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  • Same here on my old KDF Klingon Engineer. Tried to switch ships in the orbit of Qonos -> 10 min+loading screen, stuck at 91.92 % Shut down the game. logged in again, map loads but my char finds himself again in the Tu'Duj fighter. Update: seems not to appear on toons that have choosen the Breen Dreadnought before the patch…
  • Can confirm. E.g. the Breen Carrier / Nandi cards vanished from my FED toons.
  • Spamming x can be difficult under heavy server load (....laaags...), some input commands are lost. It still appears....how to reproduce? There are different options: - you need a fast ship (sth. 35+x) and mid to high turn rate - if you have some connection issues, it appears - if you have some team members using kemocite,…
  • Hi! The upgrade works on the DC's and DBB's.... but still not on the turrets. Any news on this? I have a specific T6 T'Varo build in mind, wich could really use them....
  • Well, I have a Sapphire Vapor-X with AMD HD 5770 and 1 GB Ram. I play @ 4x MSAA, 16x Ansitropic, High Graphics, DX 9 # Driver on an AMD Phenom II X4 945. This card is like 5 years old. It only stutters @ Ocampa Patrol (IDK what cryptic did there). I really can't imagine that your 570 is the issue here.... Ok, on the other…
  • Ok, I did a test for my first question. Upgrade modifiers are random. I got a 1xCrtD on 1 DBB and 1xCrtH on another. The second one was driving me crazy, I wasted ~ 35 K dili to get a rarity upgrade from blue to purple (started at MK XI). The rarity upgrad appeared a long time after I reached MK XIV. :/