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  • updated graphic for Valerian to mention the green debuff, which disables block if it gets 5. It stacks when the tank blocks the soul beam attack. updated Vlad's graphic to reflect the latest positioning used to deal with the bats.
  • The cutscene is going to play every time because getting 10 random people to all vote before rushing in is not going to happen. Unless the default setting is that it won't play and people can vote to enable it.
  • quick note to say that the Vlad explainer graphic has been updated based on the dmg reflect mechanic being fixed and working as of the latest patch.
  • I don't know. I'm not on a mission to prove anything and I didn't ask them.
  • Yes...? As mentioned, I've been in teams with ATs.
  • It can. Plenty of ATs in teams I've been on. I don't see why the team has to be exclusively ATs though. Even so, I don't see a reason why it couldn't be. I just don't think anyone's bothered.
  • I haven't seen it done with full team of ATs. That's not to say it's impossible. Also not sure why it being doable with a full AT team matters.
  • When there are nerfs, I generally tell people to get over it and adapt. But this seems like a bit much. It's unclear, if even content that's meant for vehicles, like Sky Command or Lemurian Invasion will be best done with them as opposed to without them.
  • Thanks for the rework! New TT is super fun. Feels very rewarding to figure out the mechanics and develop strategies to deal with them. I'm excited to run it for a long time to come.
  • Re cosmics, that's 20% to 40% mitigation after debuffs depending on the debuffs applied and the player count. Sorry if this is confusing. The parser's resistance column is actually mitigation. As in if you hit the Dino with 40% mitigation for 100 damage, you deal 60 damage. 40% mitigation = around 70% resistance. Yes. No.…
  • It does. However it's not defense penetration in the same sense as the usual def pen mechanic. DW halves the final resistance value of your target. So if they are at 100% resist it hits them like they at 50%. It they are at -20% resist then it hits them like they are at -10%. It's a bit weird as nothing else behaves this…
  • Good stuff! 🤔
  • I suggest ranking your shield to r3 by taking a rank off Conviction. The rest looks good.
  • Group rez + Sentinel Mastery would be the most useful. Use devices to trigger sent mastery. Even if it's not all that often it will still be better than taking dex mastery.
  • Slab's comment is what I would likely do also. Alternatively, you could drop Will for Transcendence since Will is mostly being used to poison targets to buff Life Essence. However most targets where that matters, cosmics, tend to already be poisoned by other players.
  • Depends on what you mean by "work". But by and large it will be adequate for endgame content.
  • Thank you for coming everyone and making it such a fun event! We really appreciate the time everyone took to make their outfits as well as join us in the PHT. It was awesome! Here are screenshots of the winners. Thanks again for coming out. We look forward to seeing you and your creations in the next one!
  • You are remembering right. It does get higher with more participants.
  • Nothing
  • Depends on if you have other sources of def pen and how much they provide. All of the previous advice is good. If you want to take things to an extreme, you can figure the right amount by stacking INT sky high, seeing if you hit 0 resist with minimal-to-no use of debuffs on a cosmic, and then progressively lowering the…
  • Since the beginning. Can be tested with 2 ranged tanks attacking a test dummy with identical stats and builds. One stands 100ft away and the other stands 5ft away.
  • Threat scales with proximity. So if you are at 100ft you will generate less threat already.
  • Given the effectiveness of threat wipes, threat reduction is not a useful mechanic. And even if it was, the more efficient way to reduce your threat, if you're not using a wipe, is to just attack less. Or just don't slot any mods in there to begin with. Or unslot your primary offense if you're *really* concerned for a…
  • I am surprised to see Fire so high up there. I thought the set prior to revamp was far more clunky. I have enjoyed the rotation when I've played it. Same with Laser Sword. Both sets, relative to what they were prior to the revamp, were in a much better place afterwards imo. Overall, my outlook is that the revamps have been…
  • You are welcome. Also join TheEndGame channel in case you have more questions. In the game, type the following into your chatbox and hit Enter: /channel_join "TheEndGame" You could drop Masterful Dodge.
  • Thanks. I am glad to hear that the guides are useful. For the build that's in this guide, I suggest Sentinel Brooch mods for your primary offense, Impact Prisms for your primary defense, and Spell of Takofanes mod for your primary utility to buff Sorcery damage. OV stands for Onslaught Villains. It's content that gives you…
  • Chest beam could be nice for the crushing debuff.
  • You can always look at the character in the last slot on the last page until you log in with the one that has the thing you want.
  • It would be great to make the DUC and other equally new and compelling mods drop off of something less random and more epic than Warlord.
  • The way I get the perk for all my characters to convert excess SCR, of which there's a lot, into Until tokens.
  • It could have more to do with loading time or some other technical performance metric that was perhaps suffering with the old sorting method. That would be something that they can monitor across all players, of which there are many more of than here on the forums. In that case all the crying here is for naught if the…
  • Haha mine also. I'm excited to see what people make for that category.
  • I suggest also testing against a offense or a coruscating might core. If you're open to it, I suggest checking out INT prim / DEX / CON or REC with dex/int split mods for gear and Chilled Form as the toggle. Is that with the crit strike gloves or with the snipers? In test dummy parses, I find that snipers provide a 3-5%…
  • I recently had a question about how to figure out what's hitting you in a given encounter. Especially as a Main Tank. For others who are curious here is how.
  • Yes. It depends on how debuffed the Cosmic is. Cosmics do have DR on debuff stacking although it doesn't appear to be too severe. I don't know if the DR curve applies on a per damage type basis or across all debuffs. Assuming that it's per damage type, then if a Cosmic has a bunch of crushing dmg debuffs on them but no…
  • WTB hint for creepies
  • If I could have any superpower from CO IRL, it would be self-rez.
  • WTB Creepies hints
  • No urgent need for the time being if you already have a working version of the old ACT and plugin. You may want it to be faster to parse large files or you may want to use some of the other plugins on ACT's site or ACT may release a new feature that you might want. Those would be reasons to upgrade if you are so inclined.
  • Updates: - updated the Installation instructions to include the 64 bit plugin - removed all the warnings around not updating ACT since with the new plugin version you won't have to worry about that - added a "Advanced Features" section to briefly describe some of the other features available in the parser for those who are…
  • I've now done just that. With the plugin linked below you will be able to use the latest version of ACT to parse the log files. The new plugin rebuilt with 64 bit support is here: https://bit.ly/2TXV5o1 Credit goes to @nbkxs for guiding me through what to change. I have also updated the Parser Usage Guide linked in my…
  • I use devices to trigger SM.
  • If you're asking this question in the first place you probably already are or shortly will positively contribute to the fights. But see my sig for links to some guides regarding the fights and relevant builds if you want to go further. This is right on the mark. You can do most of the endgame without needing to think about…
  • "Only bored vets bother to organize and unlock Eido" isn't the case anymore? Roles required for the fight to go anywhere like CC and MT and high burst DPS are being filled by new people that don't have the rewards they want from the fight? I must be missing a lot of runs.
  • Yes. Fire, Unarmed, Darkness, and TK are ones that I remember.
  • Dark Transfusion can also work. Or using Imbue right after you get rezzed.
  • It's intended. Well it was a long time ago. From here: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/championsonline#/discussion/comment/1827653 I believe the idea was that if your hp got low you could use it to boost heals and get yourself back to full. Hence the scaling when your hp is low. Imbue is part of the Celestial set and…