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  • What seemed to work for me before was I rebooted my computer then started arc then the STO launcher. Then I left it alone until it finished downloading what it needed. I found that sometimes when I used my internet at the same time the launcher was trying to download a lot of stuff that the launcher would stall. This…
  • This was fixed in the last patch.
  • I encountered the Klingon clear to 74% issue. I managed to get by it by switching characters then switching back, which forced the tutorial to reload. The klingons I needed to kill respawned, some parts of the map were a little bugged out, like the forcefield to space was gone. However I was able to kill the klingons and…
  • Same issue. The quest test is "briefing" or "beam to ground". I can still plant the first two bombs but nothing happens on the third platform. Various combinations of leaving the instance and restarting the quest didn't help.
  • I'm having similar issues. The launcher is really slow. If I wait long enough it eventually gets me to the character select screen. However when I pick a character to load in, it spins for awhile and I get a login2_error
  • Thanks for the help. I've come to the same conclusion as others. It seems to be an engine problem. I tried lots of settings and none of them seem to really resolve the issue. I feel I have a somewhat better experience using DX11 instead of DX9 but the graphics issues remain. I was on DS9 messing around creating balloons…
  • I like this idea. However I think the assignments with red warnings about losing any doffs you send should be handled differently. I don't want max success or max crit for assignments that use my precious refugees or prisoners, or where you can pick 'any' current doff to be exchanged because I want to use low quailty doffs…
  • I just managed to find Support Khazan Cluster Colonization Efforts. However I'm quite sure that the problem lies with the 'current map' missions being transferred and not 'operations' department missions. I've done these missions dozens of times, it was always one of those two categories, most often from 'operations'.
  • Is there any way to tweak my settings to fix these issues?
  • Thanks! This is what I was looking for. The option "maintain while button is pressed" is totally missleading by its name. I was expecting that to require I hold the spacebar or something.
  • Have you tried verifying all files from the launcher options? Don't use the steam verify, it will wipe all your patches.
  • Okay, thanks for the info. At least I know its not just me. I was really confused because I noticed it right after I logged in so I couldn't give a more accurate description of the issue as I didn't know the cause. I did delete a ship the other day so maybe that was it. I hope they fix this issue, it keeps cropping up. I'm…
  • Advanced System Care Pro seems to cause launcher issues. I have to leave it off for the Launcher to open correctly, otherwise it stays on "Loading... Please wait." forever. I also have to turn off the Active Optimize option. This caused problems on my lap top while trying to patch, the patch process would keep stalling and…
  • Try downloading the latest "Star Trek Online.exe" from the official sticky http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=505501 use that to replace the existing one.
  • For space I narrowed the problem down to that while the auto attack is still active on my weapons, Green boxes on my weapons flashing, with 'toggle never cancles', the problem lies with that I don't automatically target anything. I tried 'select attacker if attacked" which did target my attacker and I did start attacking…
  • I tried resetting them to their defaults and it didn't help. I used to be able to fire once and just run around auto attacking everything.I could clear a whole level with out having to select manually or hit tab after the first attack. Now I have to hit tab each time I want to attack something and sometimes my auto attack…
  • I don't like this either. I use dual screens and usually click off to another window while I'm waiting for loading. I usually run in full screen windowed mode. I can still alt-tab to it but its less convenient.