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    May 13
  • kilithedwarf80#4672

    Hello sorry, I was very interested in knowing other things about how to play the oathkeeper and I wanted some advice. I thought I played it all on power and the critic to maximize the power of the heal and guarantee more divine barriers to my friends. What do you think? and as pet evoked and to put in slots what do you recommend? as enchantments (weapon, armor, etc.)? Excuse the disturbance, and thank you for reading the message.
    April 26
    • majorcharvenak
      Sorry for the delay Kili. Still doing a little bit of testing with my build and still figuring out what might be optimal in most situations. I'm taking a similar direction on my own toon. I would say focus more on power vice crit since the crit rate is capped at 50%. I'd get it as close to the cap as you can and then shift it toward power, defense for group play along accuracy, awareness and armor pen for solo running. The current ratings for mobs puts the majority of their numbers in their defensive stats (Defense, deflection, crit avoidance, awareness) so it can be a bit of a drag.

      Pets, I currently run with a legendary augment (Stone of Allure) which gives me a boost on my resting stats and works fine for soloing if you utilize banishment as your opening attack and pop divine touch or shelter when critical touch procs. Other comps are all over the spectrum and haven't found one since the devs readjusted them that allows me to hang back and attack at range. The last two I would swap through were the con-artist and Paranoid delusion for the bonus to rooted opponents via banishment. YMMV with them now and I'm afraid I'll have to give you an update once I test out a few more an see which one might be best outside of a group. With group, just run the augment. Everyone should be locked into their roles and you don't want to lose the extra power the augment provides to your heals for the relatively paltry damage your comp will bring to a fight imho.

      More to follow -
    • majorcharvenak
      Additional info - For comps, on healers, you'll also want to look for comps that boost your outgoing heal bonus. Baby Polar Bear, Neverember guard (looks like the defense bonus is broken) and a few others boost outgoing heals. Radiant Lion and Lillend are also fair choices to run with as the heals in group since they also release group based heals.

      Equipment - I plan to stay with the Primal weapon and Tiamat belt/cloak artifact sets since those also boost outgoing healing. I'm not seeing anything in the new sets that provides that kind of benefit and would recommend that you consider keeping the sets above in your inventory or on a loadout to slot when you run heals as a group. You'll also want to take into account downscaling when looking at armor and other gear pieces. By all means, grab the newest sets that boosts your stats to where you need them in the new content, but those are also horribly downscaled when going into the older zones and older content. Working with @obsidiancran3, it looks like the best set to get for the older content will probably be the Oathlord set from Barovia. I would keep a set of that handy and either tie it to a loadout or manually pop it on when in level 70 content for best effects.

      More to follow -
    • majorcharvenak
      As you can tell I mainly run with my stone of allure but plan to test out the Neverember guard. I'll give you my impressions when I do. If you have either one and they work for you. Get them up to legendary and use them.