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  • I was playing a healer; I was the last person caged; I was not able to disengage & live as I'd already used Rebirth to revive myself & tried to run so I could free someone & after immediately getting caged & could not get loose & was unable to exist the alert also, I finally used /killme to get out without actually…
  • Seems just a bit much for the bad guys to have additional advantages when their already powerful & then also Nerf the powers available to the players; effectively buffing the cosmics further & everything else in the is game buffed as well; just by making changes to the powers. Our Biulds do not work the same when the…
  • To be honest it's not what Iwas looking for, but I can let you know. I do know that his cape is in the tailor; because I have it. Tako will soon be here MUUUWAAHHAA!!! I love hating that guy! :p
  • I applaude the new hair materials, but it is very limited. I think it would be way cool to be able to change the material of facial hair to any of the current possibilities: cloth, leather, metal, psi & ice. Likewise eyes would be awesome too if they too could have all the available materials. I'd buy packs like that in a…
  • If they are trying to eliminate the appearance of nude toons; they've failed. I've seen nude toons many times & to match skin tones they get a color close & then change cloth, leather or metal tone & then they look really close to nude, nearly perfect. Not every member does this sorta stuff, but we're all made to pay for…
  • I've some toons that are meant to be shapeshifters. As it stands if you create a male or female; you have to stick to that gender throughout all the toons costumes Also genderless would be nice. In addition I'd love to see all the colors available for "costumes" to be available to the skin colors & vice versa.
  • Totally agree with the bottom line; make it simplier & less tedious
  • I am one of the founders of my sg. We have sg only CC's; a sg hideout would give us a place for such things beside the power house. I often get together with many of the members at my hideout & try out costume ideas, giving each other suggestions to tweek our looks, members help one another with our builds, some rp (though…
  • I've played the temple as many as 3 times a day since vibora bay went live & just cannot believe that it's even available & while I'd like to have it, I'll continue to play TT like mad just cause I enjoy kicking Therakiel in his rocks....the fight is fun, but perhaps to easy. :cool: If it is available; I must just have the…
  • I've wanted to create a female toon with darkseid's son Kaliban's build, but then turn around & try to create a hybrid of darksied & kaliban...darn game won't let me make her short, stocky & squat. Brings a tear to my eye. LOL oh well:frown:
  • I'm a lifetime member & having been playing since Beta & lifetime for almost that long. I've more than made my money back in not needing to pay monthly. I enjoy playing for the customizing of costumes & powers (along with gear for performance). I get free 500 zen a month & already own ever costume piece in the game so fa,r…
  • Maybe exoskeleton is the wrong word, but I was thinking something like Ripply fought the queen Alien in Aliens the movie or a better look would be like Doomsday in the comic where superman dies...those are the general ideas I had in mind but I'm sure plenty more concepts could easily apply.
  • This seems like a nice idea, but mechanics wise it makes more sense as a flight power & perhaps unlike bat flight perhaps you'd be able to actually attack while it's active like with scarab flight & if it's not too much trouble how about a fight animation to go with it when it's used in combat...if it's not too much…