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About the Dracul lair alert

almightenalmighten Posts: 27 Arc User
there's a pretty nasty flaw. If he manages to lock everyone in a cage; you cannot get out. We're all stuck & could not even exit the instance until he finally gets around to killing all of us; that's not a fun experience, sitting not able to do anything. I used /killme; which made it worse cause I could not renter to free the team. Lairs have been a lot of fun until that happened a few times to me & 5 different teams I was part of today. Plz have a bit of mercy...that's not fun...


  • almightenalmighten Posts: 27 Arc User
    The Lair version actually ends the fight if all 5 players are caged, but it seems the alert didn't get that. Sounds like a bug and not something intentional.

    An easy fix to this is to try freeing people from cages, since he cages 1 player every 30 seconds or so and there's 4 other players to free him. You should try that and see if it works.​​

    I was playing a healer; I was the last person caged; I was not able to disengage & live as I'd already used Rebirth to revive myself & tried to run so I could free someone & after immediately getting caged & could not get loose & was unable to exist the alert also, I finally used /killme to get out without actually changing toons. Did not know any other way to get free.
  • kaiserin#0958 kaiserin Posts: 2,810 Cryptic Developer
    Moving this to bugs, I haven't been able to repro this (if everyone gets caged he uses an ability that wipes everyone and resets the fight). Any detailed information you have on how this occurred is appreciated.​​
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