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Winterfest fishing

drigon#5157 drigon Member Posts: 14 Arc User
Fine you guys changed fishing to a way people hate.

But can you need to take in account the delay due to lag. I mean really did anyone there take lag into account when changing fishing ? The lag is normally horrible in the zone and now the way fishing is its just stupid.


  • nl54#3191 nl54 Member Posts: 143 Arc User
    I got to the Winterfest and after racing, killing some monsters, etc. thought "cool, this is way less annoying than the Halloween event" until it wanted me to fish. I spent 5 minutes trying to catch one friggin' fish because of the silly mechanic. Nope, not doing it. Screw that. GG.
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  • pitshadepitshade Member Posts: 5,327 Arc User
    Ok, I like the SoMI fishing but the intro quest is just terrible. It took forever to catch 3 Brown Bream because I kept getting Light Pods, or Durgrace or whatever. The intro quest in SoMI is to catch 10 weight of fish. Get rid of the stupid brown bream requirement.

    Also, fix the 2 YEAR old annoyances of fishing draining your AP and I assume Divinity. I fished with my OP to test it out. There is no way in the world I'm doing that on DC unless you fix the divinity drain.
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  • duurduur Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 112 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    I don't mind that the fishing is changed.

    But that it takes about the same time for one character to do it, as doing 8 characters last year, with no loot that is even mentionable, with a few client crashes on top...
    any lag will cause your catch to be gone, wasting lures and increasing the time needed for this not entertaining stuff

    This isn't the fun experience like I had last years and that I was expecting. for this year
    Play for fun, Work to get rich, These two are not compatible!
  • majorcharvenakmajorcharvenak Member Posts: 783 Arc User
    The changes to the ice fishing is horrible and the two year old bugs to the race track ARE STILL present! I mean, aside from killing demons, what's the point this year?

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  • mattachinemattachine Member Posts: 179 Arc User
    I want to congratulate Cryptic in their choice of making the fishing so unappealing that it is now content that is avoided. I had a legendary fishing rod. That I worked hard for. Now it's worthless and the best quality fishing gear now is epic. Wtf? And seriously, you had to make the area near the water slippery and the water itself insta-death? The old way of fishing were superior in many ways. It's more true to nature that you need to make a hole in the ice on a lake to fish in the winter. Only oceans remain partially ice free in winter. This is just silly.

    I do how ever like to give actual credit for the design of the new Yeti mount and the Starlight companion. They look sweet. The rest of the content? Meh... see no point in doing any of it this year. So thanks for that I guess. Now I can spend my time doing other things. As fishing was the most fun part of the event. So well done Cryptic.
  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 827 Arc User

    Used to look forward to this event, now it is just starlight parcels, the telescope and away. The decision over fishing has ruined the event for me.

    Exactly this. Run all my alts through the free stuff, then bye until tomorrow where I rinse/repeat.
  • drigon#5157 drigon Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    Not to mention corpal tunnel.

  • uberkatuberkat Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited December 2018
    I learned long ago that feedback is not used to make the game more like what players are saying, but to find a ways to rationalize what ever nonsense devs want to introduce.
    .. the resetting of crafting, now fishing rod U take away, ruin fishing ... any one of these is slap in a face, strong enough to justify leaving the game.
  • pitmonster#5684 pitmonster Member Posts: 537 Arc User
    I have 10 alts I am running through winterfest. Typically I will run all the dailies with 2 or so while just getting the free stuff on the others. This year, I have not completed fishing yet. I keep going down and trying it and I just loath it so much. It is worse then a grind, I can grind all day, its almost zen. No, the SOMI fishing is tedious and frustrating and just pure garbage.
  • badgerpants999badgerpants999 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 70 Arc User
    I have only one fully functional hand, the right one. In order to do the fishing event now I must reposition my keyboard so that, when I hook the fish, I can move my right hand over to the left side of my keyboard to reel it in. Add to this the fact that I find fishing in real life to be incredibly boring and actually call the new winter fishing "Boredom simulator 2018" and I think you can guess my reaction to having to fish this way.

