The "New Race(s)" Feedback Thread!



  • gradii
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    Aaisemar are the opposite of Tieflings, so I'd like to see those.
  • rhaiyukhildare
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    I would heartily enjoy seeing Tabaxi as a playable race in Neverwinter. If Star Trek Online can give us Caitians/Ferasans as playable races with tails, tiger people can work, too. Though my favourite choice, unlikely as it would be, would be kitsune.
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  • elfrigginminster
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    at least tabaxi would make sense in the setting.. warforged, shifter and changeling? come on!!!
  • luthor#3134
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    Undead or vampire
  • finmakin
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    LOL, fact is that I see quite a DPS player jumping instead of running..
    Guess a Frog race would be suitable for them.
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  • solaria#3125
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    Werewolf should be a playable character! Since the greywolves are a tribe it would kinda make them a race. Halloween is coming it would be a great addition! Go to my thread and let your howls be heard for the greywolf tribe werewolf! And if not for them I would love to see the Aarakocra a playable race!! We need a race that can fly!
  • mithrosnomore
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    Still want Genasi.

    And it's really four races, so bonus.

    Each with it's own attribute bonuses and an ability that reflects their elemental heritage.

    So Earth Genasi, for example, could have a +2 con and a choice of +2 to str or wis, and then an ability that gives them some knock resistance.

    Again, just an example.

    Aasimar seem overdue, but at the same time, Tieflings were almost always shown as being much more visually distinct from their human cousins and then they were in 4E from the launch.

    When you add in that they sold a pack that would allow players to have a halo, they do not seem likely.
  • zebulondaktoid
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    My halfling rogue has a huge crush on the hot giantess in the sea of moving ice, so how about a halfling/giant hybrid?
  • kemnimtarkas
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    The new Roadmap graphic posted tonight says the next race will be the Aasimar, before the end of the year.

    As a prelude to M20, or a weird last minute add to the phase out of M19?

  • mithrosnomore
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    The new Roadmap graphic posted tonight says the next race will be the Aasimar, before the end of the year.

    As a prelude to M20, or a weird last minute add to the phase out of M19?

    Yeah, I was surprised to see that.

    I am interested in seeing what their visual 'trademark' will be.

    I am also wondering if they will be a true premium (like Dragonborn), a 'freemium' (Githyanki), or an actual free race.

    ... And now we know that. An unlock for some sort of campaign or storyline progress.

    Can't say that I am a fan of that.

    I won't be allowed to make an Aasimar Wizard or whatever until some completely different character achieves some progress point in a campaign/adventure? How do they justify that in a story sense?

    At least add a pay option for people to unlock it. Players that want to roll one immediately could do so and the game (potentially) makes a little money out of it.
    For those that want to wait, that option would be there, too.

    Edit #2: Okay, good. Looks like people can basically buy the Aasimar if they want to.

    Not at all a fan of how they are presenting this new campaign, though.
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  • ehychgee#5027
    ehychgee#5027 Member Posts: 1 New User
    a tortle would be great
  • nukaze#1578
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    will there be a free race reroll?
  • gradii
    gradii Member Posts: 280 Arc User
    I want a full cease and desist on any and all new races until all races are put in zen store for 2000-2500 zen (or free addition which is unlikely)
  • mwk
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    Kitsune please! Why? Everyone I discussed with wants it so bad! Besides it will make a friend of mine to finally play this game!
  • flyball#6248
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    Regardless of race, as long as it is on par with existing races it should be free, or perhaps unlockable. If I need to pay for a package, then that race is implied to have huge advantages over other existing races and thus it becomes the new meta for suitable class builds.

    While I like many of the choices given, the problem is that some of those choices really would not make sense in terms of "fitting in"...Even Drow have a horrid reputation...look how hard characters like Drizzt had to work just to prove himself. (or even Deekin for that matter).
    Races to really consider:

    Aasimar fit as we already have Tiefling
    Gnome and their Deep Gnome cousins
    Yuan Ti
    Grey Orc

    Break Dwarves to differing varieties (Gold, Shield etc...)

    Note these have history with Neverwinter from earlier games

    Things to avoid with characters....Wings....The problem with wings is when doing group content those flying angels/planetars block the view of other players making it more difficult to follow.

  • arcanjo86
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    at least tabaxi would make sense in the setting.. warforged, shifter and changeling? come on!!!

    lair of mad mage last boss model can serve as inspiration for warforged race, warforged- +2 con, +2 str or +2dex, +5% defense, +5% control resistance, -5% incoming healing(its a construct),+ x% damage agains constructs ring new bis in pvp xD
  • ifs#2910
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    Ability Scores: +2 DEX, and either +2 INT or +2 CHA
    Cunning Opportunism: +3% CA and +3% AP gain
    Safety in Numbers: +1% deflect for each nearby party member

    I want to be a crafty sneaky bird creature! But without all the pride and drama of Aarakocra, let alone the unwieldy wings that would block everyone's view and clip through things and prevent armour appearances from working properly. Kenku is loveable, already in the game, and plausible (i.e. not uncommon) in a Faerun context.