2nd UPDATE - [PC] Rage of Bel meter issues

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Update May 18

We are currently working on a patch for Rage of Bel to address a number of issues, including absorption rates for Glyphworks energy, reward drops, and cool-downs. The patch will be be available later this week. Thank you for your feedback and patience!


Update May 16

Currently the cooldown period will seem sporadic due to a known issue that will be fixed next time we patch. The issue will result in the cooldown period lasting anywhere between the intended hour and 10 seconds. The frequency of this is dependent on how many players are participating.

We are also aware of the slow energy rates for certain players and are targeting a solution for that next week.

Thank you for all for your feedback, we apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you are enjoying besting Bel and his legion.


Original Post

We're aware that the Rage of Bel meter is currently inconsistent based on the instance you're in, and that Insurgencies spawn enemies inconsistently as well. We're working on a solution; in the meantime, you'll be able to fight Bel whenever the meter is full, and certain instances will be able to contribute to the meter.

We're aiming to have a fix live in the next few days, though due to the nature of game development, this may need to be delayed.
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  • hastati96
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    Thanks for confirming the issue.

    ...you'll be able to fight Bel whenever the meter is full, and certain instances will be able to contribute to the meter.

    Is the meter even working? It is stuck at 9% for the last 4 hours now.

    edit: 6 hours later, still at 9%
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  • dirtybag101
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    "inconsistent" is not the right Term here more like not working at all regardless of Instance completly Stuck.

    after a Reset it seems to work for a few Hours and then break complete again.
  • wtfamiego
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    I was able to solo Bel on preview sure cann't now. Another great mess up by cryptic. Really loosing faith in cryptic
  • paulamyo#4926
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    new content not working AT ALL just hours after launch.

    and: aiming to have a fix "in the next few days" or it can be "delayed".

  • paulamyo#4926
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    There are almost allways catastrofic bugs on the launch of new content, and you seem allways surprised like its the first time it happens.

    I think that based on previous evidence, you can count on some big bugs on day 0 after new content release. Not asigning some personal to deal with it seems a big lack of foresight. If there are allways bugs on day 0, I think you should expect bugs on day 0.
  • zentiny
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    You devs are missing the problem here. Rage of Bel is 100% not working. And that is totally consistent in all instances. The Bel meter has been stuck at 9 percent for 8 hours now for all instances. No inconsistencies about it. 100% stuck for all instances. The in game reason is because there are no Insurgents in any instances for the last 8 hours. Zippo. Nada. Not a single Insurgent anywhere. Again 100% consistent. It would not be accurate to say it is broken. That would imply there is something there that can break. But there isn't. Just chirping crickets and green grass in any and all Insurgence areas in all instances. Again ... 100% consistent.
  • bigman99#8273
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    @nitocris83 @cwhitesidedev#9752 and to any other Developer that pays attention for that matter, how did you think that is was appropriate to release this? A day. A single day to play to "new" content and work through it, and even before that day is done the content is screwed up to the point where it is completely broken. Is this what you call quality? Problems have been noted on the preview servers, but you pushed ahead anyway. You should feel disappointment and regret in the job you did with this content update, as even by the horrible standards that we have been given by some gaming companies that past few years, this falls far short.
  • mentinmindmaker
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    Well.. if there are no working insurgencies, it is no surprise the meter is stuck :)

    And this 'works at start but not after a few hours' speaks of a memory leak/memory overwrite or something like that creeping around in the system. And that kind of bugs can be a major HAMSTER to find.

    Which probably is why OP warned about the uncertain time to fix.

    They might have to instrument the code, run the instrumented code in production until it crashes, and hope the instrumented output gives enough info to highlight the problem. Or they might have to just recode the entire system ;)

    The problem probably is not Cryptic's effort in this case, but some poor programmer running out of hairs to pull out from his head :)
  • miliantricia
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    This is trash! I have not seen such a terrible update! People spent the whole day trying to increase the rage scale, but what did we get? Horrible lags. HAMSTER rewards that no one needs. How could this be done? That's horrible
  • emese#4731
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    2 things need to be address with the event.

    1. How the insurgencies and the Rage meter works (well it doesn't work at all ATM at any instance). But even when it worked people got frustrated as no one understand how the dark energies are absorbed. There is no logic to it -- some get 20% in few min in in one HE while other got 1% after hours of trying multiple ones. Some get % just standing in the HE.

