Module 11 Preview Patch Notes: NW.75.20170104a.1 (Updated 1/17)



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    weaver936 said:

    If Firesoul goes live as is... WHO will it still be best in Slot for? And please stop with this stupid it was bound to not be BiS argument... it's only been HALF A MOD... no one should have to loose 10's of millions of ad and countless hours for half a mods enjoyment ( I might get 2 months use out of my almost legendary weapons before I should replace them).. unless (maybe) they invest in something that's CLEARLY not working as intended.... (some recently nerfed pets, items, and builds come to mind.).

    Relic gives basically a 3% (10% for 10 secs every 30 secs) dmg buff IF you stand still and don't accidently proc the defensive Overcharge Power. That;s VERY little room to give any kind of alternate Set Bonus that won't make the other set BiS.....

    I grinded for the relic set since day one of SOMI, and what I can say is: hell yeah, new weapons in the hood! Really, relic weapons aren't worth all that grind. I spent around 5-8 millions ad on them and IMO, I wish I had kept my twisted set instead of refining it into them. Their set bonus is very unstable, and with so many aoe's and mobs together, dodging and shielding is something really necessary.

    Now, any channel you go, all that you hear is "LFM ESVA/FBI 3.5K+BONDING R12". You know, my main is a TR with 3.2K ilvl and when I ask for any group, everytime I get an answer like "go group with your guildies" or something like that. Sadly, "elitism" took over many "zerg channels". Also, I don't have all those ad to buy and/or refine any bonding runestone. I still use my good'ol ioun stone since... well, since a long time.

    And well... when I saw those new weapons on preview I tought "hmmm how those weapons will be upgraded?" unfortunately I couldn't get them yet to see it for myself.
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    siegeric said:

    However, if the difference is too close, people may never take the step of later getting their Relic Weapons as Mod 11 gear may be "good enough" particularly depending on the difficulty in acquiring, which is also subject to change prior to release on live.

    I don't see anything particularly wrong with this scenario. While gear replacement is part of the game meta, being able to decide to skip some upgrade tiers and participate in others is part of implementing this methodology well. It was ok for some players to settle with one of the EE mote weapons and not move on to Twisted. It's ok for some players to stick with Dusk/Drowcraft/Dragonflight and not pursue vivified armor, and maybe now play around with the new non-set items... or not! More armor releases are inevitable.

    Asterdahl once referred to Drowcraft as a "catch-up" set and I thought that was quite a good term for it. If the idea for M11 weapons is to serve a similar purpose, that's fine. Some players will always be behind the curve by circumstance or inclination, but as long as equipment is available that serves the role of "good enough" to enable those players to participate in the things they want to do, or that can move them towards the more ambitious equipment if they want, then the system is working.
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    Closing this thread soon, will be popping up a new patch notes thread shortly. (And hopefully much more "shortly" than last week's, heh.)

    Note that this week's patch doesn't iterate on the artifact weapons, to my knowledge - those are still being reviewed internally.

    EDIT: Also keep an eye out for an Owlbear patch, hopefully coming up tonight for a fix build.
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    My biggest fear is that once Mod 11 hits (even if the new weapons provide no set bonus at all), SVA hardly ever gets run again, which means anyone who still needs legendary marks are just stuck in place. This would force anyone who wants a legendary T3 weapon set to start all over and just farm one of the new sets. There's talk about shaving the new sets down, but I don't think there's enough talk about how to continue making running SVA and SOMI content worthwhile going forward. Why on earth would anyone even bother?

    A few options occur to me, most of which others have mentioned:
    1.) Make Marks unbound, allowing people to sell them, adding a profit motive to running SVA.
    2.) Allow Marks to be upgraded to a higher quality, so if you have 67 blues, 61 purples, and 6 yellows of a certain type, you've bled enough. (those numbers are probably laughably naïve ratios from what I've heard)
    3.) Make the boss ALWAYS drop a Legendary Mark, so at worst making ~30 successful runs enough to upgrade the weapons for one character. This is also independent of keys.
    4.) Make Marks drop elsewhere or be obtainable via other means, like a campaign store, campaign task, or also drop from new content.

    Or, if you want to just carve a headstone for Svardborg and be done with it, make the old Relic Weapons take normal marks.
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    vida44 said:

    Replace the current set bonus for the Relic weapons with the Firesoul one and vice versa.


    Best idea ever !!!

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