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2 questions regarding to piercing tetryons

vorokvonrurikvorokvonrurik Member Posts: 9 Arc User
Hi folks!

I have 2 questions on piercing tetryons (sto.gamepedia.com/Piercing_Tetryon_Dual_Cannon):

1: Do they have fixed upgrade modifiers or are those mods completely random?

2: Is the "2.5% Chance for 50% of attack to ignore enemy shields" proc somehow limited? As far as I know, there is a build-in "immunity" on the similar Elachi-Disruptors. If 1 Weapon procs with its 100% bypass shield feature, the target is immune against another bypass proc for ~ 6 secs.
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  • vorokvonrurikvorokvonrurik Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Ok, I did a test for my first question. Upgrade modifiers are random. I got a 1xCrtD on 1 DBB and 1xCrtH on another. The second one was driving me crazy, I wasted ~ 35 K dili to get a rarity upgrade from blue to purple (started at MK XI). The rarity upgrad appeared a long time after I reached MK XIV. :/

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