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  • So how do you experience STO? You like the added grind in this expansion? You happy to see that some bugs since 2010 are still in the game? You enjoy the many issues each patch and expansion brings to the game?
  • We have been waiting for years for a challenging content that doesn't take 3 min to do. I like the new STF advanced difficulty and that gives players something to work on. Must of us don't have the gear and we are all just started leveling again. I Think it's great. So why nerfing it? Just because people complain it'is to…
  • Yup, got the same prob since yesterday :( http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1130961
  • Was wondering for 5 days, maybe I missed a mission pop up for the Tier 5 reward but stumbled upon this thread today, sigh.... Only reason I whent for T5 was the dil reward shame :/
  • Been using the Nicor Bio-Warship for a few days now and from what I experienced so far along with all the changes since season 9 launched, I dislike it a lot for PvP, tried around 10 different set ups with boff layouts, traits, gear etc. I still prefer the JHAS or the Fleet Defiant. (This is from a tactical officer's view)…
  • The reason why people downloading 2.5 gig of the pre patch and others 5gig is because of your launcher options. Start STO launcher, go to options, there you can see the option called On-demand patching. Normally this is always selected. When you deselect it you will download everything and when you select it you only…
  • Can you give us a break please with the special projects, it costing us all a lot already. I feel like I have a 2nd job now in this game, each day I am farming/grinding more then enjoying the game ffs I have already a ****ty job and I just want to relax and enjoy STO with a minimum of farming/grinding. So please give us…
  • You just don't and can't pug it it's only ment for those with high gear that finds Elite STFs not a challenge anymore. That's what he ment, you que for it with a team of 5 peeps, friends/fleeties. Since no fleet will get T5 Starbase anytime soon, it's to me a nice idea to have a space mission and ground mission open for…
  • I can understand Wolfpack12c completely. So here is my suggestion. Why can't the devs return the pre STF's as it was before with storyline? That to me looks interesting and can be used by Fleets only as a raid or big Fleet mission which we all kinda miss in this game(Doing something big and challenging with Fleet members).…