    And yes, nobody likes the fishing. I just finished the daily quest, It took so long that I completed the fishing competition while doing so. There were 4 people in the competition. Just 4. When I turned in the quest there were at least 12 people around the quest giver, none of whom actually fished today.

    So to sum up I'd just like to wish the executive that made the decision to replace a working game mechanic with a 4 alarm dumpster fire, Merry Christmas and a hearty HAMSTER YOU!
  • forumnamesuxsforumnamesuxs Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 490 Arc User
    Look at all these people enjoying your latest disaster. It's amazing.

    Wolves, big as a horse! I need new pants!

  • grogthemagnifgrogthemagnif Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,611 Arc User
    This reminds me of a couple of stories:

    On the first day Sven & Ole caught 40 pounds of ice and Donald Trump caught 10 fish, Hillary caught none.

    On the second day Sven & Ole caught 120 pounds of ice, Donald Trump caught 25 fish and hillary again caught none.

    On the Third day Sven & Ole caught 240 pounds ofice, Donad Trump caught 40 fish and hillary caught none.

    On the Fourth and last day Sven & Ole brought their boat to put in the several holes they had cut in the ice, put their boat in one of the holes, invited Donald Trum to join them, which he did, Sven & Ole each caught 100 fish, Donald Trump caught 125 fish and won the day. Hillary cried foul because Sven, Ole & Trump had cut holes in the ice. Hillary was disqualified, for complaining and catching no fish, Sven & Ole tied for first for the most ice brought in and Donald J. Trump won the fishing contest for catching 200 fish, Sven & Ole tied for secodn with 100 fish each.
  • caldochaud#4880 caldochaud Member Posts: 209 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    I can see where the change made to fishing in Winterfest might work well with PS4 and X-Box One users as it feels very gamepad-friendly. However, for those of us on PC, it is a keyboard versus mouse multi-tasking nightmare unless you've figured out a way for us PC gamers to grow a third arm. (Hey, I can always use an extra hand!) Perhaps next year, the console versions could use the new ice-fishing system while the PC version keeps the old ice-fishing system?

    Suggestion: Add Ice Skate crafting to improve the speed and mobility control experience of Monsters On Ice. (Think Disney On Ice Meets Mortal Kombat.)
    "Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire." - Sir Bernard Williams
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    wow, they didnt even ask the players or taking feedbacks, or ignored, they just bulldozed what we all love to do every year and replace with most hateful and damaged our trust that we all work for legendary rods and given us a measly 40 starlights. pure insulting, not a word from them. do they hate this job?
    i can see that "3rd arm/hand needed", that how i feel when i cross my arms with left-right-left mess up, and seeing the cost to fish when this winter festival are traditionally cost nothing. what a way to built a paywall.
    devs seem to be the Dark Midas. race are still bugged and hadnt been fix for years, then wont do it or too lazy, you had all the spring and summer to explore and fix the bugs. no priority?
    am i sensing NWO is near the end? contract about to end? no mod 16 announcement?
    I am sorry to be harsh and my opinion that bulldozing something we all cares deeply without any survey or suggestions is wrong!
    ice hole are crater, i never seen anywhere with ice boulder holes, that doesnt look right. see other players calling shots for original ice fishing back and dump that trigger finger prone, it may work for console games, i play PC, i do have controller pad but window updates keep peeling off my set ups and hate redo the commands.

    my apologies for ranting, seem the devs favors console game format than doing classic PC format.
  • dionchidionchi Member Posts: 904 Arc User
    I've got to give the developers an "E" for effort though. They did try to change/update an event for the Winter Festival, something that a lot of people have been asking for. But hopefully given what appears to be the prevailing negative opinion of the Winter Festival fishing event future changes or perhaps even a roll-back is being considered.
  • wylonuswylonus Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 2,376 Arc User
    dionchi, i know some did ask for change for something better and more enjoyable and to stop the bots, but what they done was more damaging and ripped out the soul of winter festival, that kind of fix inst what we were looking for. no one want SOMI format fishing and now they cost the price just to play.
    SOMI keys were just nerve twitching, cant fishing like that, i hate to wake up in morning and seeing my fingers get jerking motion.
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,247 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    I'm perhaps one of the few who's mostly 'OK' with what they've 'tried' to do--yet hear me out before you criticize.

