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M15: Devoted Cleric Class Changes

Hey Devoted Clerics,

The main goals that we had for Devoted Cleric in this patch were to fix their divinity generation by smoothing it out and making it a bit more clear and to, once again, hit the "2DC meta".

Starting with the divinity generation, we noticed that it was incredibly punishing to try and manage your divine power in non-constructive ways. An example of this is; if you have no bonus divine generation and attack an enemy with Lance of Faith, you will have 299.6 divinity on your 7th attack. This means you waste almost an entire attack filling up that last 0.4 divinity.

This has some engaging gameplay in that if you want to maximize your divinity gain, you should be spending it constantly and never filling it to full. However, we felt that it wasn’t interesting enough and should just be less detrimental to your rotation overall. As a result, your 8th attack will now grant you exactly 300 divinity, while this is a nerf overall we have increased the amount of divinity gain on feats and class features. If you have everything that now increases divinity, you should actually end up seeing a very small net-gain (though, this includes having Avatar of the Divine active).

We also wanted to adjust the divine mode at-will powers, Punishing Light and Soothing Light. These powers weren’t consistent with each other and drained divinity at different rates. We also felt that the rate it drained was very slow. Both powers will now drain divinity at the same rate, be more effective, and drain faster than before.

For Divine Oracle, we decided to hit this spec the most because it was something that we buffed into the past that skyrocketed it into popularity. Unfortunately, it increased it so much so that it became valuable enough to warrant always having one. To address this, we have removed the team based damage buff from terrifying insight and made it personal. It will now grant a damage resistance debuff, on the other hand, and increase your own damage by 25%.

Finally, Avatar of the Divine has been revamped a bit to be more damage oriented and to allow for a heavy damage build. While we don’t think Clerics will be jumping into the ranks of high DPS, we think this will give them a very viable solo-gameplay option.


Divinity At-wills:

  • Punishing Light: Damage dealt increased by ~103%
  • Punishing Light: Divinity drained increased by 100%
  • Punishing Light: AP Gain increased by ~53%
  • Punishing Light: Damage dealt scales a bit less with character level
  • Soothing Light: Healing done increased by ~75%
  • Soothing Light: Divinity drained increased by ~57%
  • Soothing Light: Now ticks ~52% faster (Matches Punishing Light's tick speed)
  • Soothing Light: Healing done scales a bit less with character level

Divinity Generation Smoothing:

  • Gift of the Gods: +5/10/15/20/25% Divine Power generation (Unchanged)
  • Divine Fortune: Base Divine Power generation increased to 20% (up from 5%)
  • Bountiful Fortune: +4/8/12/16/20% Divine Power generation (up from 3/6/9/12/15%)
  • Divinity: Divine Power generation is now additive, rather than multiplicative
  • Divinity: Base Divine Power generation decreased by ~12%


  • Forgemaster's Flame: Now deals a small amount of damage and then applies a Damage Over Time effect to the target
  • Forgemaster's Flame (Empowered): Now consumes all stacks of Empowered to increase the Damage dealt by Forgemaster's Flame by 20% per stack and grants Astral Forge to all nearby allies when cast. Astral Forge increases the Damage Resistance of allies by 5% per stack for 8 seconds.(Previously increased damage of Forgemaster's Flame by 10% per stack and Damage (instead of damage resistance) by 5%)
  • Forgemaster's Flame: Fixed an issue where the Slow would stack an unreasonable amount
  • Forgemaster's Flame: The slow no longer increases with each rank-up
  • Hastening Light: Base recharge time increased to 1.5 seconds (up from 1 second)
  • Hastening Light: Rank-up recharge time reduced to 0.5 seconds (down from 1 second)
  • Living Fire: Now triggers when you drop below 35% hit points (instead of 30%)
  • Living Fire: Now lasts for 5 seconds after it was triggered, even if you are healed above 35%
  • Piercing Light: Armor Penetration increased to 4/8/12/16/20% (up from 2/4/6/8/10%)
  • Avatar of the Divine (Reworked): The first power you use after entering combat grants you Avatar for 20 seconds, you also gain this effect every 45 seconds in combat. Avatar increases your damage dealt by 50%, Divinity Generation by 25%, and Cooldown Speed by 25%. Leaving combat cancels Avatar and resets its cooldown. Casting encounters will reduce the cooldown time of Avatar by 1.5 seconds for each stack of Empowered consumed

DO Changes:

  • Foresight: Base Damage Resistance increased to 4% (from 2%)
  • Terrifying Insight: Seeing the inevitable destruction of your foes, you deal 10/15/20/25% more damage. Damaging an enemy also lowers their damage resistance by 4/6/8/10% for 5 seconds
  • Prophecy of Doom (Empowered): Damage Resistance reduction lowered to 2.5% per Empowered orb (down from 5%)
  • Prophecy of Doom: Animation speed reduced to 1.4 seconds (down from 1.8 seconds)
  • Brand of the Sun: This power will no longer generate Divine Power while the player is in Divine Mode, this should fix an "issue" where players would sometimes not leave Divine Mode after casting all 3 divine encounter powers


  • rickcase276rickcase276 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,404 Arc User
    It wasn't intended to be humorous. It was being factual is all. And I prefer DO to AC anyway, so there is that.
  • seraphimrushseraphimrush Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    Frankly I wouldn't at all hold out for a DPS role in public queues (just like there is no way for Templock spec to queue in the healer slot or for DPS GF to occupy a DPS slot, etc.), because I don't think that is likely to happen, but what I'm suggesting is really just to add further DPS functionality to make DO better and more highly functioning in the direction that the devs appear to be pushing it.

    To clarify, I don't think they'll do it. I just wish they would. :P
    Chantra Everlight
    Co-Leader of Call of Mystra
  • icexnineicexnine Member Posts: 66 Arc User

    can I ask why you didn't nerf aa into the ground instead of TI? can we petition for the other tree to be nerfed into the ground instead of us? respectfully of course...

    hey man, let's like, nerf them both or something.
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