Lost City of Omu Preview Patch Notes: NW.95.20180207a.1

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Cradle of the Death God - Adjustments
  • Acererak's health has been increased during this encounter.
  • Adds no longer sometimes hang out at the bottom of the elevator after a wipe.
  • Players who died and respawned now properly qualify for loot if the Trial is completed.
  • Soulmonger Ampoules and Cravings now drop from the Atropal instead of the reward chests.
  • The Atropal now has better visual fidelity on low settings during the chain cutscene.
  • The Omu key can now properly be used to open the end chest.
  • The queue's Collections button now opens the correct section.
  • Various visual effects tweaks have been made to improve readability and timing.
Elevator Adjustments
  • Acererak no longer interrupts himself while speaking prior to the elevator freefall phase.
  • Exploding Skulls can no longer be Crowd Controlled.
  • Targeting indicators used by Exploding Skulls and Gelatinous Cubes no longer sometimes drop out / disappear.
  • The number of undead waves in certain sections has been increased.
Soulmonger Phase
  • The damage dealt by Cry of the Atropal has been increased.
  • The health of the Soulmonger cords has been increased.
  • The Soulmonger Charge meter now properly cleans up after a party wipe.
Atropal Phase
  • Lingering Turmoil now properly cleans up after a party wipe or the fight's completion.

A whole lot of the audio has been implemented and improved, including voice-over for a large portion of this module's content. Hooray!

Release Notes

Content and Environment
  • Completing the Omu campaign now properly awards a unique title.
  • Ekene-Afa now properly has the "Merchant Prince" title over her head.
  • Hunt enemies in Omu now properly give rewards if summoned quickly after the first successful kill.
  • If players die while fighting the Tyrant, they now respawn at the closest campfire.
  • Players no longer incorrect receive the Beast Handler achievement when outside the appropriate Heroic Encounter.
  • The Acererak Heroic Encounter now properly awards Ruinous Heroics.
  • The objective text for the quest "Taking Credit" is now clearer.
  • The quest "Taking Credit" now grants 2 Explorer's Cases and 400 Chultan Riches. It no longer grants Copper or Experience Points.
  • The Tyrant now consistently spawns when the Heroic Encounter activates.
  • Various issues in the zone's environment art have been addressed.
  • Wayward Soul: This quest now fails if the player leaves Omu - but it warns the player before doing so.
Omu - Repeatable Adventure Quests
  • Mounts can now be used in Airshipwreck and Palatial Pillaging.
  • Repeatable quests for Omu now properly show up in Omu on the Chult overworld map.
  • Text is now more consistent between Chult and Omu repeatable adventure quests.
  • Tomb Exhume now properly has an objective counter.
  • Hunt trophies and lures have been adjusted in the following ways:
    • These items are no longer unique, as such more than one can be held in your inventory at a time.
    • These items may no longer be mailed.
  • Please note:
    • Hunt trophies and lures do not stack, as such in order to hold on to two of the same lure, you must have two free inventory spaces.
    • Any trophies or lures currently in mailboxes will remain there, however, once they are removed from the mailbox they may not be sent again.
  • A few inconsistencies between text and voice-over have been addressed.
  • Assault on Svardborg: Jarl Storvald once again properly carries a weapon.
  • Merchant Prince's Folly: When re-queuing from inside the map, players should no longer be locked out of opening the end chest.
  • More typos have been struck down.
  • Refinement Tutorial: This quest now gives a special type of Quartz that can't be discarded or protected, so it'll be even more difficult to get into a state where following the tutorial steps doesn't advance your progress.
  • The Promotion Agent now has a landmark on the Protector's Enclave map.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods: Acererak properly shows up again in this fight.
Future Events
  • Protector's Jubilee: Unspent Protection Orders can now be redeemed for consolation rewards at the Last Chance Store once the event is over.

