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  • Its a connection to say the least. I almost posted in that thread but since they are separate missions (Same map I think) I thought it better to start a new thread.
  • You are not, this happened to me too.
  • Confirmed, If you saved the loadout you can reload and it will go back in but it pops out at every map change
  • I am in the minority on this. Before I go into why I purchased this I just want to say that I completely understand that for many people this is a no go for them due to the price/ship selection/stuff they did not want and the age old fix the bugs before I spend money stance. I purchased it because to "me" there is value.…
  • On the surface this seems like a good idea, however we really need to look at the real problems as this is a simple solution to a very complicated multi-faceted issue. There are reasons why some STF's are not played. This goes beyond the risk vs reward mentality as some of the queues are broken or are just not fun. Some…
  • 3 things, 1. Delta Rising is epic and awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and voice acting. The sheer amount of future story options with all the Delta Quadrant species will make for some very interesting story's (Dev designed and Foundry). Hopefully more voice acting will be utilized. 2. Free is free, thanks for the…
  • I wouldn't compare the multi millionaires and billionaires to those that make 25k to 35k a year. That's borderline insulting. However as a MMO player for the last 15 years I can say that I have no qualms on dropping 15 to 30 dollars a month in a game that I enjoy. I just like the idea that the 15 to 30 $ I may drop in Zen…
  • I was not making that assumption and you are making an assumption based on an assumption that was not made. Lets start again. A portion of the player base is sleeping and another is working. As I said, Australia is still up and I know plenty of Australian players. All I am saying is that we cant solely base the econemy of…
  • While I do not disagree, you cant completely discount the international player base. I have seen plenty of people on at non US prime times. Plenty of Germans and Australians and other nationalities that play STO. Seen plenty of German and other language No Win Scenario messages at various times.
  • May not be popular with you all in this thread however... Excellent, Hopefully the price will continue to increase. I miss the days of 350 plus dil per Zen. ( I am totally serious)