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PWE Game Panel (New Forum Add-On)

eiledoneiledon Posts: 228 Arc User
edited August 2015 in Suggestions
The Game Sidebar adds an easily accessed panel to PWE Vanilla Forums with links to each game's home page, news page and specific game forum. The panel also has permanent links to the ARC Home Page, Charge Page and ARC User Profile.

You can find the file here: https://github.com/Eiledon/PWEVC/blob/master/README.md#game-sidebar-panel

Currently supported browsers are Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Support for Internet Explorer may come in a future update.
There are several ways to install user scripts but the easiest way is typically through a browser extension like Grease Monkey. Click the above link for more info. If you already have Grease Monkey or something similar you can just click this.

Once installed, simply hover mouse over the ARC logo pwevc_gamepanel_icon.jpg in the top left corner of your browser window (near the forum breadcrumbs) to access the hidden panel.
To access the links for a particular game simply hover over that game's logo and the links will appear.

Users can customise which games the panel will show by clicking on the Select "Games button" in the bottom right corner of the panel. Then simply untick the games you do not wish to see and click "Select Games" button once more to apply the choices and save the settings. These settings will be remembered between browsing sessions.


Panel - Standard View
Panel - Game Links Visible
Panel - Game Selection Menu
Panel - Filtered View with Menu

Developer: @eiledon
Graphics: Perfect World Entertainment


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