    The bit of Gold/Silver/Copper you spend to buy some worms, or the few thousand diamonds I'm perfectly fine with. It's perfectly consistent with how SoMi &/or Chult is done today. I also think it was nice to give another way to earn the Ash Fishing Rod used in SoMi &/or Chult as well. Still I think what they completely forget was in the next paragraph following the bullet below.

    NOTE: 'I think' Ash Fishing Rod reels slower than Maple, re-check Rod Speeds at Winter Fest?

    I was surprised & disappointed fishing holes did not Light-Up so rewards are improved at times. SoMi with it's large map has Fishing area's that are enhanced for 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes, yet wondered why S.River in Chult didn't offer that, or sad that Winter didn't offer 'Enhanced Holes' to tigger for 25 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, and maybe 1 minute 30 seconds. Depending on the Map or size of the Fishing area you'd think different holes could each Light-Up so many times per hour depending on the Map. I know they do in SoMi, yet disapointed S.River, &/or Winter Fest does do that. It was FUN running to different Fishing Holes as they changed, now nobody does that any more so bring back blue holes.

    I mean it's nice you can earn a [Epic] Ash Fishing Rod or an [UnCommon] Elm one. Still I have to ask why is Ash Fish Rod [Epic], and why is Elm Fishing Rod [Uncommon]; after all Ash is the 2nd Lumber, Elm is the 3rd, and Yew is the 4th. :+1:

    Still I don't think it's going back to old way, so I try to 'FOCUS' on constructive criticism &/or suggestions--to improve what we have now. Cause it could still be more rewarding if they'd consider a few changes. Perhaps for Winter the [Epic] Mount might instead by a chance for the Dragon Kheyek:
    1. Have a Dwarf's around each hole [NPC's] exclaiming how long they 'picked' ice for a 'few' ungrateful fishermen. ;)
    2. Possible introduce Blue Fishing Holes to S.River in Chult, as well as to Winter Fest explained above.
    3. Perhaps Dwarf's dropped some 'Winter Map in a Bottle' in holes you could locate for a treasures at winter-fest. :)
    4. Maybe add a Bottle to Chult as Well, they already have treasure maps, just different method from Patrols?
    5. If 'one' of the Winter (Ex: 19-22) Treasures awarded a Dragon Kheyek it increase chance by 1/3rd. :+1:
    6. Maybe a few other treasures may award special treats like Elven Bread, Elven Coffee Treasures or something else?
    Still I'm in favor of a little closer integration if they enhanced a few of the area's above.

    I've seen some upset about the Legendary Rod's, I don't think those rod's work in SoMi, yet be nice if they offered Light Clusters for them... ...though perhaps they did, I wouldn't know, I never had one.

    I do remember running between Holes hoping it remain Blue long enough; that added some excitement which is missing.

    I realize many may not like some of the changes, so please try to respectful, tis the season after all... o:)

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  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Member Posts: 827 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    strathkin said:

    I'm perhaps one of the few who's mostly OK with what they've tried to do--yet hear me out before you criticize or get upset.

    But please try to respectful, tis the season, even if others opinions vary from your own. o:)


    I'm not clear on what you mean by "'constructive". Do you mean - accept the changes made and just recommend how to make them better?

    If the change was both unnecessary and made the whole event unpleasant to participate in for me - I'd be dishonest if I indicated otherwise.

    The point I made (not speaking for anyone else) is that there was nothing broken about the previous experience fishing in Winter Fest. The prior fishing mechanic was much preferable to the new one, as was the zero cost model for participation.

    My constructive suggestion is roll back the changes, bring back the prior fishing mechanic for next year and I'm happy.
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