Combat and Powers
Classes and Balance
  • Control Wizard
    • Storm Spell: Damage from this effect has been reduced by about 30%.
    • Smolder and Rimefire Smolder damage has been increased by about 50%.
  • Devoted Cleric
    • Resolved an issue wherein the encounter power, Exaltation, still stacked its effects when two clerics used it on one another.
    • Resolved an issue wherein Weapons of Light still stacked when used by multiple clerics.
    • Resolved an issue wherein the duration of Geas's reduction to damage dealt on targets in PvP was not increased by empowered stacks.
    • Resolved an issue wherein the empowered tooltip for Geas incorrectly stated it extended the duration of a hold in PvP, when it in fact extended the duration of the reduction to the target's damage dealt.
    • The encounter power "Geas" now uses a percentage of the target's maximum hit points to determine when its effect breaks, instead of the caster's weapon damage.
    • The tooltip for the encounter power, Forgemaster's Flame, now correctly indicates the radius of its effect.
  • Scourge Warlock
    • Critical Promise: Damage from this feat is now 8/16/24/32/40%, increased from 4/8/12/16/20%.
    • Critical Promise: This effect no longer expires when the player leaves combat.
    • Eldritch Momentum: This feat no longer grants Stamina to party members.
    • Eldritch Momentum: This feat now grants 1/2/3/4/5% Stamina when attacked.
    • Eldritch Momentum: This feat now grants combat advantage for 4/6/8/10/12 seconds (up from 4/5/6/7/8).
    • Lesser Curse: This power now properly ticks 4 times instead of 3 on a single cast.
    • Soul Desecration: This effect now causes the warlock's next attack to summon a Soul Puppet every 10 seconds (reduced from 15 seconds).
    • Tyrannical Curse: No longer deals reduced damage when the target with Tyrannical Curse is affected by damage debuffs.
    • Tyrannical Curse: Fixed an issue where damage was lost when using weapon enhancements.
  • Trickster Rogue
    • One with the Shadows no longer causes the rogue to stay stealthed after using an Encounter power.
    • Path of the Blade once again properly follows the Trickster Rogue.
    • Shadowborn no longer double-dips from level-based damage mitigation. This is a buff against enemies level 71 or higher.
Enemies and Allies
  • Gigantopithecus no longer has major hang time during the pounce attack.
  • The Razortyrannus can no longer get stuck in a breath loop, or stuck doing nothing.
  • The Tyrant no longer has lower health than expected during "The Tyrant" Heroic Encounter; its health has been increased.
Item Powers
  • Mane of the Manticore now has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Parasitic Relief now only triggers when the player's health is at or below 25.
  • Primal Assault Ring: This item's buff no longer stacks up to two times.
  • Vined Deathdelayer now a Vined Buffdisplayer. (It has a buff icon now.)
  • Vined Deathdelayer now properly increases the player's Deflect by 50% of their current rating, rather than a flat 2500 rating.
  • Various unfinished icons have now been updated.
Set Bonuses
  • Mirage Artifact Set: The clones summoned from this set bonus now correctly have weapons.
  • Masterwork III Weapon set bonus now matches the I and II set bonuses.
  • Serpentine Set: The bonus damage now properly applies.

Items and Economy
  • A few remaining key tasks (one in Icewind Dale and two in Tyranny of Dragons) have been updated to properly award the key up front.
  • Beaded Assault Ring Lv1 failure now grants one Bronzewood Lumber rather than a Brightsilver Ingot.
  • Living Varnish recipe now makes sense.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the alchemy recipe for "living varnish" mistakenly granted lakh varnish upon completion.
  • The item level of the following items has been increased from 480 to 510: Bronzewood Raid Ring, Beaded Restoration Ring, Beaded Assault Ring, and Lichstone Ward Ring.
  • The following rings now have two offense slots: Bronzewood Raid ring, Beaded Restoration Ring, and Beaded Assault Ring.
  • The following ring now has two defense slots: Lichstone Ward Ring.
  • All of the treasure maps can now drop. (Three weren't dropping.)
  • It is no longer possible to buy back commissioned items that are turned in at the Master of the Market.
  • Pilgrim and Masterwork III Exalted Rank 1 weapons now bind to character when Infused.
  • Ring of the Wily: This item now has two Enchantment slots. (Note: If there was a Jewel applied, this might now be in the second item slot. It should be removable.)
  • Secondary Artifact Weapons no longer decrease in power when newly upgraded.
  • The Preview-only items "Bane of the Jungle," etc. have been changed to "useful items" to resolve an issue wherein they were no longer purchasable from the Preview store. You can now check whether you have this item by viewing your Useful Items tab on Preview.

