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  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    ok, let me sort it out what really mess up.

    i know about scaling is the biggest problem, but here is what devs really overlooked most of all when they add newer gears, runes, enchants and other stuffs except Crafting.

    yes, they missed crafting and became obsolete, and mostly ignore content of all.

    just my opinion, it was overlooked, and seem those devs dont have wide view of focus, they seem to have narrow tunnel vision and worked on while ignoring what was needed and they considered not priority.

    so my suggestion to redo crafting quest and keep items specific for characters and companions. we have 6-7 types of crafter professions.
    what we do when we get new armors and gears from lootings and rewards, made the craft so useless.

    see, that is the problem.
    solution would be, crafting for companion gears, use crafting to upgrading artifacts, make some upgrades on jewelries, and cleans up the mess they made in Mod 15 and redo the mastercraft.

    what i have seen devs doing, they split up focus on one thing and then other stuffs when it would had done it long time ago, divided attentions are the lack of quality and not looking at long term project or seeing big picture, and bad plannings and bad decisions made, and these hurt players.

    big question, why do we have crafting like this we have now? it seem abandoned when they should left old profession alone and keep as original and redo "leadership" profession, but instead they turn into "gatherers", workshop was really wrong type of "cash-sink", they already nerf potions with longer cooldowns, still hurting since mod 6. Health regen was the first thing took out on Mod 6, the most hated and now repeated with Mod 16, and now the newly hated. they make players die faster and call it as "good for game" but not good for morales of players.
  • magekazin#3980 magekazin Member Posts: 52 Arc User
    @nitocris83 happy to hear this, I as i'm sure we all are look forward to how you plan to go forward with these problems.
  • nl54#3191 nl54 Member Posts: 145 Arc User

    Because simple is better:

    - I feel good in Master expeditions. The only content that is right in this moment. There is progress here. Teamplay, tank, healings, etc. I want the whole game like this.

    - I feel bad in scaled content. Nothing works. Is like a time travel. We like challenge. But we like rewards also. Long runs in old dungeons that we have mastered 1000 times, to get a peridot? A big NO. And alevieate scaling in normal content.

    - Is very important to make progress. To feel that progress. To have goals that make you stronger, and feel that strong in old content. If you invest in items like end game enchants you should feel that power.

    - Is important to have character customization. I want that feat choices give you different game stiles. Like companions or items. I want FOR THE LOVE OF GOD customizable initial stats. And not stats like INT in paladins needed to make dmg.

    - Bugs. Is acceptable to have bugs. Its unnaceptable to have game crashes 100% in some dungeons like CR and push that to live.

    - Interesting QoL sells. Giving that you cant sell power because of scaling and you shot your feet with the changes making every item worthless, sell QoL things, like bag spaces, Bank slots (yes more slots, much more), items to make something BtC to BtA, etc.

    There are other things, but those are my bigger concerns.

    Yep, weapon enchants in particular are abysmal. The cost of mats to go from rank 13 to rank 14 is insane, and for what? An extra 1%-2% damage? It's so insignificant you won't even feel the increase. If I didn't see it first hand I'd think it was a joke. The initial weapon dmg%/magnitude ticks definitely need to be raised on flaming, bile, plaguefire, etc. That's why 99% of dps are back to rocking vorpal because the others just don't cut it.

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  • baronstragenbaronstragen Member Posts: 197 Arc User
    Here is something you can give to @mimicking#6533 If you you really must persist with the scaling make it as such: 1% per level reduced. 80-70 = 10% reduction in stats, 80-60 = 20% reduction in stats. The current reductions are just way too overboard.
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  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 832 Arc User

    Hi folks! I'm going over the comments in this thread in preparation for tomorrow. Our main focus in regards to the Q&A will be scaling and scaling-related bugs so please keep that in mind if your question is unrelated and we are not able to answer.

    Will be working, but I'll check the recorded version after work.

    I like the new zone - I've managed to pull 2 characters through so far - but the dungeons issue (scaling) needs to be addressed asap. I'm not really feeling motivated to bring any more through the new content at this point because once they finish the Undermountain campaign, there is very little else to do.

    Besides the 700+ days of VIP (and keys) to work through - what's keeping me in the game at this point is waiting on new classes (and maybe races) to experiment with.
  • demonmongerdemonmonger Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,350 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Un-nerf stealth for tr... let it give 100% critical from stealth. And bypass all anti crit defense

    Bugs in master expedition, sometimes your mobility goes to 0 and only fixes when you exit dungeon or use a teleport skill encounter... dodge or shift movement wont fix it. / stuck wont fix it .

    Scaling needs to go away... I was going to buy some rank 15 packs but since they are no use in all content I didnt...
    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
  • aandrethegiantaandrethegiant Member Posts: 3,352 Arc User

    That is all.

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  • beigeman#7856 beigeman Member Posts: 49 Arc User

    Hi folks! I'm going over the comments in this thread in preparation for tomorrow. Our main focus in regards to the Q&A will be scaling and scaling-related bugs so please keep that in mind if your question is unrelated and we are not able to answer.

    Lets not forget the current lack of reward.. In mod15 an end game player could solo content, I know i personally soloed CN and all beneath (inviting other players to reap the end chest rewards). Being able to do so in itself was a 'reward' for the amount of time invested in my characters.. they actually felt like heroes. Since scaling has removed that element of 'reward' and dungeons take longer and are more difficult shouldn't the rewards received from end chests be reconsidered now.....Other wise there is a rapidly diminishing desire to actually run any old content at all...

    Also lets not forget the rubber banding.. There is something definitely wrong as when I do runics, the rubber banding only occurs during the runic......... which means that during a runic all I can do is mash buttons (I'm sure this was something the devs wanted to avoid with this mod) in the vein hope I am actually within range of a mob, or just splash down aoes....

    I'm sure there are many other things but those are my main bugbears. reward and performance.
  • grumpyowl#1151 grumpyowl Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    > @ananxiousnoob#0947 said:
    > The problem is more than just scaling. It’s the drastic devaluation of all of the effort and real money spent by your player base. I spent a great deal of time getting my OP to exactly where I wanted him, hour upon hour researching the BIS; the best feats and boons; the best companions and mounts to use for ME in the style that I play and spending considerable amounts of real money in the process to achieve a toon that I absolutely loved playing. Mod 16 comes and POOF it’s all gone. How can I make this as clear as possible: I do not want to play the travesty of an OP that you have created. Having totally changed my class Cryptic should have given me the choice of another class of MY choosing on a like for like basis. But you haven’t and won’t. Please tell me why I should give Cryptic another single penny of my hard earned cash when I no longer trust you not to devalue whatever I create ? Change was and is necessary and all things become obsolete eventually but not in this way and so quickly"

    I totally agree with this. I can't even kill an oger in a level 80 runic now. I shouldn't be REQUIRED to have a party just to run basic, non-scaled content. Not spending another penny until Cryptic develops some form of value for the effort, time and $$$ that we've spent building our toons.
  • demonmongerdemonmonger Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,350 Arc User
    Oh yeah.. the final boon that reflects damage is not working anymore at all...
    I hate paying taxes! Why must I pay thousands of dollars in taxes when everything I buy is taxed anyways!
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