Arc User
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    A big german gaming website has listed the game with an release by the end of March! It would explain why NO ONE is giving out any informations! I'am tired of hearing "We make an announcement soon" or the game comes out "sooner as you think"....
  • devildriver1987
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    Sounds about right, the release was originally for end of march, I doubt they will bring out sooner. There probably just saying that to keep people happy.
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  • vampero
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    when is the next closed beta ?