    2. The mechanics of Bell's fight.
    A) In phase 1 if the person is not quick to pick up the ammunition in time it is impossible to do it after the fire appears. And the fire never goes away -- Actually to clarify if the players die the whole field clears. It can be of course finished in a group who knew what to do but I do not think so this is how you intended it to work.
    B ) the last phase with fire and Imps. It is just way to much fire and no real mechanics to work around it. Bell response poorly to tank and even if a tanks goes far away he just throws multiple fireball at the direction rather then following. Meele DPS has hard time to get to to him as he most time stand in the middle of fire. If a person dies in the fire she/he has to be super fat using health stones as if not will die immediately after resurrection. Fire never goes away. Again I do not think it is working as intended. And do not get me wrong I like the challenge but it should have mechanics built in that work. Like in the bosses in IC. Here is no mechanics at the last stage just fire everywhere. That said I can solo it on my tank but I think it would be more fun to have a good mechanics for a group.
    c) finally this is not mechanics but when we finished the fight we got different reward bonuses from the same fight -- some got silver level others gold. Shouldn't we all get the same level when we finish it?
  • quickfoot#7851
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    you get data races and deadlocks for FREE!

    If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it's a deadlock somewhere preventing spawns, good luck devs.

  • agonistes#1431
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    *Sarcasm on*
    Bugs on day 0? Impossible

    *Sarcasm off*

    This game has no bugs.
  • casey#2467
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    I guess it's still not working. Guess I will do my laundry instead.
  • fisenfis
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    no instance has more than 9% progression and the portals dont spawn, its fully broken. i hope this gets addressed as soon as possible because nobody can progress beyond the two quests; dont sugarcoat it, we can take the truth o/
  • rickcase276
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    I suspect it comes down to it was not tested with over 50 instances opened in the zone, to see if it would remain stable. Something got broke because of it, but that is only a guess.
  • kargan#1572
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    I like how everybody whines about the game. If you think it easy try it, let me know the game will give same treatment. They could give you 1 year of VIP free you be complaining it was not 2 years VIP.
  • krysnyte
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    The live server is so broken, there are Halloween festival ghosts and phantom companions floating around PE, and y'all expect a clean release of anything? They need a gofundme to fund the money for a dev that can figure out the code they have now. Maybe then they could fix the foundry and we would have all that content back.
  • quickfoot#7851
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    krysnyte said:

    The live server is so broken, there are Halloween festival ghosts and phantom companions floating around PE, and y'all expect a clean release of anything? They need a gofundme to fund the money for a dev that can figure out the code they have now. Maybe then they could fix the foundry and we would have all that content back.

    Imagine, if they open-sourced the game's code O_O. Talk about community involved development.

  • zaprobo
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    As of the hotfix patch on Friday Evening I see three issues remaining - two have been covered above (in the post update) in that the hour cooldown is very variable, and the contribution to the Riftwarden mission is difficult as a Tank/Healer (as a Pally Tank with a "DPS" build, I got best results when not teamed and targeting groups that were not otherwise engaged).

    The third issue has been observed as well - Insurgencies last less than 3-4 minutes at a time. The Insurgency stage needs a rate cap on the Rage of Bel meter to allow sufficient time for people to farm their daily 20%. My recommendation would be at least 15 minutes if not 60 minutes (giving an hour of Insurgencies, an hour of Bel and an hour of downtime which pleases my sense of symmetry).

    An alternate would be to grant some Glyphworks Absorption from the Bel fight as well, so even if you can't get into an Insurgency, you can make some progress form grinding out Bel.
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  • reeper#9973
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    @nitocris83 Why does there need to be downtime? How would normal people that maybe have school or jobs have time to do some daily dungeons/quests with downtime? After feedback on preview about the killing blows which tanks and healers are having a hard time, this still got put on live?
  • bspally
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    Fix hell's chicken vanity pet drop rate!

    Or make them craft item for cooking hell's chicken soup! 14 same vanity pets from 20 boxes - is ... =)
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  • aragon#8379
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    Bloody Hell. 3 mins every 2 hours, and we are supposed to grind 20% everyday. I hope you can make some adjustments to how quickly the Bel meter fills. I hope you will be decent enough to either give us the % we missed over these last few days or remove the cap on the amount we can get per day. I am getting really frustrated and triggered!!
  • lardeson
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    @nitocris83 Im sure someone has already mentioned it but this insurgence is creating alot of issues with players. Main issue is that when killing enemies in the insurgence you dont get reward unless you deal the final hit, which is kinda ridiculous considering these insurgences can be manually closed by other players and autocloses when the meter fills. Also waiting 2 hours between each insurgence is also ridiculous, mainly for support classes.

    1. Players should absorb magic on hit, not on kill.
    2. The timer needs to be reduced to atleast half of the current 1hr cooldown.

    The first one alone will make it less tedious for players, while the second one will make it less frustrating incase you missed a previous insurgence.
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  • tassedethe13
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    Anybody aware that in french language we don't even have a timer lol ?