Edit 2018-02-09 21:10:00 PST:
This line was removed:
"Stronghold Set III: Multiple buffs from this set can no longer be applied simultaneously."
As it was obsoleted by:
"Masterwork III Weapon set bonus now matches the I and II set bonuses."
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    User Interface
    Character Sheet
    • The first view of the Equip menu once again properly shows items.
    • Double-clicking a "Bind on Equip" Fashion item in the bank while the Inventory and Fashion Bag are full, but the character has an open Fashion slot of its type, no longer auto-equips and binds the item.
    • Fashion items can now be moved to and from the Fashion Bag as a context menu option.
    • The Fashion Bag is now consistently recognized from equip menus and item pickers.
    Inventory - Protected Items
    • All Protected items should now have the appropriate icon displayed in any place it's viewable.
    • Merging a Protected and Unprotected stack now causes the resulting stack to become Protected.
    • More types of items can be Protected (e.g. Mounts).
    • Players can now set or remove Protection from all appropriate locations.
    • Treasure (vendor loot) can no longer be Protected.
    • A dialog now pops when attempting to swap Loadouts while a companion is in training. This dialog now offers options to rush training, or to apply the companion in training to the target Loadout.
    • Loadout switching no longer fails when swapping a mount costume with itself.
    Quest Path
    • The primary quest no longer uses a red arrow icon when an instance quest or Heroic Encounter overrides its Quest Path.

    Art and Effects
    Visual Effects
    • Gigantopithecus' Roar VFX now face the direction that the power targets.
    • Icy Terrain's VFX no longer sometimes play twice.
    • The VFX for the divine circles in this quest no longer flickers based on camera angle.

    • Russian language localization is now in for Module 13: Lost City of Omu!
    Voice Chat
    • Voice chat is not currently functional in this build.
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    It is good that the hunt items won't be unique anymore. Not sure why they can't be mailed, but hopefully they can still go in the shared bank?
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
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    terramak said:

    • Control Wizard
      • Storm Spell: Damage from this effect has been reduced by about 30%.
    That was uncalled for :(
    I only had the chance to test it by dummies. I think the critical hit wasn't entirely compensated the loss of lightning.
    It would be probably different in a dungeon with buffs on.

    Now it surely does not.

    I didn't tested fully. Maybe the CW got same or lower aoe and somewhat higher single target damage but was it a bad thing?
  • rainer#8575
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    edited February 2018
    Could you please pick up the cordon of arrows bug that it only hits 1 enemy? That one would really be a nuisance if it would go to live... (it's already annoying on preview tbh). Somehow fixing long distance critting has broken this.

  • artifleur
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    Rings of the Spellflinger have defense slots despite being clearly designed for damage dealers (crit + recovery + damage boost at range)
  • mamalion1234
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    terramak said:


    "Masterwork III Weapon set bonus now matches the I and II set bonuses."

    @terramak The changes in MW III set bonuses have the only effect of reducing greatly the reasons to upgrade Weaponsmithing and Artificing to tier V.

    Applying the same set bonus as MW II Stronghold sets to the new MW III implies that all the time, money and effort invested to upgrade those professions would allow to craft just a renamed identical set with 20 points of IL more than the previous one, which will be available for a tiny fraction of the cost needed to produce the new sets. Plainly speaking, the players of support classes won't be interested in a set with negligible stat increase that gives the exact same bonus ad the old one, but will cost a lot more on AH due to Investments in MW profession needed to achieve rank V and the cost of materials. Damage dealers, on the other hand, wouldn't care less about an heavily underperforming set compared to the others available in mod 13.

    This is the first time that MW gear is underpar at the moment of its implementation and makes it very questionable to upgrade Weaponsmithing and Artificing as opposed to all the other professions. While the old 480 IL Relic/River District sets had a set bonus able to grant around 2-3% more damage and MW tier II was on par with its 2% shareable bonus, the new 500 IL set have gone up a notch with their bonuses, leaving the SH tier II bonus in the dirt.


    Roll back the change to the previous set bonus (which was interesting to the vast majority of the playerbase population composed mainly by DPS as stated by @kainan777 before), and introduce craftable items to upgrade the previous MW II Stronghold sets from tier II to tier III via item restoration. Players that have already bought the previous set will be interested in such items, as opposed of buying again the exact same set with 20 points of IL more than the one they already have.

    Please consider this change, as it would make Weaponsmithing and Artificing interesting again and would appease both old and new set bonus fans.

    or make primal set not permanent.
  • lardeson
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    terramak said:

    Combat and Powers
    Classes and Balance

    • Control Wizard
      • Storm Spell: Damage from this effect has been reduced by about 30%.
      • Smolder and Rimefire Smolder damage has been increased by about 50%.
    If this comes live, im out, thanks. i see no reason or point behind this. this is only going to nerf cw more instead of balancing the classes, i still see no rework on gf or OP. this is Bullcrap
    Lardeson CW not Mage. Where's my fireball and my thunderbolt?
  • mamalion1234
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    The change to storm spell and smolder is good.
    But i think is the time all spells to get an increase in damage by 20% ( disintegrate excluded).
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