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  • Though effect on NPCs may give completely different results. Not useful for PvP, agreed.
  • I kinda liked the change of pace, however as with any other non pure DPS queue, fun depends a lot on (a) other players understanding what they have to do instead of just let their usual DPS script run (script is meant as "biological" - they're doing what they're always doing) and (b) a common speed and the option for new…
  • A bit of trying around: so far it seems to be limited to KDF recruits for me. But there is something else going on: One of my K'Gans has switched his uniform, looks and tailor name (so the name under which he is saved, name of character stayed the same) to some random outfit I am pretty sure I never made myself.
  • I experience the same with some Gorn boffs. However minor the change (new stance, height change, one slider move ...) I cannot save it.
  • I seriously doubt that. I would expect that the reward is once per account for this event. If there ever comes another event with two coupons as a reward, you will be able to claim them.
  • I actually could live with a downgrade ratio of 1:1 and still like the idea. I do think I have every T6 ship I would be interested in unlocked, but there may be lower tier ships which would just be fun. I also could easily see me enjoying a lock box ship unlock (account, single ship doesn't really do it for me) for lower…
  • If past events are anything to go by, you can get more than 700, though not by buy-out, instead you need to fly the mission more often. So in theory: 21 days times 50 makes 1050 available per event, so you can still go for it around halfway through the second event. In any case, a "dead event" (e. g. due to vacation)…
  • Bug and workaround seem to exist with any doff mission given my some character you talk to. I can also confirm both for the New Romulus epohh missions (both "research" and "raise")
  • After today's patch for me, the toons are back in play (sung to the melody of "The Boys Are Back In Town")
  • I certainly had this error for more "than a few patches ago" and since I cycle my toons regularily (e. g. all will play new missions) which didn't help it probably was for me an unrelated error which accidentally got fixed "as well" (it also only appeared when they were in space, not on ground, if that's not the case with…
  • The missing badge thing is probably not related to this. Up until recently my characters would show the badge when I left them on ground and not show it if I left them hanging in space, but suddenly most (but not all) of them had the badges in the selection screen, however, only one of them failed to load. These missing…
  • Same issue here. A single character of my "crew" does not load up and will, after selecting her, "load" forever. After I once clicked on her, most of the time also clicking on another character will not get them to load up, although there was an exception. All others are behaving as they should. It is always the same…
  • While I am pretty annoyed myself right now (respec bug, Q not appearing in first city, unstable general performance), your suggestion is nonsense. (a) not all bugs can or will be found, more importantly (b) now new content - less new money - STO closes down.
  • Already introduced characters (or other elements) can also be a Deus ex Machina if either them being there doesn't make sense or there is some previously unknown property they have not discussed before. And I do think that the story in game should work even if you don't read the story blog (although I appreciate it). If…
  • After a couple months of minimal playing time (probably being one of the few people who are not working in an essential position yet have way less time than at the beginning of the year) I came back to those two new missions. Gotta say I am not impressed. These missions would have been very fine in them early days, but the…
  • You already mentioned it, so it probably isn't the case, but the only instance I can think of which would give a "not meeting requirements" error would be trying to open a clothing item for females on a male toon. Especially "cropped" jackets.
  • (A) would be very sensible and helpful for playing the game, but since variations of the theme have been put forward quite often, at this point in time I doubt it will happen. Although many things have been changed recently or are being changed, so it's probably not completely off the table. (B) and (1) through (4) are…
  • Rest in peace indeed, and I hope you enjoyed your stay on this planet.
  • Thirding this. While fleet leaders are usually looking around what happened in their fleet, they may miss something, or think they already promoted you to the deserved level. Just ask nicely whether somebody could promote you. Always remember though, fleet leaders are players, too, and may be in a mission or TFO. If they…
  • While you are technically correct, as has been said by @davefenestrator there is zero evidence for it. (Actually there is zero evidence for the general assumption of the post I was referring to that players are leaving in droves as well), so it is sensible to assume that players of all kinds are equally likely to leave a…
  • This makes no sense from an economic point of view. The number of players has nothing to do with the level of prices at the exchange, because supply and demand will scale down at the same level. With less players it may have more volatility, but in general half the playerbase means half the supply and half the demand. With…
  • Thing is, the more endgamey your toon is, the more damage and quick kills he gets, increasing the speed of getting those endeavors. At the same time, your damage resistance and similar increase, reducing the damage you get and thus your healing opportunities in normal gameplay. Also, in space almost everybody has some kind…
  • Though it wouldn't have to be the same magnitude, it could be a three-tiered like all the others, or even a different size. Since we're not completed with our colony just yet, we can wait though ;)
  • Very sad to learn this. All the best to his wife, family, and friends.
  • Funnily I have the exact opposite experience and opinion. I like the mission a lot. Loads of cutscenes detailing the background but all skippable, absolutely fantastic graphics including the traverse from one space island to the next. Quite a lot of different mechanics used so you cannot just shoot and interact - and I…
  • Okay, I misstated, I meant "boffs gotten by doff missions". And while most are in the 10k range, females (of sufficiently human looks) often go beyond 100k, and a female Orion can easily fetch 500k, sometimes a million and more. But I completely forgot about Cardies who go beyond that still.
  • That would be the Benzite. At least female Orion boffs fetch by far the highest prices on the exchange. Followed - with respectful distance - by human and almost human (Bajoran, Trill, Betazoid) females. With Tellarites or Rigellians prices between males and females don't differ any more. So there's that.
  • Because preservers. Real alien species would be way more different in size (though still in the same order of magnitude for multiple reasons) and appearance, and certainly not sexually compatible if it weren't for the preservers. And tradition in made up folks. And 1960s production values.
  • To be fair, he will one-shot you there, too. Though you won't get injuries of course.
  • Well, the whole point of LTS is (or was, when subscriptions still were a thing) shortening down the wait time for subscription rewards and getting a discount in return for Cryptic having their money safely now and not possibly some time in two years, a frame in which players can always decide to cancel their subscription…