M15: Trickster Rogue Class Changes



  • mebengalsfan#9264
    mebengalsfan#9264 Member Posts: 3,169 Arc User
    Debuffing TR sounds like it could be a thing...

    How much dmg loss did TR take with this update?
  • yoko#8608
    yoko#8608 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    Regarding saboteur... isn´t this a buff for this path? Or do I miss some?
  • ferakleas
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    Thank you so much;

    My 18.2k tr just deleted mod 15 :)

  • oldschooldndplyr
    oldschooldndplyr Member Posts: 33 Arc User
    Well thank you Cryptic, for solidifying my Main change, final nail in coffin. RIP TR's
  • yoko#8608
    yoko#8608 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    Ty @elwing for your huge feedback. Can you also do a saboteur comparison?
  • faberj#7515
    faberj#7515 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Exactly, since you want to eliminate the TR, give us a token for class change.
    At this point it is the only possible request, since you want to break down the tr, and you do it because you want to do it, it's your purpose! Even if I do not understand all this hatred of the TR, you are more credible if you eliminate the class!
  • yoko#8608
    yoko#8608 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    as saboteur, I am happy, now I can outdps exe at bosses,lol
  • crow#2304
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    This is sad.
    Crow @ xxxWANTEDxxx
  • nooneatza
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    nooneatza said:

    Before mod 14 people woud tell me "sry no tr" when i'd ask to join. And i wouldn't consider myself weak, as other people could also tell you.
    Now it's gonna be worse, if these changes go live tr will not be considered dps at all.

    To this day ppl say no when I say dps with SW. (even though i can dps fine just fine)
    Join the back in club <3 I'm all alone here now that CW is getting buffed :D </p>
    Yes you damn buffoon, but you have a buffing tree ! TR's got nothing, they will be excluded from all content.
    I'm perfectly fine with TR being buffers with no dps, as long as they're just as good as temptation sw's.