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  • Yeah, at this point they're approaching Lucas-level craziness for meddling and tinkering with their old content. There's such a thing as "too polished".
  • I honestly use them on one captain just to do endeavors. "Do X amount of Y damage" is easy when you just go to a battlezone, switch the modulation to that energy type and blast away.
  • And to be honest, not everyone lives on here to see and remember every discussion.
  • I'd like for the higher-mark Klingon weapons to be able to look like the default compression pistols you get in the beginning. The more advanced ones look stupid with all the blades and TRIBBLE added to them. Weapons in general need a passthrough on their textures and models.
  • The Year of minor races would be nice, especially if they included something I've wanted for a while: A non-aligned faction. Meaning you can be pretty much any race available, with their own intro and their own base hub, like Ferenginar. After the intro rather than aligning they can take on various existing missions as…
  • My only question is, in the process of this merger, did they finally find dev diaries that will actually let them make changes to the game, or are the devs still going to be locked out of rewriting the game because they don't even know how to get into it?
  • Yup, that old "keyboard to chair interface error" seems to be the culprit on 99.9% of these outraged posts. Also known as an "ID-10-T" error.
  • I've been using Win 10 since release and that has literally never happened. You've got the dummy settings activated. Go into the Windows Update panel and change them to what you want. You can't blame other people because you can't use Windows.
  • Good grief, folks. These new specs were industry standard YEARS ago. This is the current definition of a potato. I've been using Win10 since release with no problems, and the video and DX specs match a card I had 8 years ago. Software developers are not required to cater to decade-old hardware, nor can they. A $150…
  • So is the recruitment event for Disco Klinks or regular Klinks?
  • Now if only we could add Klingon Fleets to Fed Armadas and vice-versa.
  • If you join a fleet, the K-13 fleet holding has fleet quality 23c ship equipment, ground equipment, kits, BOFFs and DOFFs, the whole thing. As well as the 23c enlisted jumpsuit and 23c android boffs. Negates any purpose in farming the early AOY missions.
  • I;m not trying to be a jerk here, but all I keep hearing are rationale from what has happened before. There is no reason to say it cannot happen. Yes, they would be higher than T6. But not that much more powerful.
  • HOW? By that logic, they should never have added the fleet option back when T5 was top of the line. You're just reciting talking points, not explaining anything. How is 10% more hull and one improved seat going to imbalance the game, especially if more players buy T6 and upgrade them? To me, it just sounds like more…
  • You're missing the point. There is nothing set in stone that this cannot happen, but if it did, it would drive more t6 sales.
  • The obvious question is... WHY NOT? It would not be game-breaking to add the 10% upgrade, and instead of an additional BOFF seat just increase the grade of one of the existing "off task" seats. Like the T6 tactical oddy has a Lt Sci seat, make it a Lt Cmdr seat. Or add an extra grade to engineering on the sci oddy or tac…
  • I am very excited about this. But if we don't get some more freedom in the creation process, it is going to be a little pointless. Allowing BOFFs to wear whatever we can wear is an important thing.
  • No it's not. This is why retail is in the tank right now. Instead of investing themselves in online shopping, the future of the business, they doggedly kept building more and more big box stores that now sit half-empty or are closed. "You have to spend money to make money" is one of the greatest truisms of any retail…
  • The old "return on investment" excuse is a joke. If you invest in a property, you keep your customers interested. You can't say "the game is too old" or "we can't improve such and such." Not when WoW is still sitting in the top MMO spot after 15 years. They have continued to innovate their game so much that they are…
  • I just want my open uniform options to work on the Odyssey uniforms. I paid for the option, then they changed the uniforms.
  • I'm sorry, but the clipping argument is foolish and invalid. If they want to clip, let them clip. Make it clear that adjustments will not be made for clipping costume parts and leave it at that. No need to fix anything.
  • I sent an in-game email to @midevilchaos. If you don't get it, let me know. my handle is [email protected]
  • I think it would be cool to have a new "Training" commendation added. Where you can get assignments to promote a white DOFF to Green, Green to Blue, Blue to purple, etc. And to train a purple to a BOFF. Could work something like the upgrade system, except you would use training manuals as upgrade materials, and the manuals…
  • Are you on Spectrum by any chance? I had same problem, turned out they automatically updated the firewall software for my modem and it blocked all online games, including STO, Neverwinter, and DC Universe Online. Even blocked updates for my AV and AS programs. Schmucks.
  • Already tried that, it absolutely will not equip!
  • Buy an adyssey for more cruiser like science or Vesta for more combat like science. No need to make yet ANOTHER 30 year old design.
  • Remember, folks, this is also a game where you go from Cadet to Fleet Admiral in about a year (in-game timeline). Even JJ Abrams doesn't promote captains that fast! I wish STO had done away with classes and let your overall ship choice and training choices decide what your abilities were. You start out as a captain of a…
  • Reflections are one of the most demanding GFX processes you can get. It would knock out even more of STO's player base to goose them too much.
  • A cowboy hat. Because they are common wear through a huge part of the world. And some characters might be from those places. Regional Off-Duty stuff from all over the world or the galaxy would be most welcome. Would love to wear my stetson, shades and hula shirt on risa.