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always logging in with half resoultion

recently everytime i login, the game for some reason has half resolution on, I always have to set renderscale to 1 each time ( I now have it bounded to a key ). Is there anyway to turn half resolution off so I can log in as full??


  • cheeseagent69cheeseagent69 Posts: 31 Arc User
    bump and would like to rephrase...how do I make it so I can log into full resolution? I set it to full ingame when i log in and i logout as full resolution so idk why i login as half.
  • eiledoneiledon Posts: 1,287 Arc User
    sounds like your settings aren't getting saved.

    Have a look in your ..\Champions Online\Live\localdata folder for the file gameprefs.pref
    Open this file in notepad, and look for the values PrefEntry GfxSettings.RenderScaleX & PrefEntry GfxSettings.RenderScaleY

    If these values are anything but 1, change it to 1 and save the file. Restart your game client and see if that resolves your issue.​​
  • cheeseagent69cheeseagent69 Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    UPFATE: So i tried adding it in the file like this:
    PrefEntry GfxSettings.RenderScaleX 1
    PrefEntry GfxSettings.RenderScaleY 1
    But still logging as half resolution. I can't even select the 'off' option in options, I have to use command in chat or use the key I bound renderscale to.

    oh thanks! I tried looking into it before because I found another topic that mentions that file but with a different issue, but thought I could try and find a render scale/resolution scale option, but did not find it. I'll try adding this and see what happens. Thanks!
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